Silver Wings

Harry got trapped in a magical world when he was 1 and was raised by a dark clan named ''Valles Marineris''. Valles Marineris all have black and dark grey wings,when harry starts growing up they notice he starts growing black wings but when he starts hanging out with a mysterious girl they warn him about the Triton's. Rose's father then locks her in her room making sure they never see each other again because Valles Marineris killed his wife. Will Rose escape and be with with harry or be a prisoner in Triton's castle forever?


2. Chapter 1


Harry's POV:

The leaves start to rustle as my crossbow hangs over my shoulder,I look around arond me as my curly long hair which stops on my shoulders hangs a bit over my eyes.


I quickly drop down on my knees and hide behind a tree trunk peeking around it to see a deer drinking some water from a pond.I quietly take my crossbow off my shoulder and got it ready,I take a deep breath and aim for the deer,just as I was about to pull the trigger the deer ran away.

"Fuck!" I mumble standing up and kicking the the tree and some leaves.Just as I was about to turn back home I heard tiny quiet voices chanting a poem ;

"Old father Long-Legs

Can't say his prayer's

Take him by the left leg

And throw him down the stairs,

And when he's at the bottom,

Before his long has lain.

Take him by the right leg

and throw him up again.'' they said louder and repeating it over and over as they got closer.

'' Oh shit BEK" I say pressing my back against the tree trunk.

 I slowly and quietly move away from the tree trunk backing up and looking around me to be aware of my surrounding,just as I turn around a short figure dressing black with pale skin appears in front of me and faces me,I avoid eye contact and start to reload my crossbow.

"Can you help me find my mommy please?" It says in sad kid voice.

"No fucken way you demon!" I say pointing the crossbow at its head.

" I SAID CAN YOU HELP ME FIND MY MOMMY PLEASE!!" It said louder as its voice deepened and it started getting displeased.

I quickly shoot the arrow at is head and deploy my wings,flying home.When I finally get home I kick the front door open and lazily throw my crossbow on the table ignoring my father yelling at me for putting the crossbow on the table.

" IM NOT A FUCKEN KID DAD I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!" I yell as I slam the front door shut and walk to the mess hall.When im halfway there I hear a deep British voice yell my name,I turn around to see my buddy/best friend in the whole wide world heading towards me while trying not to trip on his own feet. 

"Calm down dude I wasn't gone for long" I say smiling and trying not to laugh.

He rolls his eyes and looks at me " at least im not playing hide and seek with deer and BEK" he says nudging my shoulder playfully and messing up my hair.

"Aha very funny" I reply sarcastically and punching him on the shoulder playfully as we walk to the mess hall laughing and making jokes.When we finally get our food we sit down at a table and start to talk with our friend Louis.

"Hey guys, I saw another BEK" I whisper as I move closer to them and look at them with a straight face.

"What is BEK?" Louis asks looking at me while smiling like a idiot.

"Black Eyed Kids,I told you this millions of times Louis do you not listen to me?!" i reply yelling quietly at him.

"Nope" He says smirking.

I roll my eyes and continue to eat my food.When i finish my food i say bye to the lads as i make my way to my cabin listening to the gravel crunch under my feet.My cabin is right by the stone barrier which protects us from the BEK and Triton's, I look up to a the sky to then suddenly see something zoom right above me, i couldn't really make out the figure but it looked like a girl with long brown hair and...and silver wings?!


*Hey guys i hope you enjoyed this new book,don't forget to comment and like this book so i know to keep updating.So please comment and tell me what you might wanna see next chapter anyways until then i will see you guys soon byeeeee <3


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