Stay Low (GirlxGirl)

Cassandra and Jenna are those friendly type of enemies. But soon after Miley, the cheer coach and also Cassandra's sister uses her for work, the girls become close, really close.

Jenna doesn't want them to be a secret and Cassandra doesn't want to be anybody's secret, but what happens when Cassandra is forced by her own mother to stay in the closet? The tension, hiding, and lying will either make them or break them. What makes you laugh can also make you cry.

Sadly they both had to learn the harder way that, There is always someone to hate you, but on the other side of the rainbow, someone is always going to love you.


2. Jenna MaxWell

God, why does she do this to me? She knows what she's doing right, she has to.


I stepped into the weight room to see Cassandra doing pull ups. She was going at her own which happen to be about ten per minute. Fast enough that she wasn't dangling when she went down but slow enough for me to see almost every muscle in her arms contract.


Suddenly a the screeching sound of a whistle was sounded through the room. 


"Cassie! Do something else, you're distracting my girls," Coach Montez nearly yelled. She was turning kind of red while she was pointing her finger at Brian.


"Sorry Lee, but you don't coach me." She continued her pull ups while she spoke.


This made Coach Montez obviously frustrated. I mean if you've met the Brian sisters, you know they don't belong in a confined area for more than two hours. Things start to get a little hectic. Why Principal Anderson put Brian with Coach will forever be a mystery to me.


"Oh, don't 'Lee' me!" Coach raised her voice with anger. 


Brian smiled and looked at her while still doing her pull ups, "then don't 'Cassie' me." 


Coach then let out a frustrated screech towards Brian. This was bound to turn into one of their "Stupid but Serious" fights. 


Instead Brian dropped from the bar and headed over to the dumbbells. She intently started bicep curls with thirty pounds. Again it was just perfect to see her defined muscles flex while she worked them.


"Scatter!" Coach yelled blowing her whistle again. All of the freshman and Beginning sophomores. Raced for a random machine.


"Coach, why can't I practice with Varsity. I mean, I am their captain."


"No, correction Jenna, Tracy is Varsity captain. You are The Captain." She stood with her hands in her pockets.


"I'm sorry, the difference?" I folded my arms over my chest. While I moved with her.


"Tracy leads Varsity in games and band meets, but you lead the entire E.V.H. Cheer Squad. That means you can't spend all of your time with one branch. Tomorrow you have JV cheer practice so be ready."


I let a heavy sigh out and started on the rowing machine I happened to be standing next to. My eyes involuntarily shifted back to Brian. The way she lifted the weights, her form, her muscles. 


Coach's voice again brought me back to the real world. 


"What do you think you're doing?" She said standing directly in front of her.


"Well, because you asked, I'm actually working on my biceps and building-," Coach cut her off be for she could finish her explanation.


"You're trying to get back at me, so stop!" She shouted at her. Brian gently put the dumbbells back where she got them.


"No, I'm actually trying to work on my biceps and building them up so I can effectively work on my triceps and traps." She smiled and got another set of dumbbells. 


"Oh, shut it and stop!" Coach yelled this time.


"Why?" Brian said with a simple small almost mocking smile.


This only made coach even more frustrated, I've don't think I've ever seen her this agitated before. 


"Why, what do you mean why? Because you're making my girls question their own god damn sexuality, that's why!" 


That kind of shocked me there, I've never heard her swear. Like at all.


Brian just chuckled and shook it off, "no, I'm not."


"Oh yeah, raise your hand if you're straight," Coach yelled to the girls. I took this time to be completely confused. I looked around to see every single hand raised. "Thank you, now who's gay for Cassie right now?" 


This time no one moved, no one put their hand down, at all. Without thinking I got up from the rowing a machine and walked right out of the weight room. 


What is happening to me? 

Why am I angry? 

Wait, am I angry? 

Yes, I'm angry, but I don't know why. 


I didn't realize where I was until I sat down and looked around. The Cardio Room, of course I would subconsciously lead myself here. The dark grey room just made me somehow feel even worse. I put my head down in my hands as I tried to calm myself down. 


"Hey, you okay?" A voice brought me out of my head. 


I lifted my head to see Brian with her shirt back on. She looked down at me and sat at my feet. 


"Yes. No. I don't know," I looked at her and she nodded at me.


"How do you feel then?" She took my hand in hers and I could tell she didn't enjoy seeing me like this. I don't think she's ever seen me like this. I'm usually happy in her presence.


"I don't know." I sounded so vulnerable to myself. 


"Well, can I help you out with that?" She smiled and continued, "you seem pissed, but sad. You shake when your angry and you turn this weird pink color when your sad."


At that every moment I couldn't stop the tears that were threatening to spill just moments ago. I just- in better words, broke down. Through my blurry eyes I could see Brian get up from the floor. She then pulled me up into her arms.


"Why are you crying?" She said softly while stroking my hair. I continue to sob into her shirt.


"I'm so fucked up today." I cried harder while saying the words.


"Woe, you are really not well right now. Um, I'll take you home." She said shocked. I shocked myself, that's the first time I've ever used a swear word out loud. I feel kind of ashamed of myself. 


"What about Coach, she'll be so angry."


"Hey, don't worry about Miley, she'll get over herself," she said gently leading me to her truck.


What have I gotten myself into?

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