Supernatural Assassins

Three supernatural girls are using their strengths to survive in a dangerous world. With their world about to be sent into war, these girls are going to do whatever it takes to survive.


1. The Beginning



I sat, crouched in a tree, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.  "Rain?" Came the all to familiar voice in my head.  "Are you going to wait all night because I'm starving."  My gaze flicked to Chloe, nothing but a shadow in the night.  I sighed and returned my gaze back to our prey and pounced.  I landed square on the back of the elk and before it had even realized what was happening, I bit into his throat and I felt the life flow out of him.  Chloe dropped to the ground, looking very much like the predator she is.  Her eyes were blazing in the moonlight a startling and unnatural color of green and her canines were extended past a normal human length.  She quickly darted to the neck of the elk and began to feed on the blood that was coming out of him.  

While she was doing that, I unlatched from the elk and and began to lick the blood off of my claws.  Tonight I was a mountain lion, even though my preferred form is a panther.  Sometimes I liked to change it up, plus a mountain lion is much more appropriate for our home. We lived deep in the forest of Washington.  Chloe was enjoying her meal and I sat back and gave her some space.  We were perfect hunting partners, a shape shifter and a vampire, because she lives on blood and I live on meat.  

It took Chloe a little over a minute to finish her part of the meal.  She pulled away from the elk, blood covering her mouth, black in the moonlight.  "He's all yours."  She invited.  I quickly bit in and devoured my meal.  After that, I shifted back into my human form because Chloe likes it better when I'm human when we run home together.  "That is so disgusting you know."  She immediately said.  I sighed.  "Are we going to have this conversation every time we hunt?"  I asked.  "I'm sorry, it's just every time you hunt, I remember how nasty you are."  Chloe laughed as she said it.  I rolled my eyes.  "You are even more nasty! You literally just chugged down on a full elk full of blood, nasty, thick, blood.  All I did was eat meat, which is something basically everyone does."  We had had this conversation so many times it was almost like a script now.  "No, blood is delicious and cooked meat is delicious.  Chomping down on raw intestines and organs is some different type of nastiness."  Chloe countered. 

"Well you were the one that wanted to go hunting and you know I don't like killing people.  We could've just stayed home and had a normal dinner with Macayla."  I reminded her.  "It's not my fault shapeshifters have to eat instead of being capable of drinking a bit of blood, erasing someone's memory, and skipping away like it never happened.  That would be awesome, sign me up for that."  Chloe grinned when I said that to her.  "Sorry you can't be as cool as me."  

This whole time we had been running towards home, going much faster than any human could ever dream of going.  It's just one of the perks of being supernatural.  We get super speed, super strength, advanced healing, among other unique advantages.    Chloe has her weird hypnotism powers that allow her to basically go into humans minds.  She can read thoughts when she wants and put new thoughts in and take others out.  When it comes to other supernatural beings, it is more complicated and there are more restrictions, but it depends on the strength of the mind.  We have a telepathic bond because we have shared blood and because we allowed the connection.  It's not a very common thing because most people don't want anyone to have a free pass into their mind, but Chloe and I have no secrets and it is beneficial for us.  

We made it home within 10 minutes even though we were at least 10 miles into the woods.  Chloe burst through the back door into the kitchen.  Macayla causally looked up from her meal at the kitchen table.  "Finally you guys are home."  She said quietly.  Macayla wasn't a vampire of a shapeshifter, she was a witch.  She doesn't have any of the physical advantages that was do, but she does have magic powers and those are not to be underestimated.  "Sorry, Rain has too much of a dramatic streak.  She's always trying to pounce at just the right moment."  I glared at Chloe.  "I don't like having to chase them down sometimes, why waste the effort?"  

"Sorry to interrupt."  Came a voice from behind us.  Our friend Tim was walking through the back door.  Unlike Macayla, he was rather taken aback by Chloe and I's torn and blood covered clothes.  Tim was the final member of our group.  Our relationship and background is kind of a long story, but it's important to know that Chloe, Macayla,and myself were the equivalent to assassins.  It all started when we were younger, Chloe and I were given to a powerful group of women in Oregon.  Our supernatural society is split into all sorts of sub-sections and groups.  This particular place was basically a military camp.  Our people do not get along very well because everyone has a different opinion about the definition of being supernatural.  Some of us believe we were born to protect all life and some of us believe we were born to dominate the world, basically kill and use humans.  This camp was based off of the philosophy that we should be using our strengths to protect humans, particularly from others of our kind meaning to harm them.

