Victoria Blythe - A Harry Potter Fanfiction

It is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and all the others from their class fifth year at Hogwarts. A special deal has been made, cause a new girl is starting at the school. Even though it is not in the schools nature. Her name.. Is Victoria Blythe. In this story, we will learn more about Blythe and her life and follow her trough the Hogwarts year(s) full of magic, love and friendship. But also enemies... What Hogwarts House will she be sorted in to? Can she really trust somebody here.


5. 4

Chapter 4

A noise was slowly waking me up. It was Daphne, Millicent and Pansy getting changed into their Slytherin uniforms.

"Arent you getting up?" Millicent said kinda rude. 

"Yeah.." I said tiredly and sat up. I took the unifom from my chair and took the white shirt with collar on first, then the grey skirt, the grey v-necked sweater with the slytherin colours sewed in on the bottom, grey kneesock, the black shoes and lastly, the Slytherin robe. The robe was black and long, down to the start of the feets. It was green on the inside as the Slytherin green, and there were a Slytherin crest on the black. I didnt want to do much out of me today. I just brushed my hair and letted it down because it had its beachy waves naturally. Then i putted a little of mascara on and some concealer, just to make me look more awake. The uniform itself was pretty, so its not because i didnt do something out of my self. I think i want to think more positive about being in Slytherin. Everybody here cant be rude, even though Salazar Slytherin (the founder of Slytherin) wasnt the best guy, doesnt mean that every Slytherins are. There is me and Mathilda for example. I just still dont know how this is making sence. Maybe the hat made a mistake? Or am i really put in Slytherin. I must be, the hat cant make mistakes, it knows everything. I look good in green though, it is the prettiest uniform us Slytherins have i think. That makes one good thing about it. Us 4 girls went together down for breakfast. It was exiting with day number 2 at Hogwarts, it is our first day of teaching!

"Hi guys! So nice to meet you again!" I said to Ron, Hermione and Harry just before entering The Great Hall. I was really lucky that i quickly found them, just to catch up. "Nice yo see you too Vic!" They said all three. Vic. Thats what my mom calls me. God, i miss her so much. 

"Well, ill talk to you later, now its breakfast! But maybe i can sit with one of you to one of our classes!" I said and smiled at them.

"Yeah, we definitely have to talk later, but when we have Snape in potions, he is the one who tells us where to sit..." Harry said kinda dissapointed.

"Thats allright, just as long as we still can sit together in some classes. " I said. Then we said bye, and seperated. I went over to the Slytherin table. Where should i sit. Someones already sitting next to Mathilda, looks like she already got some friends, and i just cant sit next to my roomies, i feel like that they dont want to. I just a random place. To my shock i sat next to Draco. Why wasnt he with his friends? Well, he might still be angry at them from last night.

"Why are you following me everywhere, Blythe!" Malfoy said grumpy without looking at me.

"I dont?" I said and stood up for my self. I dont wanna sound weak like ive always done.

"Pathetic." He murmured.

"What did you just say?" I replied back and heard him. We now looked at each other. He just lifted his eyebrows at me. People who sat next to us and in front of us looked a bit, but didnt want to stare. I think they were afraid of him.

"I said that you were a filthy half-breed with no friends. Get a life!" He said harsh and looked me strictly in the eyes.

"I am not a half-breed... IM a pure-blood. And there is nothing wrong with not being pure! You should be the one to get a life!" I said and stood up for my self. Im quiet proud, actually. I grabbed some food quickly, just in case if this conversation would go so far, that i didnt have time for breakfast. I took a bun and putted some butter on it.

"My father will hear about this!" Draco said and left the table. Again. Just like yesterday. What is wrong with him. 

"What was that about?" A boy who sat next to me asked. The others who said just across nodded with some shocked faces.

"I really dont know whats wrong with him..." I said and eated my food.


We now had 5 classes, and it was great so far! I just ignored all eyecontact to Malfoy. To my luck, i sat next to Hermione, Ron and Harry in all of the classes. They are now already my friends. Now it is time for potions. Which means, what are the odds that i cant sit with any of those three. I went down to potion class with them. People were already sitting on their seats.

"You're late..." Snape said slowly. It was only us 4 who was late. 

"Sorry Professor." All of us said.

"If you were here 3 miniutes ago, you might have heard that we are having the same seats as last year... And it will be your seats till the end..." Snape said. That man was a nightmare to listen to. He talked so slowly and emotionless. The trio sat down on their seats. Crap.

"Miss Blythe... Our new student... You go and sith with Malfoy... His earlier partner sort of... dissapeared.." He said. Could it get any worse? It went so well with avoiding him, but now i have to sit with him the rest of my Hogwarts years. I went over to his table and sat down beside him. We kinda looked at each other out of our eye hooks, but then looked away again. No happiness at all. And what did Severus Snape mean with his last seat partner is gone? I need to find out, even though its none of my business. 

After a long and boring class it was finally over and there were no more classes today. The class was only snape teaching us and we didnt have to do anythig. But thats allright, team working by making a potion with Malfoy wasnt what i was in mood for at this time. I grabbed my bag and putted my potion book in it. I went out on the hall and everybody was already gone, since Snape stopped me up to say something to me. Malfoy was still on the hallway.

"Draco! wait!" I yelled at him. He didnt stop walking.

"Stop!" I yelled louder and walked faster. He stopped up and looked slowly back at me. I runned up to him. He lifted his eyebrows in a way to ask what i wanted.

"I was just curious what Snape meant with your last partner in potions." I said and was a bit scared. Ugh, i should just stop talking to him.

"That is none of your business." He replied cold. 

"Please. I really wanna know. Has it something to do why you are sad all the time?" I asked him. I know im being quiet stupid right now, i just cant help it. He looked me in the eye. His eyes was filled with so many emotions, that i couldnt tell what he felt.

"Stay. Out. Of. Other. Peoples. BUSINESS!" He said and walked fast away. My heart pumped. I followed after him again. I saw him sit in a corner, burried his head down in his knees. I sat beside him.

"It was a dear friend of yours, wasnt it?" I asked kindly.

"Yes..." He said and now looked out of the window.

"May i ask what happend?" I asked Malfoy.

"She was a good friend of mine. Kira Hart. I one time dated her because we became so good friends with making potions together but... Then she kissed another boy who clearly wasnt me and then i got angry and i... Why am i even telling you this?! Cant you just give me some privacy!" He said and cried the last part.

"And dont tell anybody that i cried." He said.

"What happend! I really do care! And why would you think i would go and tell everybody that you cried? Crying is one of the most normal things, you get to come out with your emotions! You are being stupid..." I said and left. Maybe he is right. Just stay out of other peoples business.

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