This Love


1. One

Taylor's POV

I'm hanging out with one of my best friends, Karlie. We are heading to the Grammys, where I'm bringing Karlie as my date. We arrive and walk the red carpet. We answer the questions that get tossed at us and then head inside to our seats. The awards start off with a performance by Ed Sheeran. About a quarter way through, I get up to get ready for my performance. I change my outfit and get ready. I take my microphone and stand behind the doors that'll slide open when the music starts. The music starts and the doors open. I soon start singing one of my hit songs, Blank Space.

I finish and bow before exiting the stage. Backstage, I run into four boys that I recognize as 5 Seconds of Sunmer.

"Nice performance." One of them says, who I recognize as Michael Clifford. Since our Twitter conversation, we've been becoming good friends.

"Thanks. Good luck." I say.

"Thanks." The boys reply.

I change back into what I was wearing before and head back to my seat. They announce the winner to the Best New Artist award and everyone applauds. The hosts then introduce the next performers and 5 Seconds of Summer walk on. They introduce themselves. It's not a secret that the boys are hot, but to me, no one can compare to Michael. Karlie elbows me in the side gently.

"Tay, do you like one of them?" Karlie asks, emphasizing like.

I blush. "What? No. It'll just be weird since they're friends with One Direction and Harry and I dated, but broke up."

"Sel, tell Tay that she's lying right now. She so likes one of them." Karlie says.

Selena's on the other side of me, away from Justin. I'm happy for her. She finally realized that Justin isn't right for her. Selena looks over at me. "Tay! You do like one of them!"

I laugh. "I do not."

"Yes you do. Tay, you never really blush unless it's about boys." Selena says.

"Okay fine. Maybe I do." I confess. "It's just how can you not like him? He's just so goofy, unique, different."

"Who?" Selena and Karlie both ask at the same time.

"Michael. The one that has a new hair color about every week." I say.

I watch them follow my gaze.

"Do you know if they're going to the after party? If they are, then there's your chance to make your move." Selena says.

Karlie agrees. The boys finish their performance and head off. They walk past and I stop Michael.

"You did good." I say. That was half true since I was talking throughout the performance. "Are you going to the after party?"

"Yeah! It's a party!" Michael exclaims.

Karlie, Selena, and I all look at him like he has three heads. He laughs and continues on to his seat with the boys. He laughs and continues on to his seat with the boys. I follow him with my eyes.

"And Song of the Year goes to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off!" Adele says.

A shocked look comes across my face and I head up to the stage. She hands me the award and I hug her. I face the microphone and take a deep breath.

"I'd like to thank all of my fans for supporting me, for being there for me. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here. I'd also like to thank my friends and family for supporting me as well." I say before heading off. I head back to my seat and Karlie, Selena, and I continue watching the award show. When it's done, we head back stage to our dressing room to change into our after party outfits. We get into the limo and just talk heading as the driver takes us to where it's being held.

We walk down the red carpet, why they have one for an after party will always confuse me. We walk in and look around. Everywhere are celebrities and their dates just dancing around with glasses in their hand. Selena leaves to get drinks for us. I spot Lorde and walk over.

"Hey. How are you?" I ask.

"Good, you?" Lorde asks.

We talk for some more before I head back to where Selena and Karlie are. On my way back, I walk into someone. Someone that just happens to have bright red hair right now.

"Hey Taylor! Come hang out with the band and me!" Michael says. I could tell he's drunk already. How lomg have they been here?

I look over at Karlie and Selena who are both watching. They nod their heads, as if to say go for it. I shrug and let Michael take me to his bandmates. I pause midstep when I see who just joined them. Harry looks up at that moment and catches my gaze. This is going to be awkward I can already tell. Michael pulls me along and I stumble.

"Congrats on Song of the Year." The boys say. I can tell that the rest of 5 Seconds of Summer is just as drunk as Michael. Great.

"Thanks." I reply. I stand there awkwardly.

"We miss your goofiness Taylor. We should hang out sometime." Niall says, trying to get rid of the tension in the group. Harry and I both exchange glances. It's awkward already and we're with other people.

