Stay Low (GirlxGirl)

Cassandra and Jenna are those friendly type of enemies. But soon after Miley, the cheer coach and also Cassandra's sister uses her for work, the girls become close, really close.

Jenna doesn't want them to be a secret and Cassandra doesn't want to be anybody's secret, but what happens when Cassandra is forced by her own mother to stay in the closet? The tension, hiding, and lying will either make them or break them. What makes you laugh can also make you cry.

Sadly they both had to learn the harder way that, There is always someone to hate you, but on the other side of the rainbow, someone is always going to love you.


1. Cassandra Brian

"Stop, Jenna what are you-," she was now on top of me as we wrestled for the last Slutty Brownie. I was a quarter of an inch away from It when the cheerleader tackled me to the gym floor.

"You saw me Brian, That's my brownie!" she screamed while she was now straddling my hips, my hands were also pinned over my head. 

"Jenna, take it, I've had a rough day. Just take it and go." I pulled a mimicking smile onto my face and pushed her off my body. 

"Uh, thanks?" she said in a questioning tone.

I got up from the floor and brushed the dirt and dust off my uniform, courtesy of Ester Valley High. 

"What's wrong with you Brian, you never give up? I've noticed you lately, why are you so sad?" She also got up from the floor. She then took a bite out of the Oreo stuffed brownie/ cookie. 

"Nothing you'd care about, Jenna. This is how our hate goes, I'm happy, I see you, you make my day hell, and we both get over it. I don't care and you don’t care." I refreshed her shitty memory for her.

She lets a chuckle escape her mouth before she started to speak, "that's not how our relationship works, that's never how it goes."

"Oh, Yeah well how did it go?" I smiled inwardly at the fact that she just used the word relationship. 

"Well, it starts off with you being sad, then I make you feel better. And I do care Brian, I'm still here."

"Yeah, you're here, in my way," I smirk as I started to stack the empty trays. The Cookie Walk was earlier today, and I had to clean up for service hours. I wonder what her excuse for bothering me is.

"Brian, bottom line, I care about you. I hate that you're sad all the time now. Oh and stop using past tense words to talk about our relationship." she finished her brownie and smiled at me.

"Jenna, honestly, why are you here? Not to be rude or anything, but the cheer team is practicing in the cafeteria."

"No, actually varsity is practicing in here, so take as long as you like."

"Should you have eaten that?" I laughed. Just last week the varsity coach was yelling about health.

"I can eat what I like. Just because I'm the captain of the varsity cheer squad doesn't mean I starve. Brian, I eat real food, like a real person. I wish coach Montez would understand that," She let a dry laugh go before sitting herself on a table. "I'm still a flyer so it doesn’t even matter."

"What does that mean?" I put the aluminum trays into the recycling bin.

"It means, I'll eat whatever and not give crap because I'm trying to be a base or a support." she let her legs dangle as she talked to me. her pink lip gloss shined in the light as her blonde hair slightly fell over her shoulders.

"You don't like being a flyer?" she shook her head at my question and frowned her face.

"I am terrified of heights," she smiled at me while I collapsed the extra tables.

"If you're afraid of heights why did you become a flyer, and why did you keep the position for two years?" She's been a flyer since freshman year. I'll be the first to say she had the perfect body type for it, but why would she keep it if it scared her?

"Well, first it was peer pressure, at the point I was the only one who actually could be a flyer and the girls wanted to win. I was always taught to be selfless for the people who cared about you so I pushed my problems aside and gave the girls a flyer," she sighed and continued, "now, I'm just good at it and Coach Montez won't let me switch positions." 

"Damn-," before I could get another word out a voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Cassandra Brian, that mouth of yours in going to drive me crazy!" I turned to see none other than Miley Montez standing in a varsity cheer team jacket with matching sweats, the rest of the team was standing behind her watching us.

"Sorry, Miley," It sucked to say it but she was my sister, the one and only.

"Make sure you zip it around grandma, she might take your ear off with that pinch of hers," she and the rest of the girls chuckled as I shed my jacket to move the bleachers.

My muscles flexed as I began to push them in the direction Miley demanded. 

"Hey, eyes off my brother- I mean, sister," I slightly smirked as she started her practice period.

"I'll get you for that." I smiled as I sat down on the gym floor in a tank top binder and sweats. I caught Jenna's eye as she lead the squad in their starting stretches. she smirked at me as she sat on the floor and pulled her legs into the figure four stretch.

"After stretches we're moving to the weight room." Miley's voice echoed as it bounced off the concrete walls. 

I turned my attention back to the girls, or more specifically, Jenna as she sent a wink my way. Maybe working for my sister wasn’t so bad. I mean, I don’t want to stay in the building more than I have to, and I honestly don’t understand why she came back to coach but it sure is having it's up sides, maybe a little more than it's down.


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