The Extraordinary Dreams of an Ordinary Mind

Hi potential readers

I've recently taken up movellas again, and this is going to be my fun kind of "start-up"-project. It's a very personal experience, and I'm mostly doing this for me.

I'm going to write down some of the dreams I have, and some might be good, others might be the exact opposite. The thing is, my dreams are to me very realistic. I feel like they have actually happened, and I'm going to sometimes add a bit of imagination to them, and sometimes I definitely won't have to.

That being said, I hope you enjoy.
I certainly will!

- Amelia Pierce


1. Friday the 31st of March 2017: The Time Travel Mission

F.Y.I. before reading:

I will probably not write from my own point of view, so I'll give "myself" a name and write it in first person.

All of these stories are things that I actually dreamed. I am not kidding. This one is particularly freaky, as I will not add anything to it, that I did not dream (except for small details like names and a little colorful language).



Let the story begin.


   Jamie opened her eyes and was quick to adjust her vision. She was a mere shadow of herself, literally. She was standing at her old boarding school, in the middle of a crowded hallway. She squeezed her eyes together, as she did not believe she was back. In the back of her mind was a small thought moving around, straying like a cat in the lazy summer sun. She brushed it away as if it was nothing, but the thought did not disappear entirely. She took in a deep breath, and looked around. She had gone to this boarding school for a year, and then all of her friends and herself had had to graduate and move on. It had been the best time of her life living at that boarding school, and now she had a second chance to do it all over.

   Everything looked exactly the same, except... nothing looked the same. She took a long look around, her face covered in deep frowns. The place looked older, and the people walking by her were dressed in completely wrong clothes. It was all old and retro. What was the meaning of this. Then something strange happened, something even more strange than the fact that she was there. A guy approached her deeply buried in a textbook. He obviously had some emergency homework to do. He didn't look up from his book, and when Jamie saw him, it was already just a little to late, and she covered her face with her hands and expected to get knocked over. Everyone would stare and ask her what she was doing there, and she would look very confused and ask them the exact same question, and nobody would really figure out anything. But then nothing happened. She had been so distracted with thinking about what would happen, that she had briefly forgotten to actually experience it. He had not knocked her over and asked her questions she wouldn't be able to answer. He had walk right past her, or to be more specific, he had walked through her. Jamie looked down at herself and saw that she was transparent, and she couldn't help but make a tiny squeaking noise, like a duckling in need. Unfortunately, a girl standing next to Jamie, who was otherwise busy flirting violently at a guy in from of her, made a small jump when Jamie accidentally squeaked. Jamie's head was spinning. She had no idea who any of these people were, she could apparently not be seen and also she couldn't avoid being heard. This was great, just magnificent.

   Now all I needed to do is get home she thought, and the moment she thought that, that same little thought brushed her mind once again and once again she swept it away. She walked around for a bit, trying to figure out what to do. Everything was as confusing as her very first day there, except of course for the buildings. Everybody were dressed in clothes from the 70's, and she remembered when her class had dressed up for fun evenings with different themes. The thought kept bugging her, and eventually she had to stop, as she wasn't really achieving anything just walking casually around being invisible. She closed her eyes, and tried really hard to remember what had happened to her, and like a vision from a badly produced 90's movie she realized it. She had a mission. A goal. The only way she could get home was for her to talk to the right people and save the right person from a horrible situation. That is a lot to take in when you're just a regular teenage girl who doesn't usually get whooped through time to rescue people. It is in fact much harder than in TV and films. The only thing to do was to move on and try to do something. She walked further down a hall to a large common room leading to the classrooms. She had been sent back in time, and people weren't pretending to dress like the 70's, they were from the 70's. A short, chubby, redheaded boy with a mean face crawling with freckles turned a corner, and in Jamie's mind, a red light started flashing. There was something about that boy, he could under no circumstances find out that she was here. She would have to avoid him. She staggered backwards into a classroom, it was almost empty, almost. Inside was the most handsome human being she had ever seen in her life. He was tall and lean, and had the  most beautiful, thick, dark hair. His eyes were a hazel brown color, and looking into them, you felt like your very existence was melting away into his gaze. He was standing in front of a chalk board writing unimportant stuff down. Everything suddenly felt unimportant in his presence. He turned around and sat down at the teachers desk. He was apparently a teacher (but in my defense a very young and non-inappropriate-to-date kind of teacher). 

   After about fifteen minutes of drooling, trying to regain self control over her body and generally just trying not to stare so hard at him that he would feel watched and uncomfortable, she decided that he was probably the person who could help her. So she would have to talk to him or something. After maybe 10 tries she figured that like in the movie "Ghost", she could pick up things too. She grabbed some chalk and wrote "Hello" on the board. Two seconds passed before she erased it again and wrote "Hi" in stead. She'd seen too many scary movies to do that to another person. It took some time, but eventually he noticed. He looked suspiciously around and wrote back "Hi, who's there". (Because this was a dream, it made perfect sense that he just accepted the presence of an invisible force). She wrote back "I need your help, would it be all right if I talked to you?" He looked confused and just a tiny bit scared, but in the cute kind of way while he mumbled "Yes?". 

   Jamie introduced herself and described to him the vision she had seen earlier. He listened to her with soft and understanding eyes, and after what seemed like an eternity, she ha finished telling him almost every detail about her mission and the year she had been to the school, or to be correct, the year she would have at the school. He agreed to help her, but he had no idea who needed help or with what. His idea was, that if Jamie could move things, she could maybe become visible too. She didn't blame him for thinking so, "Ghost" hadn't been made yet at that time, and since he hadn't seen it, he couldn't possibly know that she wouldn't be able to be visible. They spent the rest of the day in that classroom trying to make her visible. They had almost given up, when suddenly his gorgeous eyes became wide open in amaze. Apparently, he could see her. They talked. A lot. Actually, for the rest of the evening. There was something special about this guy, that Jamie had never experienced before with any other guy. She started wondering. What if she didn't actually complete the mission. What if she could stay with this lovely guy and just be young in another time. Their children would be beautiful and enlightened. 

   Her mind returned to the lovely conversation with the guy. He made a silly joke, and they both started laughing. Her eye caught a glimpse of something moving, and she turned her head at the door. Next to the door was a small window, and through that window, like in a James Wan horror movie, the redhead from earlier was watching them. His face was angry and you could barely see him in the darkness that had fallen over the school. He walked away from the window, and Jamie had to take a very deep breath to calm herself and try to not cry out of shock. The teacher had noticed her shock but not the boy, and he gently put his hand around her chin. He looked concerned. Jamie's face softened, and she realized, that they hadn't actually touched until that very moment. She felt shivers all the way down her spine and back. She could see in his eyes, that he had noticed the same thing. He slowly leaned forward, and stopped just inches from her face. Their lips were so close to each other that they shared a breath. Jamie made a decision and leaned forward making the last distance between them disappear. Just as their lips touched, everything went black. There was nothing. A white on black writing appeared, just moments before I woke up. I kid you not, this is what it said






I woke up with the strangest feeling, and I was very confused. I felt horrible, and to me it was very real. In one night I'd fallen in love and failed to save a young woman from misery. I have rarely felt as bad in my entire life as that morning.


And not all of my dreams have got endings that are this depressing, most of them are just awesome all the way through. 

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