Forbidden Connection

Aurora is an elf. Aura is a dragon. Their people are at war. One fateful day they meet and a forbidden friendship begins.


4. Chapter 4



Although she herself was a dragon, Aura was somewhat nervous as she entered the encampment of her people.  She did not know what to expect for a greeting from them.  For all she knew, they might think she was an intruder and kill her on sight.  Aura was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not notice the large dragon looming up in front of her until it spoke.
    Who are you? What are you doing here? Where did you come from?
    Aura jumped and swung her gaze up to meet that of the dragon leering down upon her.  She answered softly, I am Aura. I hatched down by the river just this morning. I was alone and I do not know where I am.  Can you help me, please?
    The dragon’s harsh look softened and he said gently, Of course I can, little one.  Follow me and I will lead you to a nice warm nest here you can stay, and we will work to find your mother or your sire.  You do not need to worry.
    Thank you, sir,
she answered with relief. She followed the dragon as he led her into the encampment.  She was aware of the looks she was getting from the other dragons as they passed them.  Having all those eyes on her made her even more nervous.  She was not afraid, just worried about how the other dragons would accept her.
    The dragon took her to a sheltered area near the center of the encampment.  As she looked around the area, she saw that it was filled with nests containing eggs and hatchlings, as well as their mothers.  The dragon seemed to be taking her to the nest of a dragon with light green scales. 
    He stopped at the nest and said, Adeera, this hatchling was found on the perimeter of the encampment.  Would you please watch over her while I endeavor to find out who is the mother or sire of her?
    The dragon replied in a soft, gentle tone, I would be delighted to take care of her. She then turned her attention to Aura.  Can you tell me your name please, little one?
    Aura immediately decided that she liked this dragon who spoke to her so gently and replied, My name is Aura.
    Well, Aura,
Adeera said, you look a bit tired.  You can just rest right here in my nest.
    I will leave her with you, then,
the dragon who lead Aura there said and left without another word.
    Aura watched him leave then turned to Adeera and asked, Do you know where I came from?
    Adeera looked at her, slightly upset and worried, and said, No, little one, I do not know where you came from, nor, I think, does anyone else. But you should not be worrying yourself with that. All that you need to worry about is getting some rest and all of us others- she looked at all the other mothers in the nesting area-will worry about the rest.  Now sleep. Adeera began humming softly and calmly deep within her throat. 
    Reassured, Aura lay down and fell asleep to the gentle humming.


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