Erika's Revenge part 3

Erika just beated gym leader Lexi but will she learn to use her true power


2. Minecraft's glory

That freaking thing used ember on me. And I about fainted from it Erika fly up. I flew up as fast as i could then he said use electro ball. I shouted pika pika pika pika pika pika pika pika cu. Wow iv'e never seen a huge electro ball before. It took out the charizard right before my eyes. Erika that was amazing Lexi shouted! You win i guess Lexi is ready to quit being a gym leader after all. Thank you thank you Erika this is the best moment of my life. But Lexi i thought the best moment of your life was when you won you first battle. I might have beaten Madison Lott with my awesome Pikachu but you can't leave me in a gym forever. Your right Lexi i'm sorry for keeping you captive in a Pokemon gym. You can go on a journey with them if you want i'm sorry. But who will be the gym leader while i'm gone? I will i'm your mother Lexi I will battle for you dear. I love you Lexi I love you too mom i'm gonna go. Be careful dear stay safe take care of her we will bye.


I was telling her how i got my wings. So let me get this strait you stood up for him and you got poke power. I got confused over that word poke what. Poke power never heard of it it's a legend were a chosen person gets wings and can imitate Pokemon moves. Wow is that real i think so it is a legend. Erika you probably are that person think about it you are nice. Then i can feel my phone vibrating it's my dad texting me. He said hows everything going dear i texted fine you. He didn't text back for five minutes whats been going on. I got another person with us a gym leader Lexi. I'll send you a picture hey guys lets take a selfie sure Eathen said. Say cheese then i took the picture That was Lexis first selfie Eathen thought it was weird. She whispered jerk i said be nice guys Lexi is new Eathen leave her alone. Then they actually started fist fighting i didn't see it until i was done texting. I shouted hey never put a block in the wrong place then we got teleported into Minecraft.


Lexi asked why is everything blockey omg were in Minecraft Eathen shouted. ERIKA WHAT DID YOU DO WERE IN MINECRAFT GET US OUT OF HERE NOW! I started punching a tree come on guys we need to do some things. We need to build a house get a crafting table craft a sword and a pickaxe. And especially a bed so we can sleep to escape the monsters. Lexi asked what monsters? Oh nothing just creepers that explode zombies enderman skeletons and slimes oh and spiders. Everyone started to punch a tree even charmander did i was proud of him already. That's when i gave him a smile then everyone turned very blocky. Eathen had the lich king skin like Furious destroyer. Lexi had a skin that looked like Supergirlygamer. Charmander was all blockey and i was a fairy. Hey i could still fly that was good right i think we should get some sleep we got a huge day tomorrow. 








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