Supernatural Assassins

Three supernatural girls are using their strengths to survive in a dangerous world. With their world about to be sent into war, these girls are going to do whatever it takes to survive.


5. Vegas



Skip to one week later and Rain and I were landing in Vegas. Macayla had thrown a little hissy fit and run off to Vegas on her own the morning after the big incident. She was pissed with me and moderately pissed with Rain and before we could talk, she was gone. We woke up the next morning and most of her things were gone and she was gone. Macayla was obnoxious and self-righteous, but she was like our living, breathing conscious. She was family. Here we were, going through the craziest time of our lives and she was gone. We had all become these weird sort of hybrids that, in all the history of time, no one had ever come across. Tim hypothesized that our strength, power, and the closeness of us and our blood, had led to the 3 most unique creations of all-time. I didn't know what I thought yet, but I couldn't deny the facts. We were all vampires/shapeshifters/witches. With Macayla being gone, Rain and I had helped each other adapt to the vampire/shapeshifter changes, but we were still in the dark with our new with our new witch powers. 

Tim informed us that Macayla wished to operate on her own on this mission. We would all be in the same circle, but Rain and I were to pretend like we had never met Macayla before. I was a little bit offended, but I understood.  She was such a little human lover and I should have known she wouldn't have gotten over me killing her little pet boy. I thought she would realize that a man from our world would be better suited for her, but apparently, she had real feelings for this human. 

Even Rain was mad at me for killing that little human, so mad that I was starting to feel a little bit guilty. I couldn't let it show, the first thing I learned in my life was confidence in my decisions. Not being confident was a sign of weakness, so I never let vulnerability show. I thought about it though, I missed Macayla and Rain and I were worried about her on her own, but Rain and I just stopped thinking about her and moved on with our lives. 

Here we were, landing in Las Vegas, the heart and soul of our world. We were part of a society that thrived in the dark and Vegas was the city that never slept. Vegas was the home of the Dark and New York was the home of the Light. Rain and I were scheduled to report to one of the council members, in secret of course. There was a cab waiting for us under our false names. The council knew us as Rose and Alisa. We were taken past the Strip, past all the shining lights and crowds of people, into the back roads full of million dollar mansions. Rain and I had a lot of rich clients, but I had never seen a house as nice as the one we stopped at. It had its' own gate and was as big as a football field with a wrap-around driveway and a glorious fountain in the center. There was a butler at the door who escorted us inside. 

The entryway itself was as big as our entire house and was entirely made of marble and decked out in beautiful paintings. We were quickly escorted upstairs, into a big room that was dominated by a long conference table. Only one person sat at the head of the table, casually drinking what looked like scotch. Rain and I looked at each other carefully and sat down a couple of seats away from him. This man was gorgeous, even by the high standards of our kind. We do not age, but we have learned to recognize one's age by their eyes. Eyes can't hide secrets and they show the true soul of a person. This man looked no more than 25, but his eyes betrayed him as one of the oldest beings walking this earth. 

"Rose and Alisa, what an honor it is to finally meet you." He said, finally looking at us. His eyes pierced us, making me want to squirm under his gaze. It felt like he was looking into my very soul. "We are honored to meet you too sir. I hope we can be of service to you." Rain said. She was better at bull-shitting than I was. I had no patience for lies. "I want to keep this as brief as possible." He said. "The longer you are here, the more risk we run of your true affiliations being discovered. Long story short, there is a demon in this city. He plots against the world. The Dark follows him, but we know he is not on there side. He is only on his own side. The side of chaos, death and destruction. We need information from within so we can figure out a way to win this. I wish you could get close to him, but he has no feelings or emotions, so he cannot be taken advantage of. Instead, you two will get close to some of the oldest creatures of our world who are known allies of this demon. You will cozy up to a vampire named Ash and a shapeshifter named Ian. The demon, his name is Aden. Although Ash and Ian are your way in, Aden is your focus. Do you understand?"

Rain and I exchanged the briefest of glances. "We understand." Rain answered calmly. "Alright ladies. I wish we had more time, but we can't risk anyone knowing you are here. Tim will be in contact with us, so convey any information to him. Never forget how dangerous these people are and please be careful." I took that as a dismissal and stood up. I was not interested in wasting time talking to this coward who had hired us to do his dirty work. 

Rain followed me out the door and down the street to catch a cab. "Can you believe his bullshit?" I finally said after we were far enough away. "Like I've said a million times before, people like him condemn us until there's a situation like this where they don't want to get their hands dirty. Then all of a sudden we are an "honor" to have. I hate their hypocrisy." Rain shrugged at my words. "I know, I understand. These people are fucking hypocrites and it's frustrating, but we are fighting for the good people, fighting for the pure of heart. That is what we should be focusing on." 

A cab finally showed up and it took us to the hotel Tim booked for us, which was right in the heart of downtown. It was perfect because we needed to be close enough to the usual hangouts of the boys we were looking for. Rain and I had fiddled with the hearts of many a boy, so this assignment was all too familiar. The one thing that surprised me was how amazing and beautiful our hotel was. Tim had gotten us on the penthouse of the hotel overlooking the Vegas Strip. I don't know where he got the money, but here we were in the most amazing place in the world. The whole front side if our hotel was pure window, we could see nothing but the lights of our world. There is nothing like the sight of a lit up world from a penthouse. We had a full and completely stocked bar, plus and amazing kitchen and 2 bedrooms which were twice the sizes of ours bedrooms at home.

"Let's get ready and get hot." I said to Rain with a wink. I knew both of us were very attractive, even for people of our kind. The vampires, shaeshifters, and witches were naturally enhanced with beauty because of evolutionary, predatory benefits. Humans were silly and were more attracted to beauty rather than trusting their instincts. Rain and I got ready in our shared, massive bathroom. Rain was unbelievable, body alone. If I were attracted to women, Rain would be the first person I would go after. She was short of stature, only a little over 5 foot, but she had the curves and body of a woman. Since she was a shapeshifter I can't be 100% sure of her true form, but she had a form that I think is what she truly looks like and what she normally shows. Rain is 5 foot nothing and curvy as can be. She has jet black, wavy hair, that stretches down to her butt. Her eyes are cloudy blue and her lips are plumb and kissable. She is the image of feminine beauty. She needed not a single drop of make-up, but she wiggled into a skin-tight red dress that brought out her body, I knew that she was the image of female perfection.

I opted for a short, shoulder length cut. My hair was dirty blonde and full of curls that refused to be contained. My eyes were  piercing green that men seemed to love. I knew that a lot of men found my body attractive, but I hated having huge DD size boobs that got in the way and distracted attention away from me. Now was not the time to be steer away from my amazing body, these men that we were trying to attract, would love it. Rain and I wore similar, skin tight, short dresses that were almost embarrassingly short, but hers was red and mine was black. Tonight was not a night for morals, but a night for attraction.

Rain looked at me after she was done with her make-up. "Are we ready for this?" I asked her. Rain was the only person in the whole world I was comfortable showing my weaknesses. "We are ready. We must be ready. The important thing to remember is that these are just men. Men are still men, no matter what their age and they will always be confused by a pretty face." She looked at me and I was amazed, not for the first time, by the pure beauty that she showed. "Let's do this." I said.

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