Supernatural Assassins

Three supernatural girls are using their strengths to survive in a dangerous world. With their world about to be sent into war, these girls are going to do whatever it takes to survive.


6. The Boys



"I am unimpressed by the talent in here tonight." Ian said, sliding up next to me at the bar. I took a sip of my beer and nodded. "That seems to be happening more and more lately." I said, gazing around the bar. This was our favorite bar in the city, mostly because it was the busiest and most popular. In the city that thrived in the night, we had more bars for our people than any place in the world. Las Vegas was 50% human and 50% our people. We blended in almost seamlessly with the humans and after almost 1,000 years of roaming the Earth, hiding my true nature, it was nice to live in a place that was comparatively lax. 

Ian and I met in 14th century Europe, which wasn't exactly the best time/place to be. We met and it was friends at first sight. There are some people that you are just meant to be in each other's lives, some people that just fit. Ian and I became friends the moment we met and have been friends since then. We fought in many a war together and killed many men together. When we met, we were wild and uncaring. Back then, we killed for fun and every girl was the next best thing in the world. In our first century together, we built up our reputation as vicious killers. After the first couple of centuries, killing got old and boring. At this point, I was pretty done with this lifestyle. After you do the same thing for almost 1,000 years, it becomes pretty boring and repetitive.

Ian and I had talked about it about 10 years ago, and he admitted he was starting to feel the same way. We agreed that if, after another century went by and we felt the same way, we would go somewhere new and try something differently. Tonight was one of the nights that was sending me to the side of starting over. Every person in this bar, hell, every person in this city was the same. The one downside of being so powerful and well-known was that everyone was always kissing my ass. There was no challenge anymore, everyone gives me what I want automatically. 

Plus, these girls were all starting to look the same now except they have different colors of hair. They were all fake and shallow and I used to love it, but I was growing to hate it. I hadn't been in love since the mid 1800s and I was starting to miss it. 

Ian leaned over the bar and ordered a beer. "Do you want to go somewhere else? There's this awesome rave down in that weird underground club. I know the Smith twins are in town this weekend and they're there. They're always fun." He asked me. The Smith twins were slightly better than these bimbos right in front of me, but only slightly so. Although, what the hell else was I going to do with my night. I was just about to tell Ian we should go when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and some girl who looked like she had showered in glitter was standing behind me. "Ash, Ian. Kyle is in the VIP section and would like you to join him." I looked back at Ian and he looked as done as I already felt. Ian and I were considered evil, but Kyle was just plain nasty. In WWII, it was commonly known that Kyle was actually a part of the Nazis. I mean, we've all done some bad things, but this guy was just cruel and nasty. 

He was a rising star though, after the whole Nazi thing came out, he was basically shamed. He had only started regaining power again in the past century, but he was moving fast. So Ian and I had no choice but to follow Ms. Glitter around the edge of the bar into a curtained section that held a wraparound couch and a table. Kyle was sitting in the middle with his arm wrapped around a girl who looked weirdly like his sister. 

"Ian! Ash!" Kyle yelled, raising his glass towards us. "It's been awhile, have a seat." As we sat down, Kyle turned to Ms. Glitter and nodded. She left. Kyle turned his attention back to us, he was smiling and he looked almost maniacal. "Gentlemen, you cannot believe how excited I was to find out you two were here tonight." Kyle was just creepy looking all around. He was pale and his hair was pure white which made him look completely colorless. The only things of color were his which were blue, but a pale and watery blue. It didn't help that he always wore black, so he looked like a walking dead man. The girl next to him had the same color hair, but it was down past her shoulders. Her skin was a little more full of life than his was and her eyes were bright blue, but altogether they looked like they could be related. Which I sincerely hoped wasn't true by the way she was wrapped around him. Kyle noticed me looking at the girl. "Oh, where are my manners. This is my lovely girlfriend, Macayla. We just so happened to meet at the airport last week and it was love at first sight." The girl smiled.

