Victoria Blythe - A Harry Potter Fanfiction

It is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and all the others from their class fifth year at Hogwarts. A special deal has been made, cause a new girl is starting at the school. Even though it is not in the schools nature. Her name.. Is Victoria Blythe. In this story, we will learn more about Blythe and her life and follow her trough the Hogwarts year(s) full of magic, love and friendship. But also enemies... What Hogwarts House will she be sorted in to? Can she really trust somebody here.


9. 7

Chapter 7

I havent spoke to many people in weeks. It was the 1st of december. My Hogwarts year went from good to bad. All just because of a stupid kiss. But i understand Zack to be honest, he doesnt deserved to be cheated on. Today is the 24th December, and its christmas evening today. This is where my limit has gone too far. I dont have any friends right now who is still on Hogwarts this Christmas, so i dont know who i should celebrate it with. There is as always the big Christmas feast, but i have no one to talk to. No one... I stroked my black owl Dirk, sitting on a bench outside the school. I wore my everyday outfit, because it was The Holidays. I wore black skinny jeans and a black warm turtleneck, some warm shoes, but though... My Slytherin robe and scarf to keep me warm. "Its freezing cold out here. Arent you freezing?" A boy said who came to sight. I never talked to this boy before. I dont know what his name is, i've just seen him on the hallways sometimes. I think he is a year above me. And he is a Hufflepuff. That explains his kindness. He sat next to me on the bench. "Yeah, it is cold, but i like it here. But Its beautiful with all the snow." I said and looked at him. He padded Dirk too. "What an beautiful owl, whats his name?" The boy asked and smiled at me. "His name is Dirk. Im Victoria Blythe by the way." I answered. "Nice to meet you Victoria Im Andy. Andy Garden." He said and we shoke hands. "Listen... I couldnt help noticing that you have been miserable all December. You look like you need someone to talk to." With a couple of tears i was trying to hold in i looked down on my lap, trying not to cry. "Im sorry, i didnt want to offend you or anything." Andy excused. "No, its not you, really, you are so kind. Its just, something happend the 1st December that changed everything." I said and looked him in the eyes. I couldnt hold the tears in anymore. They ran down my face, and i sobbed a bit. "Why dont we go inside, and then you can tell me everything?" Andy asked me politely and placed his hand on my back. I nodded, and we went inside.


"I understand better now why you are so sad. I feel sorry for you." Andy said after i told him everything. How i kissed Malfoy, and my mother couldnt celebrate Christmas with me, and now Zack and Malfoy hates me. "Oh please, dont feel sorry for me, i deserve it. I deserve every little bit of it." I murmured, looking at my hands. Andy hugged me while we stood in the hallway. Luckily no one was there. I couldnt handle it if anyone heard about it. "But i cheated on my boyfriend..." I said while looking him in the eyes. "I know, that was stupid. Promise me you wont cheat on someone anymore." He said and had his hands on my arms. "I dont think thats gonna be a problem... Im done with boys.." I murmured again. "I feel you! I have the same feelings at the times, but its never too late." He said and smiled at me.  "Wait, are you...?" I said and smiled. I didnt know he was! "Yes... Yes im gay. But im not open about it, only you and two of my friends from Hufflepuff know it, so you better dont tell anyone." He said and looked serious. "Pinky promise." I promised him and we made a pinky promise with our littlefingers. "So... Is there any guys you like here at the school?" I asked him curiously. This was so exiting, I've never been a friend of a homosexual before, or as some people call it. Fag head. "Shh... People must not hear our conversation." He said and laughed. We both laughed. Its amazing, how we've only been friends for not even an hour, and he told me his deepest secrets. I feel kinda special. "Do you wanna celebrate christmas with me? Hey, then you can meet my friends!" Andy almost screamed of excitment. "I would love to." I said and smiled at him. "Okay, its nearly time to the big feast. We have a tradition here to dress up a bit formal. Not like a ball gown, just like normal christmas evening outfit, so why dont we split up now and get dressed, and then i will pick you up in an hour and then i can walk you down to the great hall." Andy said. "Great idea." I answered him. Just before he went to leave he stopped up. "Wait i wanted to ask... What have you done all those weeks with you and Malfoy being the only ones at the Slytherin common room, and so on?" He asked curiously. "Oh, it has been very awkward... But we are good at avoiding each other, none of us spend much time in the common room lately. We are just sitting in our dorms. The struggle is, that i have to kinda plan when i go up and down. Cause, i dont want to do it same time as him." I explained to him. "Oh, good luck then. See you in an hour!" Andy waved and went to the Hufflepuff common room. I Went down to the dungeons where there was a stone wall. I had to say the password so i could get in to the commonroom. "Pure-blood." I said nice and clear. And the stone wall opened and i could walk in. I walked in and walked up the stairs to my dorm. I looked in my closet, that i shared with Pansy. The two other girls shared too. It was so nice to have the dorm for myself. I didnt really like my roomies. I searched all my dresses through, but i couldnt find anything special. And though... My eyes glimsed a beautiful blue dress. I know its Pansy's but i got to try it! I took my clothes off and changed my bra to a strapless one, since the dress didnt have straps. I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly. I went over to look in the mirror, and i felt so beautiful. Maybe it wouldnt hurt to just wear it tonight. Pansy is not here anyway. And she is not a nice person. Its just a kind of revenge... I curled my hair and re-freshed my makeup, took some high-heals on and now the hour is basically over.