To this day, Chloe and I don't know who our parents are or why they sent us here.  The most we were told is that strong families, families in power, sometimes had their children targeted.  That information and the fact that we are a couple of the most powerful creatures known to the world, has led us to the conclusion that we were born into powerful families.  It was probably safer that no one knew we existed.  So for 16 years we were kept within the camp and trained.  We were prepared for mental attacks, physical attacks, magical attacks, etc.  We excelled quickly and were sent across the country to another camp in New York.  Through the years, we were inseparable and as children, we used to pretend we were sisters.  We knew we couldn't be because she is a vampire and I'm a shape shifter, but it was a comfort to pretend.  We know at least our parents were close because we were taken in together, but that is all our information.  

In New York, we met Macayla.  Macayla is part of a royal bloodline of witches and she was sent for advanced training because of how important it is for her to know how to defend herself.  We met and immediately became the inseparable trio.  We advanced through our training and by the time we were 20, they had nothing left to offer us.  Until then, we had never been allowed into the real world.  Macayla had spent her younger years within her coven, but Chloe and I had never left our camps.  We were all raised on the light side, the side that protects life.  We knew nothing else.  Finally, we were sent into the world on small missions, mostly to extract humans from safe houses and take them to somewhere where they won't be found.  

At first it was new and exciting, but we finally learned what the real world was like and we saw some bad stuff as we were trusted with more important tasks.  It changed us and our whole belief system was shifted.  Eventually, we left the camp and started out on our own.  Macayla will forever be about saving human life, but Chloe and I have lost a lot of our care for human life.  We have killed before accidentally and on purpose.  I prefer not to, but I will if I need to.  Somehow, we found out that our skills were excellent for killing/capturing people.  It's not the best job, but we get paid handsomely and we only take jobs we want.  We only go after the supernaturals that deserve it, only the scum of our society.  None of us have any problem sleeping at night. 

We found Tim in a small coven in Florida.  He is a minor witch with not much in the way of power, but he is incredibly intelligent and absolutely amazing with people and technology.  Over the years he has basically become our manager and our behind the scenes guy.  He provides us with jobs, weapons, technology, transport and when we are in jobs, he is our support back home that gives us what we need.  Altogether, we have a strong team and we are well known throughout the world.  We were known under a few different aliases and no one knows our true identities except for the 4 of us.  That has been what has kept us alive.  

It's only been 5 years of us living this life, but time doesn't have much meaning for us.  Vampires and shapeshifters don't age after they hit their physical prime, which is usually in their twenties, so Chloe and I could live forever if we were careful.  Macayla ages at a decelerated rate, but she will grow old after a couple hundred years.  

Back to Tim, he did not have a good look on his face.  He is normally very sassy and doesn't take anything seriously, but today he has a grim look on his face.  "What's going on?" Macayla asks him.  He breaths deep and seems to collect himself.  "Well, I have to be honest with you.  Something very bad is happening in the world."  Chloe and I exchange a look.  Macayla is very emotional and wants to help people always.  Chloe and I want to help people, but we want to take care of ourselves first and foremost.  The world has been on the brink of war for decades and if it is time, we've already agreed we don't want anything to do with it.

All of us take a seat at the table and we're all watching Tim, waiting.  "So, as you know, things have been heating up a little bit in the world and the Light and the Dark.  I know you guys aren't interested in how things are going, but something has happened that has changed everything."  Normally, things don't really make me nervous anymore, but I'm starting to feel my heart racing a little faster.  "I've heard a few rumors, but they were just confirmed.  There is a demon in Vegas right now."  As soon as the words leave Tim's mouth, my blood runs cold.  We all sit in shock until Chloe jolts out of her seat.  She throws up her hands and she's looking about as nervous as I feel.  "No, no, no, nope, nope.  No, hell no, fuck no.  This isn't happening, this isn't real, we are packing our bags and we are on a plane tonight.  No talk.  We. Are. Leaving."  She looks at Macayla and I and before I can stand up to support her, Macayla is out of her seat, yelling as well.  "No we are not!  Do you have any idea what this could mean?!  We need to hear more and we need to figure out what is going on! I know you guys don't want to be involved in this kind of thing, but we can't abandon people when they need us."  

Normally, Macayla doesn't stand up to Chloe.  Normally, Chloe is actually the one to dominate, so we are both a little taken aback.  Chloe turns to me, eyes wide.  "Rain, please tell me you have my back on this."  I look at both of them.  In our world, we are mainly populated by witches, shapeshifters, and vampires.  There are weird half-breeds and different kinds, but those are the people we know.  There are legends of demons in our world, but it's something only talked about in hushed whispers.  Demons only appear in the world once every few hundred years and all the information we have on them is nothing but rumor.  There is one thing that we all know for sure, they are the supreme beings.  We have super strength and all that, but it is nothing compared to a demon.  Every time one comes into the world, there is war, there are mass genocides, there is nothing but death.  They are too powerful and they love nothing more than destruction and chaos.  They can't be killed.  No one knows what happens to them, they disappear, but there is no known way to kill them.  That's all I know.  I know that the appearance of one now is the beginning of war.

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