Shout My Life

Life is something you get to live. It's something that you can choose how to live it. Being in highschool is the best but the thing is you got crappy people in it to. I want to live my life to the fullest and I refuse to let some lousy, crappy people tell me what to do. If my mom was here and a pa didn't leave then i'd probably listen to them...but I will only listen to my mom.


2. A Girls Night Out

Dinner was over like always. I helped wash the dishes while my mother was saving some of the food in case we are hungry again. I got call. I quickly wiped my hands and grabbed my phone.

"Hello?" I responded.

"Hey Catalina it's me Jackie. Where coming over to pick you up remember it's girls night out today!" She yelled excited. She hurt my hears so I pulled the phone away from my hear.

"Oh right! It's girls night out today! Alright let me get ready!" I hung up.

"Mom I totally forgot it was today!"

"The night out with your friends?"

"Yes, they said their on their way here to pick me up."

"Ok dear have fun ok."

"I will. Oh mom Jackie's mom is coming as well. She said Monday she was coming to hang out with you."

"Oh really? Thank you dear. Go change now."

"Yes mom!" I quickly ran upstairs to my room. I was actually wearing my pajamas. I went to my doors to see what I can find. I grabbed my blackish grayish shorts and  white tank top. I went to my closet to grab my black and white vans. I also grabbed a black and white flannel. Tuesday we decided on what outfits we should wear like matching except for the colors. I chose white, Jackie chose green, Cecily chose blue, Alice chose red, Amy chose yellow, Julia chose orange, and Christina chose purple. We all just had different fannels with different colors and stripes sizes. I went into my bathroom and took a quick shower. The water felt really nice. It was cold but not too cold. Running down my face as it wet my hair. Eventually I got out and got my undergrments. I put them on and wore my outfit. I dried my hair up with the drier. I combed my hair as I dried it. I heard the doorbell ring. I looked at the clock. It read five o' clock. I grabbed my bag as I put the phone in it and ran downstairs.

"Catalina you ready?" smiled Jackie.

"Yea i'm ready. Mom I'll be home around nine."

"Take your time Catalina."

"Be careful Jackie." said Mary.

"We will mom!" We both said. Talking to our own mother of course. We got in the car and drove off. It was Nicki's birthday today so she was having a birthday party at her place.

"Hey girls." I smiled.

"Hey Catalina." said the girls.

"Everyone's got their gifts?"


"Off to Nicki's birthday party!!!"

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