Erika's Revenge part 3

Erika just beated gym leader Lexi but will she learn to use her true power


1. My true power

We finally got to get settled at a hotel finally.I am happy that i beat Lexi and got a badge but overheard her saying the boss is gonna kill me.I walked into the gym shouting Lexi but nothing happened.She came out saying what wanna beat me in a battle again.I said no as i had tears in my eyes cause i was feeling bad for her.Then what do you want i started to cry is something wrong.I feel really bad for you Lexi you can have your badge back if you want.I'm just on edge come with me Lexi told me to come with her.It was a room filled with newspapers this is how i became a gym leader.My mom and dad wanted me to do it their kinda my bosses they were proud of me the day i won my first battle.While i was battling my dad kept saying i trained you for this Lexi you better win this.Iv'e never lost a battle since.


Wow you never lost a battle since you were four?Yeah my mom keeps cheeking the leader board every day and since you beat me she's gonna kill me.I say i think i have an idea she asks what is it.As soon as your mom arrives i will Challenge her to a Pokemon battle if i win you don't have to be a gym leader anymore.Hey Lexi how would you like to go on a journey with me and Eathen?Huh YES YES I WOULD LOVE TO I'M SICK OF THIS GYM LEADER CRAP!Lexi come in here do you see this it is unexeptible you ruined the family name.STOP NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO BOSS HER ANYMORE!Yes i can i'm her mother who do you think you are?I'm her friend i challenge you to a Pokemon battle if i win you let her come on a journey with me.Fine but if you lose then Lexi has to stay a gym leader forever.We may each use one Pokemon each who will you be using then?She asked me i will use myself i will be the Pokemon.I spreed my wings she started laughing. 


How could you possibly be the Pokemon? Cause i'm magic you fool Lexi was laughing in the background. I said who will you use miss. I will be using a charizard is that ok against a weakling. I also said can i go get my instructor uh fine who is it. I heard a voice across the room saying me. It was Eathen he gave me a hug  and said get Lexis freedom and beat that charizard. She wants to go on a journey with us is that ok? Yes yes she could join our team Charmander gave me a char char witch i believe means yes. Eathen shouted Erika get in position now! I got in a really good ready position. You ready as ready as i'll ever be charizard go now! Erika go now use water pulse. I was eyeing that huge Pokemon it said zard i got scared.Eathen said this is not good Erika.      

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