The Starbucks Contract

"It's simple, really. We become your boys, you become our girl."

That's what was said. Just a "simple" contract. What would happen if I sign it...


1. Chapter One

Ray Meyers updated status one hour ago

    LMAO Aw man, did you guys see what we did to Nerds over at the pool? When Jamie Reynolds snuck red food             coloring behind her, and everyone ran out screaming. It was like freaking Jaws! You could even hear the music,             dun-dun, dun-dun! The look on her face was PRICELESS, she thought it was her T.O.M or something. We gotta do it     again next time she goes to the pool.

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    Jamie Reynolds Did you see it? I was the one brave enough to go that close to her! But yeah man, it was awesome!

    Doug Harper Sure, the red foo coloring WAS genius. But I still think putting a Snickers chocolate bar behind her           would have been just as good.

    Nigel Moore As if! Putting the food coloring in the pool was MY idea. You're just jealous cause we did MY idea not       YOURS.

    Doug Harper Shut up. The only reason no one wanted to do MY idea was because no one wanted to waste a                 Snickers bar on the prank.

    Nigel Moore Yeah, yeah, keep talking.

    Paula Murray You guys were the ones who did it? I was with Candice Kim and Susan Gibson when it happened. I       thought she really did start to bleed. LOL I'm telling all my friends. We all thought she really did.

    Abby Baker Ugh, I don't know why she even bothered going to the pool. You can't help but pity the girl. But still...           what you guys did WAS pretty awesome. Did you know someone already posted the whole thing on Youtube? It             already got like 30 million hits or something.

    Hannah Pearson She ruined the whole day for me. I was in this cute bikini I bought over the weekend. And when my     crush was like finally looking at me, she just HAD to fall for the prank. Next time, can you guys do it somewhere             else?

    Morgan Jones Well, I still can't believe you guys pranked her LOL I wouldn't be surprised if she really DID do it. I'll       be even more surprised if she bothers coming to school when school starts.

    Jamie Reynolds Darn I forgot school's starting next week. That sucks. I'm going to miss summer and pranking             Nerds.

    Ray Meyers What are you talking about? We're still going to prank Nerds the WHOLE school year, idiot. Why               waste our senior year doing nothing to her?

    Jamie Reynolds Oh yeah, you're right. It's not like anything is going to happen to us. No one even cares anyway.         We can prank her all day, every day, the whole year.

    Ray Meyers That's like music to my ears- Er I mean phone.

    Nigel Moore Hey I got an idea! Let's come up with the major prank just for Nerds for the end of summer!

    Ray Meyers Dude you're a genius!

    Nigel Moore Yeah let's make a group chat and talk there. Not here. It might mess up the plan.

    Ray Meyers Okay, got it. Go tell the others. Meet you there.

    Doug Harper Can we still do the Snickers bar prank?

    Doug Harper Well can we? I swear I'll use my Snickers bar.

    Doug Harper Hello? Anyone there?

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