Im going where


1. WHAT!


     I was walking home from a long day school and awesome pranks that i do to people that i don’t like. As i walk my black converse are walking to the beat of Fall Out Boys Uma thurman. Within minutes i’m in front of my two story brick house. I walk up the steps of the wrap porch  and then in through the screen door. Right when i walk in and tell my folks i’m home,  my mum basically screams at me to come in the living room. Hey mom, how's it going i say. “ Don’t hey mum me, you're in big trouble young lady” my mum said in her thick irish accent. I cringe at my mums voice. “Look if it is about school, i'm sorry i just didn't like the bish that was talking bad about Alice, so i pranked her”. My mum looked like she was about to blow, I could basically see the smoke coming out of her ears. “ That still does not give you a reason to do that to the person”. I Could tell she was getting mad with every passing second.


“ You know i’m going to in roll you to the boarding school that you're older brother went to” she decided. But you can’t because that's an all boy boarding school i screeched.   “ nope i have decided, you are going she said. But you can't i have school  next we- sorry sweetie you don’t because the principal called and said you are expelled. WHAT!! i yelled. So now i'm going to an all boys boarding school. What about my friends, Connor and Alice. I’m sorry sweetie you're just will have to make new friends she said in a sickly sweet voice. But bu..bu..but…. Ahhhhhhh. I hate you and with that i ran up stairs and into my bedroom to cry.

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