Supernatural Assassins

Three supernatural girls are using their strengths to survive in a dangerous world. With their world about to be sent into war, these girls are going to do whatever it takes to survive.


7. An Attraction



I’m not really sure what Ash’s deal is. He’s been moody and pouty for years now. At first I just thought he was going through a depressed decade. When you live forever, it’s impossible to avoid a depressed decade or two, but his weirdness has stretched on way too long. He generally disliked everyone else in the world, but I could always get him out and laughing. Even his interest in girls was decreasing, but he usually trusted me when I told him I saw a good one. Maybe tonight was just a really off night for him.

As much as I wanted to worry about my best friend, he wasn’t the only one experiencing a depressed decade. I had been off my game and completely unamused by life and at all it has to offer, but I had just seen something different. After over 7 decades, it really took a special looking girl to genuinely grab my attention. Sure, girls were nice to look at and a lot of them were pretty, but very few looked good enough to actually make want to pursue them.

When Ash and I were with Kyle, I saw 2 girls walk through the door. They were both beautiful, but one of them was an absolute bombshell. At this point in my life, I was so over these girls who spent hours and hours on their hair, makeup, clothes, nails, etc. When you take it all away, they’re usually not very impressive. I’m not shallow. I just like a natural girl, someone who can rock whatever it is she has going on. I had enough cut-out copies to want someone who was her own person, who was real.

This girl was promising. Even from far away, I could see the way she walked with pure confidence and absolute disregard for anyone else. I could see a mass of wild, dirty blonde curls that looked too wild to contain. I couldn’t see her face, but just those 2 things intrigued me. She already looked so different from anyone around me. Oh, did I mention she was also just ridiculously hot? There was that to. She had my attention.

Unfortunately, between Ash and Kyle, I lost her in the crowd. I thought about standing by the bar to wait for her to come grab a drink, but a girl as beautiful as her didn’t need to buy her own drinks. There was probably already some guy on his way over to grab her one. I had no choice but to join the crowd and look. By now, the bar was packed. The music was so loud it was rattling my teeth and everyone around me seemed to be under the influence of something. For a second, I wondered if this girl I was searching for was human or not. This bar was accepting of humans, mostly because we need them to truly feel the effects of any drug. As supernatural beings, our bodies worked overtime to battle anything bad for us. It was nice because it was impossible for us to get sick, but bad because it got drugs out of our system before we could feel a thing. The only way to be affected was to drink the blood of someone under the influence. It didn’t last as long as it would for a human, but we could still feel the full effects for a while. Our kind usually had a personal group of humans that the used for everything. Feeding, drugs, screwing, whatever. It depends on the person, but it was common to bring a human with you to the bar.

I don’t really know if I have an opinion on what I want from this girl. Right now, I am just enjoying the mystery. It felt like I had been lost in this crowd for forever. Maybe I was walking in circles. I needed to get some air, being this close to this many people was just obnoxious right now. I popped out of the crowd and there she was, right in front of me. She was sitting at a table, far to the side. She was alone, casually drinking from a beer, looking at the crowd. Her face was expressionless, but it was still more beautiful than I could have imagined. I could tell she was a vampire just from the glow of her eyes, even from here I could see they looked amazingly like the color of grass. Maybe that isn’t an attractive comparison, but I loved it. It reminded me of spring and all the life that grows during that time. All her features were small and petite, her nose was downright adorable. Even when she was sitting down, her body was to die for. Her dress covered enough to let my imagination do some work, but showed enough to give me an idea.

Again, I get this air of confidence just pouring off of her. Not in a bad way, think more of an air of ease. She is completely comfortable with herself, with where she is, with everything. She just looks like a girl that’s got it all under control. I walked over towards her and started to realize I didn’t know what to say. Normally, I barrel into a conversation with no game plan and my mouth does all the talking for me, but for some reason I’m starting to overthink this time. I almost turned around, but it was too late. She looked at me.

“Hi.” I said, smiling at her. She raised one eyebrow and assessed me slowly. “Hi.” She replied after a moment. “I’m Ian.” I said. I wondered where my usual charm was hiding because I could not think of what to say to her. “Chloe.” Chloe, pretty. I knew I needed to reply, but nothing was coming to mind. I had the option of standing there awkwardly or blurting out something and hoping it wasn’t stupid. “I saw you come in and I couldn’t help but think you were the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in a while.” I ended up blurting out. So much for not trying to come across as creepy or awkward. She laughed and her smile was beautiful, but even when she laughed, her eyes never softened. They still watched me carefully. “Wrong move man, I’m the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. Nice try though, better luck next time.” She waved her hand in a dismissive gesture and turned back to her drink. Clearly, I hadn’t made the cut.

Thankfully, my brain started turning back on. “Apologies miss. It was nothing but the slip of the tongue.
You are quite obviously the most beautiful woman I have ever met.” She glanced back and me, faintly smiling. It felt like we were alone, having a simple conversation, but in reality we were both practically yelling just to be heard over the music. There were people pushing past me and bumping me almost every second, but I barely noticed. “Are you being sarcastic?” She said suspiciously, but her faint smile remained, so I knew I had at least impressed her enough to keep her attention. “No ma’am. I would never lie about such a thing. It would be my absolute pleasure to show you to a wonderful evening, deserving of your beauty.” Her smile increased a little bit. “Well Ian, I’d say you’re moving a little quickly. The only thing I know about you is your name and that you’re quite awful at pretending to be a gentleman. You could be a violent murderer for all I know.”

I took the seat next to her, sliding close enough to smell her and see her up close. She smelled like apples and she was as flawless up close as she was far away. “Well Chloe, you seem like the kind of girl who knows how to take care of herself, so I doubt that would be a problem for you” She laughed, shaking her head slightly. It made her curls bounce up and down. It was endearing. “You’re not wrong.”

Just then, the smaller, dark haired girl I saw Chloe with earlier popped up beside her. “Who’s this?” She asked with none of the flirty tone that Chloe was using. This girl looked at me like I was a rodent in her house. “This is Ian.” Chloe said, amused. The girl still hadn’t taken her eyes off of me, it was unnerving, I wanted to squirm, but I didn’t want to look guilty. “Do we like Ian?” She asked Chloe, even though she was staring at me. “Possibly.” Chloe responded.

“We like Ian. Ian’s a great guy.” I said, smiling at the girl with a full dose of charm. She finally stopped staring me down and looked to Chloe. “We split of for 5 minutes and all I find is a weirdo in the street and you attract a hot guy. It’s really just not fair.” Chloe passed the girl her beer, the girl proceeded to down it. She turned back to me.

“Well are you taking out my hot friend of what?” She asked, but it sounded more like a demand. I held my hands up. “Hey, I already offered. I’m a perfect gentleman.” The girl turned back to Chloe. “Well go on, no sense keeping him waiting. Just as long as he knows endless pain and suffering awaits him if you come back in any condition other than the one you’re already in.” Normally threats don’t bother me, mostly because I am fairly old and pretty powerful. But the way these girls acted, the way they talked, I was guessing they were pretty powerful themselves, if not close to someone who was.

Chloe turned to me. “Well Ian, what do you have in store for me tonight?” I felt a grin go across my face. “Oh we’re going to partake in an activity as old as time. Gambling.”

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