Forbidden Connection

Aurora is an elf. Aura is a dragon. Their people are at war. One fateful day they meet and a forbidden friendship begins.


3. Chapter 3



    Aurora was woken by the sound of knocking on her door.  It was early in the morning and still dark outside.  She had sent the letter the night before.
    “Yes,” she said, “Who is it?”
    “Your mother.” Aurora heard her mother voice reply. “Your father wishes you to attend him this morning.”
    “Very well,” Aurora replied. “Please tell him I will be there in half an hour.”
    “I will see you then, dear,” her mother said and walked away.
    When Aurora walked into the throne room, the first thing she noticed was that all her father’s advisors were present and everyone was gathered around a piece of parchment. Several of the advisors were glaring at it as if it insulted them.  She knew immediately that it was her letter.  She moved closer and was noticed by her father.
    “Aurora,” he said, “How good of you to join us.”  Aurora thought she was in the clear about her unannounced trip into the forest until he added, “Especially after your unexpected disappearance.  Would you care to explain that?”
    Thinking fast, Aurora replied, “I was at Elder Arella’s house.”  It was not a total lie as she had been there both before and after her walk in the forest.
    Her father looked at her sternly. “You may have been at someone’s house, but it was not Arella’s.  It was checked soon after you disappeared.  Now, tell me the truth.”
    “I was not at Elder Arella’s house the entire time, no. However, I was there.  You should not accuse me of lying if you do not know the entire truth yourself,” Aurora quipped back smartly. It was the sort of thought out reply that Arella had taught her to use.
    Her father glared at her for a moment then turned back to the parchment.  “Come here and look at this, Aurora.  It is a letter addressed to your mother and myself.  It is asking us to end our war with the dragons.  What a ridiculous thought.”
    Her father handed her the letter, and Aurora read through it.  Feeling that she should make some comment on it, she said, “Well, it does raise some good points, father.  Many of our people, who could have lived thousands of years more, have died in this war.  Father, why do we continue to fight this war?”
    The king stared at her aghast.  “How could you, my own daughter, feel the need to ask that question?”
    “Well,” Aurora said, trying to build up the courage to continue, “Our people have fought this war for at least a thousand years correct?”  Her father nodded and she continued, “So, what did it start over? Why are we fighting instead of negotiating?  Would it kill anyone just to try to find a peaceful solution?”
    “My dear daughter,” the king began, “You are far too young to understand why we are fighting this war.  You are too young to even be considering these questions that you ask.  Now, you will leave this room and forget everything you have just asked.  You will not ask anyone else these questions either, you hear me?”
    “I hear you, father,” Aurora answered.  But that certainly does not mean that I will do as you ask, she finished in her head. 
    “Good, now leave,” her father commanded.
    Aurora walked out with a pleased smile hovering about on her lips.  She knew she had set in motion a series of thoughts and ideas in the minds of her father’s advisors.  They would no doubt leave the throne room with the memory of what she said still hovering in their minds.
    Aurora headed out of the hall and into the street.  She unconsciously headed to Arella’s house.  As she knocked on the door, she felt sense of accomplishment running through her.  Her job was not even close to being done, but she knew she had set events in motion that would eventually lead to the end of the war.  She entered Arella’s house with a new sense of purpose in her life.


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