This Love


6. Six

Michael's POV

"Get the door!" I yell, not wanting to get up. Luke looks at me.

"Seriously? Make the guy without clothes on get the door." Luke says, shaking his head. He gets up and cracks the door open a little and then open it up, hiding behind the door.

I look up and see Taylor walking in. She looks around, probably thinking what she got herself into.

"Hey Mikey. Luke." She says.

"Hey. Whenever you're ready, we can practice." I say.

Taylor nods. "I think the rest of your bandmates need to be ready as well." She says, looking over at Luke.

He blushes and points a finger at me. "He told me to get the door!" He yells like a five year old.

Taylor shakes her head. "It's fine. My brother would always walk around without a shirt on or something." She says.

I look at her and shake my head. "You're our guest so Luke, put clothes on." I tell him, more like demand him. Luke shoots me a look and grabs pants and a shirt and goes to the bathroom. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine Michael. Really." Taylor says. She sits in one of the chairs, crossing her one leg over the other. So ladylike.

Luke comes out of the bathroom, fully clothed, and sits on the bed to put his converses on.

"The other two should be here soon." I tell her. Taylor nods. There's silence between all of us when her phone goes off. She apologizes and looks at it, smiling. She puts it away, not answering it. The other two get here and then we leave to head to the recording studio. I'm already excited and want to tell the fans, but what kind of surprise would that be?

We get there and get out. Heading to where we booked one of the writing rooms, Calum and Luke stop to get some drinks. We sit down all over the room and start to throw songs together from each of us.


"Michael! You're turn!" One of the sound tech guys yell.

I start to do random chords and he nods before I start to sing into the microphone. He nods again and I sit down with the rest of the guys.

"So are you bringing your own guitar or use one of ours?" Luke asks Taylor.

"I could use one of yours. It won't matter to me." Taylor says.

Luke nods. He gets up and gets his acoustic guitar out. He hands it to her and she starts to play around with it.

"You're amazing Swift." Ashton says.

"We should get ready." Calum says.

The guys nod and we stand up. I hang back to wait for Taylor and we walk to where the dressing rooms are.

I drop her off where hers is before going to the one I'm sharing with the guys. When I get there, the guys are just laying on the couches and chairs. I go on my phone, opening my Twitter app.

Michael5SOS: Surprise tonight! Hope you like it!

I tweet. I already get favorites and retweets, plus comments. I reply, favorite, and retweet others.

"Five minutes you guys." We nod. We get up and leave. We already brushed our teeth so we don't worry about that. I wait for Taylor and we head to the stage together. We already planned how we'll get her out on stage, how we'll introduce her and everything.

"As you may have seen my tweet," I say pausing. "We have a surprise for you tonight! Give it up for the amazing, talented, truly America's sweetheart, Taylor Swift!"

I look over to my right. Taylor comes on, looking amazing as usual. She has Luke's backup acoustic guitar on her. A mic is brought out and she adjusts it.

She starts with the intro to All Too and then Calum starts with Amnesia.

She moves around alot like we do, which is fun. She takes a turn with each of us. When we sing, I look over at her and she's having fun.

When the song's over, we thank her and she does a cute bow.


We finish and take a bow. Heading off, Taylor says we did amazing.

"You're performance was really good." Taylor says. "The fact that you play instruments makes it even better."

"Thanks." Calum says. "We usually party afterwards. Want to join us?"

Taylor shakes her head. "I have to catch a plane for tomorrow."

We nod. "Have a safe flight." Ashton hugs her. She goes to each guy, me last.

"Don't be so sad Mikey. We talk." She says giggling a little. "It's not like we don't."

"True, but you're just really amazing." I tell her.

"Stop hitting on me Mikey." Taylor says jokingly. My smile slips a little.

Stop it Michael! She has a boyfriend! I think to myself. "We'll miss you." I say.

"Taylor, what he means by that is that he'll be like a lost puppy without you." Luke says

I flip him off. Taylor comes over and stands in the middle of us, taking a picture. Within a couple minutes, I get a notification from taylorswift13. I retweet it and reply as well as the other guys.


"Come on Michael. Let loose." Ashton says, slurring his words. He rests his arm on my shoulder.

"I'll pass." I say. I push him off of me as gentle as I can. I would normally, but I'm worried about Taylor and her flight back. We won't be seeing each other again until the Billboard awards. It may seem so close, but it's so far away.

"Mikey! Have a drink!" Luke slurs, putting his arm around me, basically mimicing Ashton.

"No." I say. Calum comes up to me next, this one is sober actually.

"Have fun Michael. Having fun doesn't have to involve drinking or hooking up with a girl." Calum says. Again, for the third time, I shake my head.

"I'm heading back to the room." I say. I'm probably being a party pooper for not having fun, but I'm just worried about Taylor. Can't I be worried for a friend? Sheesh.

"Michael, what's going on?" Calum asks. By now, we lost Luke and Ashton in the crowd.

"Nothing." I say.

Calum gives me a knowing look. "You got super excited when we were getting closer to today since we were going to perform with Taylor; you got excited when you became Twitter BFFs; and you're upset now that she left. Admit it Michael, if not to me then to yourself, you like her, maybe even love." Calum says.

"I like her as a friend." I say, emphasizing the word "friend". Calum rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, I'd believe that when unicorns are real." He says.

"We should get Luke and Ashton out of here before they do something that they'll regret." I say. Calum nods and we head off to find the two guys. I find Ashton talking to Bryana Holly. I step in before things can get taken too far. Taking Ashton's wrist, I pull him away.

I meet Calum by the entrance to the club. He has Luke who's practically falling asleep on Calum's shoulder. I look at Luke and Calum just shakes his head. On the way to the hotel, Ashton's on his phone, texting someone. We get there and have trouble taking each guy up to our rooms.

"Get up Luke." Calum says when we step into the bathroom. He makes sure I have Luke and Ashton in my grip before getting some water to splash Luke's face. Bad idea, but I could tell Calum doesn't want to carry Luke anymore.

Luke wakes getting startled. "Where am I?" He asks.

"Hotel bathroom. You got drunk so Michael and I had to drag you and Ashton back here." Calum says.

Luke groans. "I'm going to hate this killer headache."

"Your fault mate." Calum says. "Let's get you to bed. You should take Ashton to bed since he's almost asleep there."

I look over at Ashton who's getting heavier on my shoulder. I open the door to our room and lay Ashton down on the bed closest to the bathroom before collapsing on the other bed. My phone goes off and I check it, nothing important. I fall asleep after I change into sweatpants.


The link below is All Too Well/Amnesia, what they performed.

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