Silver Wings

Harry got trapped in a magical world when he was 1 and was raised by a dark clan named ''Valles Marineris''. Valles Marineris all have black and dark grey wings,when harry starts growing up they notice he starts growing black wings but when he starts hanging out with a mysterious girl they warn him about the Triton's. Rose's father then locks her in her room making sure they never see each other again because Valles Marineris killed his wife. Will Rose escape and be with with harry or be a prisoner in Triton's castle forever?


1. Silver Wings


This story will contain violence,language and possibly sexuality.Only read if you are comfortable.


Disclaimer: This is my own story and original idea.Please do not steal or copy any of my ideas I've worked hard on this for months already


Plagiarism is illegal and punishable by law,i will not allow any of my work being copied,duplicated or translated on here or any other website.If you plagiarize my work i will find you and have you removed.


If you come across any of my stories on any other website let me know immediately ,i only only post on movellas and wattpad.


Copyright 2015 © HarrysBabe


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