Kir has no memories. Kir doesn't have feelings. Kir can't love. Kir belongs to the doctor only. Kir can't love anyone else. No one. Kir can only love the doctor. But, I wonder what it feels to love someone else.


2. Why am I here?

Why am I here? That's a question I've been asking myself since the first time I came to this world. The first time I was brought back to life. I know I was once dead. The doctor, along with some of his coworkers brought me back. But why? Why did they bring me back to life. No one really wants to be my friend and there are those who would die just for me to die. I see no reason in why I have to be here. 

"You are cute..."

"Eh?" I looked up from the book I was reading to see Jordan. The doctor's fifth son with his first wife. "Did you say something." my voice was monotone. 

Jordan shook his head. "Nothing." he said. He took a eat next to me, I went back to reading, but all the while, I could feel the hot stare he was boring into me.

I closed up the book and smiled at him. "Can you please stop staring?" I asked nicely.

Jordan blinked. "Oh...sorry." he said looking away.

I opened up the book. "It's okay." I said.

I read for another ten minutes, then I closed it up again and chose another one from my book pile. 

"You sure read a lot." Jordan remarked as I opened up my second, maybe fourth book. "Why do you read so many books?" 

I looked at him. "Is there a reason not to read so many?" I asked.

Jordan looked at me with bewilderment. He hook his head. "No." he said.

I smiled and went back to reading.

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