Broken Promises

This story is based on real events that happened in my life.
Its amazing how different your life can change within a short amount of time. Its amazing how you can't even remember that life used to be like after you've been stuck in a place for so long. Living in a loop. This story begins with me breaking out of my horrid everyday cycle, on a search to find everything i was missing out on in life. Making big decisions for someone who is so young. This is how i escaped my broken promises.


1. Intro | Chapter One


“Fuck you.”

I wasn’t loud, I wasn’t angry. I was cold. I looked her straight in the eyes when I said it. I felt like the color of my eyes turned grey. My mind froze over and a numbing chill ran right thru me. I closed the front door and turned around to face this wicked world. Everything around me was grey too. I tried to walk away but every step I took felt like I was walking through quicksand, like I was sinking into this earth. With every step, I walked through a part of my life. Each memory rushed in me like blood, and then bleed out from underneath me.

I felt like glass, a single icicle hanging onto a gutter of a roof; And with one slight vibration I would fall, and shatter into a million pieces, and eventually just melt away. When I reached the curb at the end of my lawn, I wondered if I let myself fall into the cracked, unforgiving tar, that I would actually just break away. But before I had a chance to snap out of my thoughts, I was already in drive. Before I let my foot off of the break I looked back at that house one more time. That was my home for all 18, almost 19, years that I lived. That’s where I took my first steps, said my first words, had my first kiss, and even had my first “time”. But none of that mattered now, that house is no longer my home. Everything that once lived there is gone:  the love, the laughs, the peace. Gone. All that is left there is hatred and empty promises. Promises that have all been wasted on myself. I wasted so much time keeping a promise, that in the long run, destroyed us all.


[Let me know if you liked this, because i would be more than happy to continue and share my story with you. Thanks so much]

XOXO T Rageous

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