Shout My Life

Life is something you get to live. It's something that you can choose how to live it. Being in highschool is the best but the thing is you got crappy people in it to. I want to live my life to the fullest and I refuse to let some lousy, crappy people tell me what to do. If my mom was here and a pa didn't leave then i'd probably listen to them...but I will only listen to my mom.


1. My Life

"Life?...What is life?" I mumbled softly to my self. I kept thinking what life was. I mean I'm living a life but what does life mean? I was listening to my favorite song Spectre by Alan Walker. My curtains were closed so it was almost dark in my room. I shut my eyes for awhile thats when my mother called me.

"Catalina come down stairs! Food is ready!" She yelled from the kitchen. I opened my eyes and turned off the music.

"Coming ma!" I said as I got up and started to walk down the stairs. I went into the kitchen to help my mother set the table.

"Mom is there anything we can drink?" I said gently.

"Yes dear there is some juice in the frigde." She asserted. I got two cups and set them down on the table. I went back to the frigde to get the juice. We aren't fans of soda so much. Me and my mom would drink anything just not soda. There are times where we drink soda but we are healthaholics pretty much. We don't live with anyone else. After my dad left my mother didn't want to have anymore kids. I felt pretty lonely without siblings but I didn't mind if my mother is happy with just me then I was ok with it. It's almost quiet here at home everyday. Except for the times we are watching movies or dramas. Playing game consoles. My mother and I are gamers even if you don't believe it. If one of us loses we yell or scream " I want a redo!" or "Let's do another round!" Mother like daughter you can say. We sat at the table and started eating.

"Hey mom how's Mike and you?" I asked.

"Oh honey you know were not together." She claimed.

"C'mon mom you guys been hanging out a lot and been talking so much." I smiled.

"Were great hun."

"Do you like him? You guys have known each other for two years now."

"I'll admit he's a sweet guy hun...and I do like him." She gently smiled while she stares into her cup as she got ready to take a sip.

"You would be nice if you guys would date..."

"What's on your mind hun?" She looked at me as she put a spoonful of rice in her mouth.

"He's a great guy and he really seems like he is into you. It's been seven years now since dad left...and I thought you felt lonely. To put it into a simple way you need a partner and I need a father like person to also look up to." I got upset for a moment. I didn't know what she would reply.

"I understand dear. Your good at reading people aren't you. Yes your right ...I feel lonely without a partner."

"How about you guys go on a date tomorrow since it's your break and his break at work."

"I don't know hun...he probably has tomorrow busy." I took out my phone and dialed Mike's number.

"Hun what are you doing."

"Hold on mom." he answered.

"Hello Mike? Ah i was wondering if you were busy tomorrow? Oh that's great! Well I was thinking since I have some tickets to movies tomorrow and since I can't go since i'm busy. I thought you and my mom could go."


"Perfect the movies starts in the morning around ten o' clock."

"Thank you dear." She smiled at me.

"I got your back ma! I will alway be there!" I smiled like a kid. We finished up dinner.

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