Victoria Blythe - A Harry Potter Fanfiction

It is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and all the others from their class fifth year at Hogwarts. A special deal has been made, cause a new girl is starting at the school. Even though it is not in the schools nature. Her name.. Is Victoria Blythe. In this story, we will learn more about Blythe and her life and follow her trough the Hogwarts year(s) full of magic, love and friendship. But also enemies... What Hogwarts House will she be sorted in to? Can she really trust somebody here.


8. Characters

Hi guys, sorry i havn't updated for a while, i promise i will update soon (if you want me to then comment.) I thought i just wanted to make this chapter to look at the characters, even though you know what the most looks like. Im gonna introduce you to a new one btw.
                                             Victoria Blythe - Slytherin              



 Draco Malfoy- Slytherin

Harry Potter- Gryffindor


Hermione Granger- Gryffindor


Ron Weasley- Gryffindor

Pansy Parkinson- Slytherin



Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle- Slytherin


Zack Nelson- Ravenclaw

And the last important character i want to show you is a new one.

Andy Garden



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