Supernatural Assassins

Three supernatural girls are using their strengths to survive in a dangerous world. With their world about to be sent into war, these girls are going to do whatever it takes to survive.


2. More Than One Problem



Macayla was pissing me the hell off.  I always knew she had some obnoxious obsession with making stupid ass sacrifices for the "Light" side, but this was just too much.  She actually wanted to throw away all of our lives to help some idiot squares who were doomed to fail no matter what.  There was absolutely no scenario that would allow for those pansies to win, even before the presence of this demon.  

I might have expected a bit of a fight from Macayla, but Rain was just sitting there, staring at us like a deer in headlights.  She should've been up and packing before anyone even started talking.  If there was one thing we would always agree on is that we should never sacrifice our lives for this pointless war.  Yet here she was, hesitating.

"Rain."  I said, trying to snap her back to her senses.  She looked at me with more than a little bit of guilt. "Let's just hear what's going on. Listening isn't going to hurt anything."  Rain muttered.  I felt more than a bit of fear induced rage bubble up, but without Rain's support, Macayla was not going to budge.  I reluctantly sat down and so did Macayla.  We turned our attention back to Tim, who looked unruffled by our fighting.

"So, there is in fact a demon in Vegas right now.  It sounds like he is starting to get the Dark people together to begin discussion.  Everything is just starting, but he's finally in the open and beginning the movement.  I got a call from a council member."  The council is the elected group of officials in our world.  In the council there are 7 people and they don't openly describe themselves as light or dark, but we all know they lean towards the Light, but there are a few Dark supporters.  The council tries to stay out of anything but necessary affairs, mostly things like murder against our kind and potential risks for being revealed to humans.  The council doesn't call in assassins for anything. "The council is concerned.  This will start an all out war or maybe even worse.  As you know, the last demon from the 1500's slaughtered almost all the witches in the world. This council member gave me this big, long speech, but to sum up what she wants.... she wants you guys to basically spy.  She wants you to get in with the higher up Dark families and listen.  That's all."  I had to physically restrain myself from laughing out loud. Someone is going to hire a group of killers just to listen. Yeah, that sounds plausible.  There was a catch, or some ulterior motive.  They probably just wanted us to get close so we could do their dirty work for them. The Light are so quick to judge us for killing, but when it's convenient for them, who's the first person they call? A killer.

"Ok, great, awesome.  We came, we saw, we heard.  Now let's go upstairs, pack our bags, and hop on the next flight far, far away."  I said.  Macayla glared at me. "Why are you always so quick to do the selfish thing?!"  She snapped at me, glaring at me like I was the enemy. "Oh Jesus, sorry I'm suggesting we don't kill ourselves for a war that doesn't involve us!" I yelled.  I could not believe that she was getting angry with me.  "Well sorry to be the barer of bad news but it kind of does involve me! I'm supposed to lead the witches someday and they're the ones most likely to suffer in all this mess! Plus, you're an idiot to think that they won't hunt us down and kill us. We're known killers and we're not on their side!  That's reason enough to become #1 on the hit list."  Macayla's eyes were blazing and she was talking with all this passion, but unfortunately for her I didn't care.

"Shut the hell up with your uppity shit! Sure you're some fancy princess witch, but they will survive without your holiness." Macayla was shooting daggers my way and she went with her usual move, going to Rain for help. "What do you think?" She asked, practically diving across the table.  Compared to the passion and anger Macayla and I were fighting with, Rain was surprisingly calm and blank.  Her face held no emotion and she was not speaking, only looking back and forth between myself and Macayla.  She sighed and folded her hands. I knew where this was going, I was just surprised that she was being so reserved. 

"Chloe, I don't know if this is something we can run from."  She finally said quietly.  It took me almost a full minute to realize that she hadn't said, Chloe you're right, let's run.  I didn't know what to say. Her unexpected response actually calmed me. "Rain, what are you talking about?" I asked, voice considerably less raised.  Macayla and I got into arguments frequently, but Rain and I didn't.  "Chloe, a war will reach every corner of the world and Macayla is right, they will hunt us. I know we don't take sides, but there comes a time where you have to chose or a choice will be made for you. Also, we're not actually doing anything obviously dangerous.  All they want is information.  If everything goes smoothly, we won't even need to fight."

