To You.

To You. There is no more locked up thoughts, it's now on the page. On the screen. Your love, your hatred, your power. Right there. For you, from you, to you.


1. Explanations/Rules

To You.


How It Works: This is a simple, letter-based writing activity. All you have to do is write a letter. It can be to whoever or whatever you want, whether it be a person or a more metaphorical approach. To see an example, visit the next chapter to see my personal example.




A person who has helped you through a really tough time

Your mental illness

Your physical illness

Your pet or an animal


How To Submit: Write out your letter (surprise) and save it. Then send an email to me at Your letter can either be as an attachment in the form of a Word Document or Powerpoint, or copy and paste your letter into the email (please no PDFs). If you do not want your username to be included, please include that within the email. If you have any issues or problems with the rules, please include your questions in the email too.


Rules: If you are addressing a real life person, please change their name unless you gain permission from them personally to use their name. If you use any names of anyone within your letter, once again if you do not have permission, change their name.

Swearing is permitted, but with a limit. Please refrain from extreme words and try to include as little as possible. I will put at the top of a letter if there is any swearing within the piece.

Please be aware that I may change parts of your letter. YOUR LETTER WILL NOT BE DRAMATICALLY OR DRASTICALLY ALTERED. Whether it be editing a swear word so it has asterisks, or some other form of editing, your letter's content will not be changed in any way.

Please refrain from being too graphic or including anything particularly rude. I understand your expression, but sexual scenes must not be graphic and to a minimal level please. If you have any issues with this rule, please tell me that within the email.

Comments involving hatred on this Movella towards anyone piece will be deleted. This project is for self-expression and to help people, not for them to receive hate.


Some of these pieces may be triggering. This project is meant to help, but if you do feel any negative emotions that you understand may have a bad effect on your health or you, please close the browser and relax yourself. Thank you and stay safe.


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