Victoria Blythe - A Harry Potter Fanfiction

It is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and all the others from their class fifth year at Hogwarts. A special deal has been made, cause a new girl is starting at the school. Even though it is not in the schools nature. Her name.. Is Victoria Blythe. In this story, we will learn more about Blythe and her life and follow her trough the Hogwarts year(s) full of magic, love and friendship. But also enemies... What Hogwarts House will she be sorted in to? Can she really trust somebody here.


6. 5

"Chapter 5

Its been 3 month since i started on Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So today is the 1 December. Not much happend in these 3 months. Well besides that me and the golden trio are my best friends, ive learned a lot of spells and oh, i got a boyfriend. You remember Zack Nelson right? Yes, thats him. Im so in love. We have dated for two month. About the Slytherins, well i don talk to Malfoy anymore, only a little in potions when we have to teamwork. Which is not going well... Mathilda is doing good in the Slytherin House. She got friends and really seem to fit in there. I dont really know where i stand with friends in Slytherin. I dont feel like i belong there. Ive tried to be friends with Pansy, Millicent and Daphne, but they are really not in to a conversation with me. And i dont want to be friends with someone who just cant accept me from who i am. Im sitting down in the Great hall right now by the way. Just eating my breakfast at the Slytherin table. I could see Zack across the Hall, and he smiled and gave a little wave to me because he saw that i was a little sad. That cheered me up a bit. I smiled back. "Do you actually know why you were putted in Slytherin?" Theodore Nott asked me. The boy with a droopy face and fine hair.

"I guess it was the house i was supposed to be in.. Why?" I answered confused. No one ever talks to me at the table.

"You just dont seem happy here." He said. I hope he meant that to be nice, and not rude. Draco was sitting some chairs away with his friends, laughing. I hate that little piece of shit.

"Why do you care about that." I asked him looking down on my plate.

"I just want everyone to be happy." He said and smiled a bit at me. I smiled back. 

"Ok everyone, off to your classes, and continue a great 1 of december.Pit pit. Dumbledore suddenly said loudly. Everybody left their tables and went up to their classes. 


Now ive had 5 periods. Luckily we didnt have potions today, so now its time for the last one which is Defense against the dark arts.

"Allright class, can you tell me what this is?" Said Professor Lupin. Remus Lupin left the school two years ago but came back this year. People tell me that i should be happy about that because Remus is a really good teacher and we could have risked to get Snape if he didnt come back. 

"Thats a boggart that is." Dean Thomas said.

"Correct Mr. Thomas. And a boggart is your worst fear. When it comes out of the closet i want you to imagine it as something funny and say the spell Ridiculus." Everybody say that.

"Ridiculus." Everyone said. "Ok, a little louder." "Ridiculus." We all said loud.

"This class is ridiculous." Draco said with his arms crossed and standed with his gang. Even Theodore. Why would Theo hang out with someone who treats him like shit. 

"Longbottom, can i borrow you please?" Lupin said and waved his hand so he would come over. 

"Ok, what frightens you most?" Lupin asked Neville.

"Professor Snape..." Neville murmured very silently. 

"Professor Snape." Neville said a little louder.

"Yeah, he frightens us all." Lupin said. Then Professor Lupin helped Neville to think of something funny. Then Neville had to imagine Severus in his grandmothers clothes. And then Snape walked out of the closet (well it was not actually him, but a boggart). He looked serious and walked towards us. 

"Ridiculus." Neville said and waved his wand at the Boggart, and then Snape wore Nevilles grandmothers clothes. Everybody laughed. Next in row was Draco Malfoy. He looked nervous and stood behind the closet with his wand ready. The boggart was swirling around to turn in to the thing that frightens him the most. Suddenly it turned in to a man with long white blond hair and black clothing, looking like an older version of Draco. I guess it was his father. Draco looked scared and panicked. He didnt know what to do. He also looked embarresed. I didnt know what went to my brain. But before i knew, i ran over to the closet in front of draco, looking at the closet and smashing my arms out to protect him. Then the boggart turned in to my worst fear. A sight of me sitting alone with no friends left. And everybody hated me. "RIDICULUS!" I said very loud and flicked my wand at the boggart, who turned in to a firework. Lupin ran over to the closet and quickly closed it. Everybody was totally quiet.

"I think eh... I think this was enough for today." Lupin said. I turned around and looked at people. Draco looked rather shocked. I didnt know if it was good or bad. I quickly leaved the class with Harry, Ron and Hermione running after me. "What was that about?" Hermione asked.

"I dont know, it sort of just happend." I said and walked very fast.

"Excuse me, ill talk to you later i just need some air." I said and they understood and went away. I runned outside to near by Hagrids house. I sat on some grass with a big rock beside me. Why did i do that. Im supposed to just ignore Malfoy and keep my big nose out of his business. I dont like him, so none of this doesnt make sense. I heard some footsteps behind me and the person sat next to me. It was Draco. I knew that without looking. I remembered his breath who smelled so fresh like mint. 

"You know, what you saw in there wasnt my biggest fear." Draco said out of nowhere after sitting for 1 miniute without saying anything.

"Then why did it show up?" I asked cold and still didnt look at him.

"Ok... My boggart is my father. I frighten him. But i love my mom. My father just expect something from me that im not." He said. Draco Malfoy? Really said that to me? Im just kinda waiting for him to flip out with his 'Why am i even telling you this!' I now looked in to his grey blue eyes. His beautiful, grey blue eyes.

"I was standing before you because... You didnt know what to do, and someone had to do something." I said and just stared in to the eyes. He stared in to mine.

"Well, it was very brave of you... Cause.. Now you showed your fear." Draco murmured and looked at me. We closed our eyes and leaned in to eachother and i felt our lips meet. They melted together. It was like my lips were made for his lips. He holded around my waist while we were sitting down. I took my arms around his neck while our lips were locked together. Our tongues were playing together. It is the 1 of December so it was cold. But with him, everything was hot as fire. After some snogging we stopped kissing and didnt hold around each other anymore. 

"Pansy!" He suddenly said and looked shocked with his eyes.

"No, my name is Victoria..?" I said and looked at him. 
"No, Pansy is standing right there!" He said scared and pointed up at the castle. Pansy saw everything.


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