Forbidden Connection

Aurora is an elf. Aura is a dragon. Their people are at war. One fateful day they meet and a forbidden friendship begins.


2. Chapter 2

Aurora's PoV


Aurora dropped down flat at the top of the hill as Aura ambled up next to her.
    Is this it?  Aura asked softly.
    This is it.  Aurora replied.  I suppose I will see you… whenever we next meet.
    See you then
, Aura responded and set off down the hill.
    Aurora watched as Aura headed down the hill.  She stayed there long after Aura was out of her sight.  Finally, she turned away and headed back into the heart of the forest.  
    Aurora moved swiftly and silently through the streets of Rialla. She had just arrived after her unauthorized trip into the forest.  She paused by a house and knocked quietly on the door. The door was swiftly opened and Aurora found herself looking at her mentor and friend, Arella.
    “Quickly, inside before someone sees you,” Arella said as she ushered Aurora into the house.  Arella motioned her to a chair and sat down.  There were cups of tea waiting on a table for them.  So,” Arella began, “How did your walk go?”
    “It was very…revealing to my problems and hopes,” Aurora replied with a slight hesitation.
    Arella noted the hesitation but did not comment. Instead she said, “That is for the best.”  A long silence stretched between them.
    Finally, Aurora broke the silence.  “What is it that you want to know?”
    “What did you learn, child?  For it is certain that you learned something,” Arella asked.
    Aurora sighed.  “What I learned out in the forest is not something that can be expressed in words.  It is much more complicated and life-changing than words can reveal.”
    Another silence stretched between them.  At long last Arella said, “You have been changed, child.  For you are not the same as you were before you took this long walk in the forest.”
    Aurora suddenly leaned forward and said, “This war is wrong, our continued fighting is wrong.  There has to be a way to end this endless and pointless fighting, Arella. There is no point, no reason to be fighting the dragons.  They have done nothing to us. This has to end. Arella, what can we do to stop it?”
    Arella let out a sigh of mixed frustration and exhaustion.  “You are quite correct. We need to end this pointless war.  However, we cannot oppose this war. Too many of our people have committed to defeating the dragons.  There is no open path that I can see, child.”
    A thought struck Aurora.  “You mean we cannot publicly oppose the war, but we could work against the continuation of the war without revealing that we are the ones doing it.  It would not be easy, but it would at least be possible.”
    Arella watched her closely. “And how do you propose that we do this?”
    Aurora thought for a moment then said, “Like I said it will not be easy.  We could start by sending anonymous letters to my parents.  It might cause them to think about the costs of a war without a cause.”
    “Very well.  Proceed at your own discretion and tell me how it goes. Please do not take any unnecessary risks, child.”
    Pleased with the turnout of her visit, Aurora left Arella’s house and made her way back to her own home.
    Aurora sat down at a desk in her room with a piece of fresh parchment, a quill, and a container of ink to write the first anonymous letter.  She simply sat there and thought for a long period of time.  At long last she began to write.
    King Timon and Queen Arwen,
        It has come to my attention that the war with the dragons…


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