I went out of the common room. Im so glad i didnt dump in to Draco. Andy stood ready and took my hand. "Wauw, you look stunning!" Andy said and looked at my dress. "Thanks. You look dashing too!" I said and we giggled while we went up to the Great hall. "Its been so weird, only being 35 students for almost a month." I said to him while we were walking. "Yeah, and right at the time there is no Gryffindors. We used to be hundreds of students. But they are coming back December 31." Andy said. "Oh yay! They are forced to spend New year here?" I said and laughed. We entered the Great Hall. It was beautiful as always. The room screamed Christmas. And the ceiling was beautiful as always. It was bewitched to look like the night sky. Now just with some snow falling down. All was dressed up. Just for the dresscode. Girls in cocktaildresses and boys in their smokings. There were 5 first years at Hogwarts this Christmas. They looked so cute in their outfits. I wondered why these 35 kids couldnt celebrate christmas with their families. I wonder if their single-mother left them at Hogwarts at Christmas just because they found a guy. I love my mom, but sometimes she can be a bit... Selfish, yeah. As me and Andy were walking up to the table where everyone should sit, because it would be stupid to seperate when we only were 35, i saw Malfoy. Draco...Malfoy. Standing in a all black suit who fitted him perfectly and made him look. What is the word? Sexy. It was hard to get my eyes of him, and i know its wrong cause i dont want anything to do with him. Nor he doesnt with me. Suddenly he got his eyes on me. His mouth was open, but quickly shutted it. As Andy sat down i walked over to Draco. There was something telling me i should. "Wauw. Didnt your mommy ever tell you its not nice to steal?" Draco said and smirked a cunning smile. "What do you mean with steal?" I asked him. How would he know, has he been stalking me? "I know that this is Pansy's dress. Imagine how pissed she would be at you if she found out." Draco said. "Im just borrowing it..You are gonna tell here, arent you?.." I murmured and looked down. "I'll keep my mouth shut. Just wear something of your own at New years eve." He continiued. "Of course." I said. Draco went to sit down, and i guess this was the end of our conversation. It was kinda nice talking to him. I really dont why i talked to him. I feel like tonight, we both had a lot of self-esteem and confident. I sat next to Andy. I couldnt see Draco from where i was sitting. He hadnt talked to anyone those weeks, just like me. Now i feel kinda bad for him. Nevermind, im just gonna leave it. That boy could get me in to lots of troubles. I dont think that Zack would like it either. After the holdidays. Might even new years eve, at 12 o'clock! im gonna see if i can get him back. "Victoria, these are my best friends. Sandra and Chloe. After i greeted them both, Dumbledore came to sight, standing up at the end of the room, by his chairs, as the only teachers. The other teachers, wanted to celebrate Christmas with their kids. "It has been a lovely spending christmas with you 35 young people. People has come closer to each other with this minority. Tonight, i want everyone to, enjoy our celebration. Now, let the feast begin." Said Dumbledore loud so everyone could hear him. The magic has only begun. Food was immediately at the table, just like that. There were christmas food everywhere! A

After a great evening the party was over and people went to bed. Andy and his two friends Chloe and Sandra are really some nice girls. So easy to talk to. They are in Hufflepuff after all. Tomorrow when i wake up there will be presents!


As i woke up in the morning i felt for the first time in the morning, a happy feeling. A feeling of joy. All thanks to Andy Garden. Now its present time! I went out of bed and looked myself in the mirror. My hair still looked good. The curls has turned in to beachy waves. I wore my dark blue sweatpants, my white socks and an oversize black christmas sweater, with a snowman on. I ran down the stairs of exitement. Untill... "Oh! Didnt see you there, im sorry." As i bumped in to Draco. "No, no its okay." He said and acutually smiled looking at me. I couldnt help smiling back. The awkward thing is, that he wore the same christmas sweater as i. He just wore Black sweatpants. We both smiled, looking at each others shirts. "So.. Are you ready to open presents?" I asked him, waiting for someone to say something. "Lets do it." He agreed, and we both sat in the sofas in the common room, opening our presents. We both got great presents. Stuff like Bertie botts every flavour beans, chocolate frogs. He got a new black suit and tie, of course. I could use all my presents. "You still need one more." Draco said to me. "Oh yeah, forgot." I replied to him and opened the last present. "Omg..." I murmured. It was the only words i remembered in that moment. It was a dress. A formal long gown. It was pastel blue and strapless. From the waist and up there was beautiful tiny diamonds. I carefully took it out of the box it came in. I stood up and showed it to him. "Wow! Thats a beautiful dress! You should wear it New years eve." Draco said and sounded sweet. "I love this dress already, but, dont you think it should be cocktail dresses?" I asked him politely. "No, that would be wrong. The dresscode at Hogwarts New years evening is formal wear. It is a ball afterall. Wait i forgot to tell you that." Draco said. "A Ball! Then ill definitely wear it." I said and smiled, looking at my stunning dress.

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