Forbidden Connection

Aurora is an elf. Aura is a dragon. Their people are at war. One fateful day they meet and a forbidden friendship begins.


5. Chapter 5



    It was midday when Aura awoke from her sleep. She was conscious of a large warm body lying next to her.  She stirred slightly and opened her eyes.  Next to her, Adeera stood and stretched.
    Did you sleep well, little one? she asked.
    Aura yawned and replied, Very well, thank you.  But now I am very hungry.  Is there something I could eat?
    Of course, dear one,
Adeera replied kindly, if you would just follow me…
    Aura stood and followed Adeera as she led the way through the maze of nests.  She was still receiving looks from the other dragons, but they were far fewer in number.  Aura attributed this to her story being spread around. She was slightly disturbed by the thought that she must be causing such a ruckus.
    Adeera stopped in front of carcasses of deer.  This is where the hunting patrols leave their catches for others to eat.  You may eat your fill.
    Thank you,
Aura replied and began to eat. 
    When she had eaten her fill, Aura stood up and began to walk back to Adeera’s nest.  However, before she reached it, she was stopped by the dragon that had taken her to Adeera the night before. 
    I have come to take you to our leader at this encampment.  He has requested to see you, he said. 
    A hundred thoughts and questions simultaneously jumped into Aura’s head.  After a long silence, she finally asked, Why does he want to see me?
    He did not say
, the dragon replied.
    Will Adeera be there? Aura asked.
    I do not know, he said again.She got the feeling that the he was being deliberately unhelpful.
    Aura let out a sigh.  Alright, where do I go?
    Just follow me,
he replied and turned away from the feeding ground.  
    As Aura followed, she thought about why she could have been summoned by the leader. Her only worry was that they had somehow found out about her connection to Aurora.  Other than that, she was fairly certain there was nothing she could think of that was worthy of bothering the leader about.
    The dragon leading her stopped in front of a new, larger dragon that appeared to be in charge.  
    Tammerlain, he said, I have brought the hatchling.
    Thank you,
the dragon Tammerlain said. That will be all for now.  You may go. 
    When the dragon who had led Aura was gone, Tammerlain looked at her and said, So, you are the one who was found on the edge of our encampment.  May I ask where you came from?
    Will Adeera be coming?
Aura asked.
    No, Tammerlain said.
    Why not? Aura questioned.
    Tammerlain glared at her and said, She was not invited. Now answer my question.  Where did you come from?
    I hatched by the river,
she answered shyly.
    I see, Tammerlain replied. And were there more eggs around you or perhaps another dragon?
    No, Aura answered gaining more confidence.  I was alone.
    I see, Tammerlain replied again. Do you know if there were any other dragons in the surrounding area close by or perhaps further away other those at this encampment?
    There were none that I was aware of, Aura said.
    He sighed, I suppose it was only to be expected.
    That cryptic phrase left Aura with more questions than she had answers.  I am sorry, she said softly, but what was to be expected?
    Tammerlain gave her a hard look, then his face fell. I hoped against hope that you might have seen my mate. He gave another sigh then added, I should have known better.  In all likelihood, she is dead.
    Oh, Aura said feeling guilty for asking, I am so sorry.  Is there anything I can do to help you?
    Tammerlain sighed yet again.  No, little one, there is nothing you can do for me.  You may go.
    Aura started to go but turned back. She then asked, Was you mate’s name Talída?
    Tammerlain looked at her in utter shock.  Yes, he said desperately, it was. Where did you hear that name?
    Aura looked at him seriously and said, While I was in my shell, I remember hearing that name quite often.  It seemed as though it was quite important.  The name has been stuck in my head ever since I hatched.
    It…it…it cannot be, Tammerlain stuttered.  No one has spoken her name since she and the egg disappeared. This means that you must be… He trailed off into silence.
    It means I must be what? Aura asked, curious and just a bit concerned.
    It means, Tammerlain began with a new sense of purpose, that you, little one, must be the dragon held within that egg. It means that you are my daughter.


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