My Final Entry

What happens When a demon wants to kill a 7 year old who has a great life and she dosn't know it? Read on and see her diary!!


6. Dear Diary , January 2, 1983

Sam woke me up this morning and said my daddy was asleep.He told me my daddy was asleep.I got dressed and walked to the forest behind my house.He said my parents are sleeping so i had to be quiet.I looked around but i couldn't see them He picked up a stick and tapped on the ground and said His mom  and dad were under there.I asked him why there sleeping in the ground.Sam said it was the best place to sleep.He said my mom and dad were sleeping in there to.He tapped another spot with a stick.Then he asked if i wanted to sleep there too i said no i just woke up.That made him angry and i never saw him more furious.Sam is starting to scare me i don't think i like sam anymore....

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