When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


7. 7

It was eleven o’clock at night and Mackenzie had messaged me to go over to her house, we went around back and I didn’t know why I was so surprised when I saw what her back yard looked like, even in the dark I could make out the animal shaped bushes and the huge pool, there was even a small sectioned off golf course. When I look at Mackenzie she’s sitting on a sun baking chair untying her shoes.


“What are you doing?” I ask and she looks up at me as she stands.


“Going for a swim.” She says pushing her shorts off her hips, leaving her in a t-shirt and panties, as she crosses her arms over her stomach to pull her shirt up she says, “You coming in?” she drops the material on the chair and leaps into the pool, when she resurfaces she crosses her arms on the tiled pool edge and looks up at me, “Or are you just gonna watch?” she says taking her bottom lip between her teeth and I couldn’t tell you how fast my shirt came off, the button on my jeans popped and then discarded to the side, I jump in but I never touch the bottom of the pool, how deep is it, I kick my way back to the surface and Mackenzie wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing a kiss to my lips, pulling her body to mine but she pushes away pushing me back and swimming off. I swim as fast as I can to catch her and when I do she lets put a squeal of surprise, before laughing, I press my lips to hers and her hands find their way into my hair.


“Who’s out there?” A loud, deep voice sounds and Mackenzie and I snap our heads in the direction of the house, her dad stands on the back balcony, his bedroom light shining, Mackenzie grips my hands and we quickly get up the steps of the pull and run towards the house, she covers her mouth to stop herself from laughing as he says, “If you don’t leave now I’m calling the police.”


“Did he see who we were?” I ask her quietly and she shakes her head.


“I don’t think so.” She tries to be quiet, I pull her body into mine and she buries her head between my neck and shoulder trying to sustain her laughter.


“Will he call the cops?” she shakes her head and I heard a door click shut, “Are you sure?”


“Yes I’m sure, he doesn’t care that people are in his yard, he just wants to look in control.” She walks away from the house looking up at where he was just standing, “His gone back to bed.” She tells me, and walks towards the back door, “Come.” She says and walks inside, still dripping wet, I close the door as quietly as possible behind us and follow her up the stairs and to the left, into the door right in front of us, when I turn around after closing the door Mackenzie connects our lips, my surprise registers and I grip her hip with one hand and the back of her neck with the other, we walk backwards until Mackenzie pulls me with her down onto the bed, we turn so she’s on top and we kiss again, in the dark I could just make her out as she climbs off me and guides my briefs down my legs, me lifting my hips to help, moments later I’m laying there watching her unclip her bra and drop her panties.



When I woke I was in a bedroom I had never been in before, Mackenzie’s. Last night Mackenzie and I… I look over to where she is laying on her stomach, asleep her necked back exposed to me, her lips pouted and her hair a mess. I observe her room, we lay in a king sized bed, the sheets black silk, there was a spiral stair case leading to a second floor, and a makeup table and mirror, the floors where dark wood, and so was the other furnisher apart from a large lounge sitting in front of the wall with a flat screen TV hanging from it.


“Morning.” Mackenzie’s voice sounds and I look over at her, she smiles at me and rolls over so she’s on her back, pulling the blanket up to cover her body. “How’d you sleep?” she asks stretching her limbs.


“Fine.” I reply leaning over to kiss her lips, “What about you?”


“I slept fine.” She tells me and leans up on her elbow to look over at the clock on the bedside table. “School starts in like an hour.” She informs me and sits up, swinging her legs off the side of the bed, she reaches up and grips a robe off a coat stand, pulling it up her arms, and she stands and walks over to the makeup table gripping my clothes from last night. “One of the house keepers must have brought them up.” She informs me, placing them on the bed beside me.


“How did they know?”


“In this house you can’t do anything without one of the house keepers finding out, we have cameras everywhere.” She leans down and kisses my cheek, “I’m going to go get dressed.” She walks over to the spiral stairs and walks up. I’m sitting at the end of the bed when she comes back down in a blouse and jean shorts. “I’ll walk you down stairs so you can go home and change, and I’ll drive you to school when you’re ready.” Mackenzie says walking towards me and standing between my legs, she bends and kisses my lips softly.



“One of the house keepers told my mum you were over last night.” I look at Mackenzie as she drives us towards the school.


“Will they tell your dad?” I shake my head.


“They don’t really have a relationship with my dad, his an arsehole to them.”


“I love it when you say stuff like that.”


“Like what?” she asks confused looking at me a moment before back out through the windshield.


“Like arsehole.” She laughs.


“Is that so?” she laughs again, “Why?”


“Because you never say it.”


“That’s because it’s not a very respectable thing to say.”


“But it suits your dad, right? Because his not respectable.” She smiles my way.


“Your catching on quick aren’t you.”

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