This Love


4. Four

Michael's POV

It's been a day since the guys and I arrived, we just finished soundcheck. Ashton's on his phone, probably on Twitter or Instagram, since he's more active on it then we are. I open my bottle of water and drink out of it.

"Talked to Taylor?" Calum asks me.

"No. She's probably heading to Japan now." I tell him.

"Mate, we're close to Japan. We could do when she has or when we have." Calum says.

"Mate, not going to happen." I mimic.

"Luke?" Calum asks.

"Keep me out of it." Luke comments. "Anyway, it'll seem clingy if you keep pestering her about it."

I give Calum a told-you-so look. He rolls his eyes in response.

"Check Twitter!" Ashton exclaims. "There's something for you."

The boys and I check out Twitters.

taylorswift13: Good luck! She inserted all of our users.

I retweeted and favorited it. I see that the other guys did the same as well as on our official 5SOS account. I go out of my Twitter app.

We head on stage when it's time. The fans are screaming and I don't have to look over at the guys to know that they're smiling. We head to our microphones and start. Halfway through though the set, Ashton stops playing.

"Hey guys, I just broke my drums. Again." Ashton says.

We stop and look at him as he picks the drum up with a hole in it. Calum and I go over to inspect while Luke starts talking about how we need to get him better drums that won't break and other stuff.

Ashton heads off to get a new drum since the stage hands aren't helping. When he comes back, we start again.

At the end, we thank our fans for coming and the lights dim. Heading off, we start talking.

"That was amazing!" Ashton exclaims.

We agree. Calum takes my phone from where I had it. He starts to go through my phone and stops, smirking.

"Give it back Cal." I say, holding my hand out.

"Aw. Mikey. This conversation is adorable." Calum says. He starts to read a couple messages out loud.

"That is adorable." Luke says. "Especially when she starts talking about cats in the weirdest moment."

"Funny. But that's just who Taylor is. She thinks of cats in weird moments," I tell them.

"It's true though. It is adorable. Lighten up Mikey." Ashton says.

I give in, knowing that what they're saying is true. Taylor is adorable, especially when we're in the middle of a conversation and it suddenly goes to cats. I know I shouldn't, but I think I'm starting to like her. Stop it Michael. She has a boyfriend.

We head out to the car and head to the hotel. We go on Twitter and Instagram and talk about how great it was.

Hey! How was it? I read the text from Taylor.

Great. The guys say hi. I tell her. They also think that you're adorable and funny.

I have a boyfriend. Taylor says.

We talk and when we get to our rooms, Luke and I sharing a room, I tell her that I have to go.

"If she didn't have a boyfriend, would you ask her?" Luke asks.

I pause. Sure, I like her, but do I have a crush on her? "I don't know."

"Mikey, admit it. You like her." Luke says, looking at me.

"We could talk about your obsession with her best friend, Selena." I tell him.

"It's not an obsession!" Luke exclaims.

"Sure it isn't." I say.


I wake up the next morning to Ashton and Calum in the room. Luke walks out of the bathroom.

"You're up. Finally." He says, joking.

I take a pillow and throw it at them. Calum catches it. Show-off.

We talk about our plan for the day and tomorrow. I realize that Taylor is on the plane or in the airport in Japan by now.

"I wanna go sightseeing!" Ashton exclaims after we figured out what to do. He starts to jump up and down like an excited five year old.

"Okay okay, we'll go. Where do you want to go?" Luke asks.

Ashton shrugs. "I don't know."

"So you want to go sightseeing, but you have no clue what to do?" Calum says.

"Pretty much." Ashton says.

We shake our heads. After getting dressed, we leave the room and go down to the desk to ask for some stuff to do. After getting a list of things to do, we head out.


"So basically Ashton wanted to do things, but didn't know what?" Taylor asks when I called her later.

"Pretty much, yeah." I say.

"Only him. He may be twenty, but he has the mind of a five year old." Taylor says.

I agree. We talk some more before she has to go on stage. I wish her luck and end the call.

"Tay's starting her tour?" Luke asks walking in. His hair is wet and a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Yeah. Eight months of touring for her." I say.

"Wow. Think we'd be able to survive eight months?" Luke asks.

"No. I'd miss mum too much." I say. "The breaks we get now, they still leave me with wanting more time with mum."

Luke nods, understanding. To think that we used to hate each other for a year. We're so close now that it's hard to imagine.

"Ash told me to tell you to pack tonight so you don't have to do it tomorrow." Luke says.

"Seriously? That was one time!" I exclaim.

Luke looks at me. "Your choice bud." In the time that we talked, he managed to go back to the bathroom and put boxers on.

With that, I shower. When I finish, I decide to do what Ashton said for once. Luke looks at me surprised but doesn't say anything. I plug my phone in for it to charge. Luke and I talk for a couple more minutes before calling it a day. Luke turns the room lights off and I turn the lights off that are over the beds. Of course, when Luke's next to the bed so he doesn't walk into a wall or chair. Not that that wouldn't be funny.

With the lights off, I allow myself to enter my thoughts even more than I would if I was with the guys or by myself. I don't know why, but my thoughts are stronger, louder, in the dark that any other time. I'm  not going crazy. I'm not.

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