"Um..." I say, unsure of what to say. I don't want to turn them down, but it's just really weird. It took a while just for Taylor and I to be comfortable around each other again. Joe and I don't really talk that much anymore. Thinking back on it now, I don't even know why we dated.

Michael puts his arm around my shoulders, which is just weird. We're just friends. Except I have a crush on him. Come on Taylor, get with it. You're twenty five, he's eighteen. It'll never work out. I think. They're all younger than me. But I dated Harry and he was younger than me... Why not give it a chance? I've been boy free for over two years now. I don't want to get into a relationship, yet I do.

"Taylor, we've been thinking of having an opening act on some of our tour dates and Michael here suggested you. We can compare schedules and days where we're around the same area, want to?" Ashton asks. Okay, he's not as drunk as I thought. Or he's just hiding it very well.

I think about it. "Sure. Text me your schedule and I'll text you mine." I say. Selena and Karlie will be proud that I'm taking this opportunity to hang out with Michael.

We talk some more before I leave, heading back to my friends. They asked what we talked about and I told them. Selena liked the fact that I agreed to be an opening act for them, even though I'm way better than an opening act. I laugh at that. It'll feel like when I first started off as a singer. I've actually been wanting to get that feeling back again. I may seem happy, but I'm not. I haven't been the same since my RED Tour ended. I want to be my oldself again and I'm trying to find it, but it's hard. We leave the party at three in the morning, Karlie and Selena both wasted.

I drag them into my hotel room, with the help of someone who works at the hotel. I thank him and climb into bed, not bothering to change them into something. Not that I'd have clothes for them, I don't. I fall asleep not long after, totally exhausted from the awards and after party.

I wake up, the sunlight lighting the whole room up. I look over at the clock and see that it's one in the afternoon. I sit up quickly. "Karlie, Sel, wake up. It's after one." They get up and shield their eyes fro, the light. I'm surprised that they didn't get up earlier due to the amount they drank last night. I grab some clothes and toss it at them. "Come on. I know you're not up for much today, but at least get some fresh air and food." They nod as I head into the bathroom to change. I head back out and see Selena passed out on the bed again. Karlie's working on getting the knots out of her hair.

After what seems like an hour, we all head out to do some light shopping and stuff. We do small talk and when we head back, my phone goes off with a number I don't recognize.

Hey Taylor, here's our tour schedule. Whenever you get the chance send yours. -Ashton

I save the picture on my phone so that I'll have it. I'd send mine now, but my schedule is at my apartment in NYC. I thank him and tell him that I'll send mine when I'm back at my apartment, which would be in two days. Ashton replies with an okay.

"Who was that?" Karlie asks, a teasing sound in her voice.

"Ashton. He was, well looked and sounded, like the least deunk of the four." I reply. Karlie's face falls into a disappointment. I shake my head and wrap my arms around Karlie and Selena. "Come on. Today's our last day here right now so lets make it as enjoyable as we can."

"Spa or pool?" Karlie asks.

Selena and I both yell out different answers. I want to go to the pool while she wants the spa. We look at each other and laugh.

"Is it possible for both?" I ask. "You know, get a spa at the side of the pool?"

Karlie shrugs. "We can ask, but I doubt it."

Turns out, Karlie was wrong. The hotel does give spas at the pool so Selena got a massage while I was in the pool. Karlie just hung out next to the pool. It was actually pretty fun and by the looks of it, Karlie and Selena are over their hangovers so that's a good sign. We head back to the room after half an hour.

As we get ready for dinner, my phone goes off with another unrecognizable number. I pick up and answer uncertainly.

"Taylor?" I recognize the voice as Michael's.

"Hey Michael. What's up?" I ask. Karlie and Selena look at me.

"Nothing much. Just hanging with the guys." Michael says. "What about you?"

"Hanging with the girls." I say.

"Hey, the boys and I were wondering if you can join us on tour and vice versa, if we could do a song together." Michael says. In the background, I can hear people talking.

"Sure. Do you want to write a new song or use a prewritten one and make it work?" I ask.

"We could try writing one." Michael says.

I agree and we talk some more. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Karlie and Selena make hand hearts. I roll my eyes at them. They mouth that they'll meet me in the lobby. Michael and I talk some more before hanging up. I head down where Karlie, Selena, and I finish our all girls day before our departure.

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