The Clans have something new in for them. Outsiders. A whole group of them, led by the fierce Tiger. If Tiger sees the Clans the wrong way... it will be disaster for the Clans.


1. Prologue

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this story. Stormheart is not from my other book, called Stormheart (lol). This is in Tiger's point of view. Read and like this please! -Storm


I heard the sound of screeching cats up ahead. I turned to Sky, and she nodded. I lurched forward, flicking my ears for my group to follow me. And there was exactly the cat I was hoping for. Stormheart, the loyal RippleClan deputy. She was a dappled mix of dark and light gray, and she had bright green eyes. She screeched at the leader of SunClan, Rabbitstar, as he pounced onto her. I leaped, unsheathing my claws and landing right onto him, knocking him off her. "Rabbitstar, call a retreat or else I will make you lose your last life. "Stormheart snarled, pushing onto his throat. He nodded, choked, the yowled scratchedly, "Retreat!" and Stormheart let him go. "Thank you. "Stormheart dipped her head. In my opinion, she was the best fighter. I flicked my tail, and me and my cats disappeared.

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