Victoria Blythe - A Harry Potter Fanfiction

It is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and all the others from their class fifth year at Hogwarts. A special deal has been made, cause a new girl is starting at the school. Even though it is not in the schools nature. Her name.. Is Victoria Blythe. In this story, we will learn more about Blythe and her life and follow her trough the Hogwarts year(s) full of magic, love and friendship. But also enemies... What Hogwarts House will she be sorted in to? Can she really trust somebody here.


4. 3

Chapter 3

All my anxiety and all the nervous thoughts got worse. I standed outside the door in to the Great Hall. Okay Vic, happy thoughts! The castle is beautiful of what you have seen, you have met some nice people and everything is gonna be allright in a miniute. Of course the Sorting hat will get me in to Gryffindor, thats the place i belong. This was really awkward, because i was surrounded by some new 1 years on 11, and then there is me on 15. I was just standing there in the crowd, taller than everybody else, this is a nightmare. To my luck, a handsome boy came up by the stairs. He had brown hair and a really sexy face. He looked kinda my age. And you know whats the best part of it all, he had the Hogwarts uniform on, the "ImNotSortedintoAhouse" uniform. 

"Hi." The cute boy said to me and nodded, while he standed beside me.

"Hi, you are starting here too i sugest?" I asked him kindly.

"Yes, im so glad that you are new here too, i thought that i would be the only one." He said.

"Yeah, especially when there is all these little kids around you." I replied

"Hey! Were not little!" A first year girl said. She had black hair and tan skin. 

We giggled, while we looked at each other.

"Oh, sorry, i forgot to say my name. Im Zack. Zack Nelson." He said surprisingly and shook my hand.

"Im Victoria Blythe." I said and blushed a bit.

"So, what year are you starting in?" He asked.

"The fifth year, and you?" I answered.

"Sixth year. Ah, pity. I hoped that we would go in the same class." He said kinda dissapointed, but smirked a bit at me.

"Well, then i hope we still can be friends." I said and giggled a bit at him.

We just stood there and smiled at each other. Man, its easy to find friends at Hogwarts.

An old lady came out of the door to us.

"Im Professor Mcgonagall. Today is your alls first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In a moment you will get in the Great Hall, and get sorted in to your Houses. There is Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. If you would follow me." Mcgonagall said. She sounded a bit strict, but at the same time sweet. The gigantic door opened, and then you could see many faces. Lots, of faces. All of us walking down the aisle in a row behind Mcgonagall. I got eyecontact with Hermione, Ron and Harry and smiled at them. Then we were up at the top in front of where the teachers sat. Me and Zack looked nervously at eachother. 

"So when i call your name, you will come foward to be sorted in to your house. But this year, and it is not very often we do this, but this year we have two older new students to our school. One starting at the fifth years, and one starting at the sixth years." Mcgonagall said to all the students in the great hall. No wonder it is called the Great Hall. It is really, great. I loved how the ceiling looked. It looked like a night sky.

"Mathilda Erickson." Mcgonagall said. It was the little african girl from outside the door who was Mathilda. She looked like a sweet little girl. Mathilda sat on the chair and Mcgonagall placed the Sorting hat on her. She looked a bit nervous, but who doesnt do that when you are about to have a hat on your head, who chooses who your friends are. "Uh, this is easy. You must be a... SLYTHERIN!" The sorting hat yelled. Mathilda looked VERY and i mean VERY unhappy with being sorted in to Slytherin. I feel her pain, i hope that doesnt happen to me. Mathilda went down from the chair and went over to the Slytherin table and sat a random place, and hoped on that no one would start to bully or tease her. After all the new First years names were called it was only me and Zack left. And looked like i was gonna be the last one for real. 

"Zack Nelson." Mcgonagall said loudly. Zack went up to the chair, and got the sorting hat on. "Better be... RAVENCLAW!" The Hat yelled. Wauw, that hat was really sure about him being a Raven. He looked happy with being a Ravenclaw, he must be clever and all that stuff. I think blue would suit him very good actually... Oh stop it Vic. But i dont think im getting sorted in to Ravenclaw. I dont stand a chance to get in there. 

"And lastly, Victoria Blythe." Mcgonagall yelled. Okay, this is me. Nervously i went up to the chair and sat there, looking at all the hundreds of people. All staring. At little me. 

