The Clans have something new in for them. Outsiders. A whole group of them, led by the fierce Tiger. If Tiger sees the Clans the wrong way... it will be disaster for the Clans.


3. Emberstar

"What are you doing here?" The tom narrowed his eyes. "We want to join RippleClan." I rumbled, with Sky behind me. Two other cats joined the tom. "Follow me." The tom meowed, and trotted towards camp. I hurried after him, with Sky on my heels. "Do you trust them?" I whispered, looking cautiously at the cats. "We will." Sky meowed back, a determined streak in her eye. I just nodded and entered a bramble tunnel. "Emberstar!" the tom yowled. A dusty brown she-cat made her way down a pile of rocks leading to an opening. "We have two cats who want to join RippleClan." the tom looked back at us. Sky lifted her chin defiantly. "What brings you here, lone fighters?" a silky voice sounded from behind. I gasped as I spied the cat I was arch enemies with.

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