I couldn't handle all this. At first, I had a definite stance on this whole situation and now I was becoming confused. I needed a second to figure out where my head was at. "I need to go for a minute." I told them and before they could respond, I was out the door. This was one of the main reasons we left the city and went into the woods. Our world is complicated and often just plain nasty. We needed to be away from it all and the woods was a quite sanctuary. I ran for quite a long time, long enough for the moon to start moving across the sky. I finally found a small creek and stopped. The sound of water was calming. 

I knew I had to think about all the information that had just been poured on me, but it was too much. I went into it thinking that Rain and I were on the same page about everything. That is always how it had been. Don't get me wrong, I love Macayla, but she's that friend that you just love to antagonize. Rain is my partner in crime. I love them, but we have different relationships. Macayla is usually the one that is all about saving the world and "doing the right thing" and more often than not, it seems like a dangerous situation.  Usually, Rain and I talk her out of it as a team because she doesn't listen to me when I tell her on my own.  Without Rain's support, I didn't think she was going to change her mind or sway from her decision. As much as I don't want to die for a stupid cause, I would follow Macayla and Rain into any situation. If Macayla was going to throw herself into this war, we were going to as well.  I could maybe sway Rain to my way of thinking, but the damage was already done. As soon as Rain gave her any support, her decision was made. There was no point fighting. 

I started to run back home, now starting to anticipate what kind of situation we were really getting ourselves into. This was going to be harder than anything we had ever done. We don't spend a lot of time pretending to be people we're not and spying.  Normally, we just kill the target and go home and at this point that has gotten way too easy. The hardest thing was going to be keeping our thoughts shielded at all times. The people we're going to be around are going to be some of the oldest, most powerful creatures in our world. We could block them out of our minds, but then it would be obvious we were hiding something. We all had some training in clouding our thoughts, but not for such an extended period of time. I could barely shield Rain and Macayla's birthday presents out of my mind every year and that was something small and easy.  Hiding our true identities and motives would not be a simple feat.

When I finally arrived back home, the moon was halfway across the sky and our house was quiet.  As a vampire, my hearing was better than any other creature's in the world, even if it was by a small amount. I could hear someone downstairs in our gym using a punching bag and someone else was walking down the stairs from upstairs. I could hear a faint flicker of their thoughts, like a quiet radio. Rain was the one in the gym, her mind was blank, with only a ring of concentration around her mind. Macayla's mind was the opposite. In her head was a symphony of thoughts, all crashing around at the same time. I caught some concern for her mother and family, and some personal concern for herself. She was wondering if her powers were strong enough to survive this. I tried to tune out her thoughts because they were obviously private, but I caught something unexpected.

As I was walking through the back door, she was walking out the front and I caught an image. I stopped in my tracks and tried to focus on her again, but she was already pulling out of the driveway. With a growing pit in my stomach, I rushed downstairs to the gym.  Rain was still laying punch after punch into her bag. "Rain." I said to gain her attention. She immediately spun around, alert.  She heard the tone of my voice and knew something was off. "What is it Chloe?" "I just caught an image from Macayla's mind. A memory to be more precise. She was thinking about a boy." Rain's brow furrowed and she looked as confused as I felt. "You mean like, a boyfriend kind of boy?" "Yes, it was decidedly a romantic thought." There was definitely a romantic connection to the face in her mind. "And I'm pretty sure he was a human." I added. Rain rolled her eyes. "God damnit. On top of everything else, she's keeping a secret romance with a human. Typical Macayla, always thinking with her heart and never using her brain." Like usual, Rain and I were on the same page on this one. Someone from our world dating a human would bring down a lot of consequences. It wasn't something that was encouraged. Rain looked at me, laughing a little bit. She didn't sound very happy, it was one of those laughs that escapes when everything is going wrong to the point where it almost gets funny. She looked at me. "Well let's go deal with this boy then."

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