"This is difficult, very difficult... You fit so well in two of our houses.. But where to put you... But i think i know where you can be happiest... Better be... SLYTHERIN!!!" The Hat yelled. NOOOOOO! I screamed inside of myself. I think everyone could tell on my face expression that i wasnt happpy at all. I went over to the Slytherin table and sat down on the nearest chair. It would just be so awkward if i was running around to find the perfect seat. "Let the feast.. Begin." The headmaster of the school said. His name is Dumbledore. The most powerful wizard. Food suddenly appeared on the table and everyone looked happy. You just couldnt help it, but smile. There were chickenwings and all the other yummy dinner you can think of. I sat down next to Mathilda, wich i was really happy for, that made me more down to earth. She sended me a "little everything will be allright" smile. The other one next to me were a really skinny boy with kinda big ears and a little droopy face and thin hair. I couldnt tell if he was nice or bad. Over me Goyle sat. Next to the right Crabbe, and then Pansy. But to Goyles left... Oh gosh.. Malfoy. We didnt notice eachother before now, because he sat with his head and looked down, and then he slowly looked up and we got eye contact. Awkward. I couldnt tell his emotions, his eyes was filled with so much. After a few seconds looking each other in the eyes he just lifted his eyebrows in a harsh way and squeezed his eyes at me. Then we looked away from eachother.

"Look guys, its the girl who didnt have a seat from the train!" Crabbe said and laughed at me with his deep thick voice. His voice was fat. Just like himself. K, that was rude i know. 

"So you are a pureblood! Why didnt you just tell us from the start!" Pansy said and actually smiled friendly at me.

"Uh, i guess it kind of didnt matter whether i was pure or not." I said nervously.

"Of course it matters! Right Draco?" Pansy said a bit loud and squeezed her eyebrows a bit. She looked over at Draco, who wasnt really in to the conversation.

"Right." He said emotionless with his hand placed on his cheek and the albue on the table.

"Whats the matter with you Draco, you are acting very.. Odd. You didnt even tease somebody that much today." Goyle said and looked worried at him.

"And you didnt yell at me today! Not even once!" The guy next to me said and sounded stupid.

"Shut up Nott." Draco said and looked him in the eyes. 

"Just tell us what the f*ck is wrong!" Goyle said to him bumped his fist down on the table. 

"Just leave me alone!" Draco yelled so most of the students heard him. He stood up and before walking fast out of the room, he looked at me. In a weird way.. I didnt like this, nor did Mathilda. I kinda fell bad for Malfoy. But still, they were just tryna find out what was wrong with him. Man, i cant feel bad for him, he is a bad person! 

"I didnt like that." Mathilda whispered in my ear and looked a bit sad. "Neither did i... Neither did i..." I said  in silent. 

"Now, off to bed, pit pit." Dumbledore said and waved his hands. It was nice to know that my stuff already had been brought up. Me and Mathilda just followed the Slytherin prefect and the other Slytherins so we could find our dorms. There weir a lot of staircases, and some of them were moving. Fascinating. Then we were standing in front of the picture we had to say our password to get in to our dorm. Slytherins common room were in a dungeon. I hate dungeons, great.

"Password?" The picture said.

"Pureblood." The prefect said. The prefect looked like a real teachers pet. He had black slicked back hair, and looked very snobby. His name was Mortimer. After he said Pureblood, the picture opened at if it was a door. Then we came into the common room. Well, it doesnt matter that it was a Dungeon, it was really beautiful down here, but still lots of dark colours. Especially dark green, since i am a Slytherin ofc. "Boys dorm is to the left, and girls to the right, goodnight." Mortimer said and then girls and boys parted. I went up to the girls dorms. My roomies for the next few years were 3 other girls. Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bulstrode a bit chubby girl with brown hair and  Daphne Greengrass, a pretty and natural girl with blonde hair. 

"Allright, Blythe, im sorry i was rude to you in the start. That was wrong of me. Lets start over." Pansy said to me when we all were wearing our nightwear. It was a bit awkward that Daphne and Millicent could hear it too, but its ok i guess. "Thats totally allright!" I said and smiled at Pansy and then over at the other girls.

"Well, goodnight girls." Daphne said. We all replied goodnight. It was so hard to fall asleep, even though i was tired. Everything was just so overwhelming. I dont feel like these girls are some that i can stick to and just talk to when ever i want to. And what about Malfoy? Is he okay. I really dont know what is going on in his mind, and im just so curious to know why. Since i got sorted in to Slytherin i got really nervous, but everything is not as bad as it could be. I hope that Mathilda is allright too. But all these negative thoughts wont help me. Im just thankful that i got the chance to go to this amazing school and that tomorrow i can learn more about potions, charms and stuff. And then i of course have Zack, Harry, Hermione and Ron. I didnt get to talk to them that much today, but i cant wait to see them tomorrow.


         Right, fokes, thats was chapter 3. Seriously, it would mean a loooooot if you would comment, fave and like this story. But only if you like i though (comments is the thing i mostly want you to do, hehe.) Just comment what you think of this story, no matter if you already done it or not, i need feedback. 

See ya next time.

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