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5. Five

There will be a couple parts with Japanese, but there is a translations. As for the backup singers and dancers, I don't know their names, so I'm just making them up.

Taylor's POV

The plane lands and my cast and crew file off the private jet. I hang back to wait for my mom. Telling my fans what's going on had to be one of the hardest things I had to do. My mom wanted me to since she knew the fans would send their support to us. She was right about that.

"You okay sweetie?" Mom asks.

"Yeah. Just nervous, you know?" I say.

"Tay, there's nothing for you to worry about. Your fans love you. They adore you." Mom says. I smile.   

"I know." I say and it's true. I know my fans adore me and I adore them. If it wasn't for the fans, I wouldn't be where I am today, which basically means I wouldn't be well known.

We ride the elevator to down to where we're supposed to go. The stage crew and technicians came two days before with the stage and all that. With my tour starting tomorrow, I decide that I'll go see the stage after we get to the hotel and check in.

We check in and then head over to the arena where I'll be performing. It still surprises me that I made it this far. I came from being on a Christmas tree farm to here. It still feels like yesterday I was playing at the Bluebird Café. Eifht years since I released my first album. Eight years since I got reached my dream.

In the hotel lobby, fans come screaming up to me. I can tell the hotel clerk is slightly annoyed.

"Ms. Swift, we can get you privacy if you want." He says, in Japanese, my translator translating it.

I shake my head. "It's fine. I can take it outside." I say. I take the fan and walked outside. We take a picture and I sign a picture. With that action, more fans soon came running up.

Mom comes out and tells me that my stuff got put in my room. I thank her and we head to the car once it arrives. Heading over to the arena just makes it feel more real.

Hey, you landed alright? Michael.

Yeah. Heading over to the arena to check how the stage is and to do a test with it. I reply.

Mom looks over at me. "Calvin?"

I shake my head. "No, Michael."

"That boy from that band?" I chuckle.

"5 Seconds of Summer." I say. "They actually play instruments instead of just singing."

"What about Calvin?" Mom asks.

"I'll text him." I say. And I do.

Landed. Heading over to look at the stage.

I look out the window. Out of all the places I've been, I still can't get enough of seeing new parts of the world. It just amazes me how there's so many people, so many places, on one world.

We get out and head inside. I see the TaylorNation and Keds booths are set up. I walk into the stadium and see that they're messing with the lights and stage.

"Taylor! One of the light sequences, the helicopter stage, and stage lift aren't working right." One of the stage crew, Jeff, said.

I nod. I trust that he wouldn't mess with it. He's been with me since Fearless. I walk up to the stage and get on. I have them test it out with me standing on it. It moves out into the crowd and goes up and down, it just doesn't turn. They check underneath to see what's wrong.

"Did you put it together right or left any piece out?" I ask curiously.

"We checked all of the boxes, everything and can't find any piece that's out. The revolver's on and I know that since I made sure to put it on specifically." Jeff said.

I nod. "And the stage lift?"

"It won't come down. If it does, then it won't go up. It's too tight." Jeff says.

"What do we need to do to get it to work?" My mom asks.

"We'll have to take it apart and rebuild it and hope it works." Jeff replies. My mom and I nod.

We help with it and when it's done, they shaved part of the stage off underneath. Inbetween shows, I'll have to remember to get it fixed so that it'll be more sturdy there. When I'm about to fall asleep standing up, we leave and head back to the hotel. I head to my room, shower, change, and collapse on the bed, jet lagged.


The next morning when I wake up, I hear my stomach growling. I get dressed quickly and leave a note for my mom. I head downstairs and pick up some things mom might like and add it to a plate. When I'm done, and strugglinfb carrying two plates and two drinks, a man comes over and asks if I need help. I nod and thank him. We head up to the room where I'm staying. Basically the whole floor is for the everyone helping on tour as well as the floor above us.

"あなたは右のテイラー・スウィフトですか?(You're Taylor Swift right?)" The man asks.

I chuckle. "People say I look like her, something that I don't see. Why?"

"私の娘はあなたを愛しています。彼らはただあなたを見るためにここに滞在しています。彼らは私が彼らに切符を得ることができなかったことを怒っているので、私はこれを行うことによってそれらにそれを作ってるんです。(My daughters love you. They're staying here just to see you. They are upset that I couldn't get them tickets, so I'm making it up to them by doing this.)" The man says.

"What's your last name and how many?" I ask. He tells it to me and I nod. "Just go by the arena and tell it to them. I'll let them know that you and you're daughters are coming."

He thanks me and when we get to the room, helps me open the door. My mom's up, so she takes the drinks from him. I tell him that I'll see him and his daughters tonight.

"When are you doing sound check?" Mom asks.

"In a couple hours," I say. We have to get the band done as well as my opening and special guests done. Inbetween all that, we just go through what we'll be doing tonight during the show one last time.

"You'll be great honey." Mom says.

I nod. On the way over to the arena, Calvin texts me.

Hey! Goodluck tonight! You'll be amazing!

I smile. I text him on the way over and then halfway through, I get a text from Michael. Calvin knows that I'm friends with the guys so it isn't a big deal.

We get to the arena where everyone's working on something. The dancers are practicing while the back up singers are doing their sound check. When they're done, and everyone else did their soundcheck, I do mine.

I check the time when I'm done and it's already almost time to get ready. I walk around the arena, talking with one of my singers.

"You ready?" I ask Nellie. She nods.

We walk around and I see the fans waiting in line. Their outfits are amazing, something that I love about them. They always come to shows dressed up as characters from music videos or similar outfits to my tour ones or every day outfits.

We head back to where the dressing areas are under the stage. I leave her and then I head to where the meet and greet is. The fans yell and I smile. Seeing them happy is what makes my day. I see the man I talked to in the elevator. I head over and start talking to his two daughters who are just starstruck. We take pictures and I make my way around. Fifteen minutes until it's done, I leave and do a quick change into my first outfit, Welcome to New York. When the meet and greet is over, I get into a huddle with my band, dancers, and back up singers. We do a pep talk and then head out. We make sure everything's in place before goinf to our positions.

I sit on the bench casually and smile when I hear the fans screaming. Jeff hands me my mic and wishes me luck. I thank him and take deep breaths. The stage then starts rising and I stand up. Seeing all the lights in the audience causes me to smile. I soon start the song and then it ends quickly.

The concert goes by in a flash an before I know it, I'm doing the last song, Shake It Off. I finish and we do bows. After the show, the whole crew is too excited.

"Get dressed and I'll treat you all for something." I say.

We change and head out, going to a restaurant close by. I end up ordering jumbo shrimp that when they come, I have no clue what I'm doing. I end up burning myself from the steam and everyone starts to laugh with me. I had someone record it and I post it on Instagram and then Twitter.

We eat and finish up before heading to the hotel.

"You were great tonight sweetie." Mom says.

"Thanks." I say. We shower and change, getting ready for bed.

I know it's late, but how was night one? Michael texts.

Amazing. The fans are amazing. Burnt myself while eating shrimp though. I reply.

Haha. Nice T. Tomorrow night right? Michael asks.

Yeah. We finish talking before I fall asleep.

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