Alone Together M.C

"I don't need a hero. I just need someone who's feeling the exact same pain that I am."

***Certain chapters may be triggering, there will be a warning on those***


1. Prologue *Trigger Warning*

As my muscles began to relax in the scalding water I allowed myself to think, something I hadn't done in a while. I suppose that could possibly be the reason why I was in my current situation. Perhaps my constant streams of rash decision making had lead me to this point in time, with hot water stinging the open wounds that lined my wrists.

Maybe if I would've stopped to think about what I was doing every once in awhile I wouldn't be where I was. It was too late to go back now. I could already feel my body losing control, becoming weak and drowsy, the pastel green tiles of the bathtub becoming blurry. Whether it was the high temperature of the water causing my blood pressure to rise up, or the continuous bleeding of my wrists, it was definitely working. Something was definitely working.

I was almost gone...

The bathroom door bursts open, the lock on the door chipping off a piece of wood from the doorframe. There stood in pure terror was my little brother. The last sound I heard before drifting off into the dark abyss was a horrific scream that should never come out of a six year old boy's mouth.

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