The Clans have something new in for them. Outsiders. A whole group of them, led by the fierce Tiger. If Tiger sees the Clans the wrong way... it will be disaster for the Clans.


2. Sky

"You want to join the Clans?" I exploded. Sky winced. Cloud, the tom who had suggested it, bit his lip. "You have all the safety here. You have food, water, shelter. What more could you want?" I narrowed my eyes, speaking very quiet, which probably scared them more than if I was yelling. "I want other cats to be with." Cloud raised his head an inch. "Fine. Then leave." I sat. "Everyone. Go to a different Clan, if you wish." Cats stared at each other. Cloud dipped his head, and left with his mate Raven. All of the cats left. I looked up, into Sky's blue eyes. "We could go to RippleClan." my sister sat by me. "No other cats went there." I nodded and followed her out. We followed the stream, and we passed into RippleClan territory. "Halt!" a huge black tom snarled, and we waited to see if we would be punished.

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