Just then, four girls came in, including Ms. Glitter and hung themselves on Ian and myself. Luckily, Ian got Ms. Glitter, but unluckily, the girls on me looked basically the same. I ignored the girls on me completely, but Ian was carrying on with them. Only I could tell that he was toying with them. "So, have you guys been invited to that party on Friday night?" Kyle asked us. Friday night was the gathering that the demon, Aden was holding. It was his big reveal and anyone who was important was invited. "Yeah, can't wait man." Ian said, staring directly into his girl's chest. 

"Things have just been too quiet lately." Kyle said. "It's been to long since the last war, it's been too long since someone came along to stir things up. We all know that we are superior and it's about time we are actually doing something about it." I had to restrain myself from rolling my eyes. The Light, the Dark, the weird place in between, it was all the same to me know. Who honestly cares.

Ian was idly gazing out into the bar through the curtains and suddenly his eyes widened. He looked at me and slightly nodded out the curtain. I looked, but with Bimbo 1 and Bimbo 2 on me, I couldn't see. "Yeah it's going to be special. Bro, there are some hotties that just walked in so I'm sorry, we have to go. Look us up though." Ian said hurriedly, not even looking at Kyle. Before anyone could react, Ian and I were slipping out the curtains. 

"Thanks Ian, I really fucking hate that guy." But Ian was still looking around the room. "No, dude. There were actually 2 girls that walked in." I felt my face twist a bit in disbelief. "There are girls everywhere." I reminded him. "No man, you didn't see them." I was moderately intrigued by his interest, but I was also pretty done with tonight. I just wanted to go out, grab a bite and go home and drink myself into a stupor.

"Well, you have fun. I'm going to head out." Ian finally pulled his gaze off the bar and looked at me. "Are you sure? They were really hot." I nodded. "Yeah, really hot just doesn't do much anymore. Good luck though." Ian shrugged and dove into the crowd. I headed for the side exit that led onto a side street. Tonight was a Wednesday and this wasn't the Strip, so the road was actually empty of people. I stood under a streetlight and closed my eyes, breathing in the fresh air and sweet silence. 

I wasn't there long when I heard the door open behind me. I turned around, praying that it wasn't Kyle and was surprised to see a girl. For the first time in awhile, my breath actually caught from how beautiful this girl was. She had midnight black, waist-length, wavy hair. Her eyes were sky blue and her face was soft and lightly flushed with color. Her face looked completely bare of makeup and her body literally was a dream that was actually covered by a decent amount of clothes. She stopped when she saw me and looked me up and down. Her eyebrow raised and she turned and started walking away.

That was the most surprising of all. When I looked at a girl, they didn't walk away. All the girls in this city at least took a second glance and a lot of them started a conversation immediately. "It's a beautiful evening, isn't it?" I blurted out and immediately mentally kicked myself. Bringing up the weather is such an amateur move. The girl glanced at me and gave me a weird look. "Yeah, real nice." She said and she sounded a little bit annoyed. She slowed down walking, but didn't stop. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" I asked. I was really dropping the ball today. Now I was sounding like a creep, but I wanted to know what this girl's deal was. She finally stopped and turned around. She looked me up and down again, now looking disdainful.

"Does it matter?" She asked. "I was just curious. A girl as beautiful as you doesn't normally leave anywhere alone." Ah yeah, that one was weak, but it was still an upgrade. She rolled her eyes and laughed. When she laughed, her entire face changed. Her face softened and she laughed with her whole body. Her smile was the most amazing thing I had seen in the past decade. Somehow, it made her even more beautiful. "Wow. Did you spend the whole night thinking up that one? Step down buddy, you aren't ready for me." With that, she turned around and started walking away. "You could at least tell me your name since I embarrassed myself for you." I shouted after her. "Maybe next time." She shouted back before she disappeared around a corner. It was only then that I realized I was smiling, something that didn't happen often. For the first time in awhile, I was actually intrigued and felt alive. I was going to see that girl again.


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