When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


6. 6

I walked into Mackenzie’s house after her, it was huge! Bigger then huge, if possible. A large grand staircase – which led you in two directions – was straight in front of the door, and in front of that was a big heap of nothing with white marble floors, with my hand in Mackenzie’s she lead me up the stairs and to the left, when we get to the top we took a right turn down the hall, I look above the stairs where a large chandelier hung, moments later we are through a door.


“Is she awake?” Mackenzie asked quietly.


“Yes, honey. I’m awake.” I hear a firm voice and Makenzie looks at me and smiles.


“Ready?” she asks but before I can reply she walks into the room, I follow, I see a woman lying in a large four poster bed, “Hello, darling, how was your day?” she asked Mackenzie as she bent to kiss her mums cheek.


“It was good, mum.” She says quietly and steps back, “Mum, this is Harry.” The lady, Mackenzie’s mum looks up at me and smiles.


“You wouldn’t happen to be the young man my daughter can’t shut up about, would you?” I softly laugh and look over at Mackenzie who is staring wide eyed at her mum.


“I don’t know.” I tell her and she smiled at me.


“I’m Evelin.” She tells me, “It’s nice to finally meet you.” She says and eyes her daughter returning her daughters wide eyes but more joking them Mackenzie’s before looking back at me.


“Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Aprils.” She shakes her head.


“You can call me Evelin, honey, I don’t mind. Actually I’d prefer it.”


“Do you want anything to eat, mum?” she looks up at her daughter fondly.


“No, sweetheart, you go spend time with Harry, here.” She smiles at me, “before your father gets home.” After we say goodbye to Mackenzie’s mum, Evelin we head out of the room, we go to the balcony that I had seen Mackenzie on a few times and take a seat on the lounges.


“Can’t shut up about me, huh?” I watch as Mackenzie try’s to fight a smile.


“Kind of.” She says looking in my direction, an innocent smile on her lips, I watch her for a moment and she gets up coming towards the chair I was sitting in and takes a seat next to me and as she leans in for us to share a kiss the rumble of the automatic gate and garage sounds, she stand abruptly and looks over the railing, “Harry, you need to go.” She says gripping my hand racing me back into the house, we jog down the stairs and out the door, as we hear the garage door start to close. When we get to the front gate she closes it between us. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She says and as she turns to go I grip her hand which was about to leave its position on the gate, she turns to face me and moves closer to kiss me though the gate, “Harry, I have to go.” She laughs into the kiss and I growl my disapproval but she pulls away and runs up the path, turning to look at me as she reaches the porch, a flirty smile on her lips and she closes the door between us.


Mackenzie’s POV

“Mackenzie!” my dad shouts though the house as I quietly close the door behind me, I run towards the sitting room where he would be since the door to the garage is in there.


“Yeah, dad.” I say faintly, he was angry, at me? He is home early and he asked for me, two signs that aren’t good.


“What is this I hear about you not showing up at school today?” I open my mouth to reply to my father’s angry tone.


“Hank!” my mother’s voice shouts, my dad looks at me pointedly before walking towards the stairs, I follow him as he stalks two steps at a time up the stairs and stand in the door way of my mother’s room. “Mackenzie was here with me.” She tells him, “She knew I still wasn’t feeling my best, give the poor girl a break, she is seventeen after all, let her off.” My mum says to him, lovingly I think.


“She needs to get an education.” He informs her.


“Don’t you think she is smart enough, if anything else stuffs itself in her head she will explode.” After my dad addresses my mum a final time I run down the hall to my room so he doesn’t see my eves dropping. I close my bedroom door behind myself and flop down on the bed, I close my eyes taking in a deep breath and as I let it out a smile forms on my face and I laugh into the silent room and shake my head, rubbing my face. Harry and I. We just…


How could anyone be so hot! His eyes are a brown I don’t even know how to explain, dark but so beautiful and shiny, his nose, so straight and his checks hollow, jaw line sharp and hair longer in the front then the back and sides, and when it falls in front of his face I feel like dying, thinking about it he defiantly reminded me of a young Johnny Depp, hotter if that was even possible. While I was still thinking about how someone could be so attractive my phone pinged, I reached for it in my pocket.


Why’s your dad home early?


The message read, and I knew it was from Harry, I replied with.


Because you made me skip school. How did you get my number?


I rolled over onto my front, leaning on a pillow as I waited for a reply from him, it didn’t take him long for him to reply telling me he had called his phone with mine, then we were texting for hours.



I walked into school and was heading down the hall to my first class, I almost let out a scream when Harry puts his arm around my shoulders unexpectedly, I don’t look up at him though and hold back the smile that seems to always want to come out when his around.


“You ignoring me, Aprils?” I look up at him and some of his hair hangs in front of his face.


“No.” I say reaching up to place the hair back, he bends slightly to press a kiss to my cheek.


“Good.” He says and stops me in the middle of the hall, “Now.” He says placing a strand of hair behind my ear as I look up at him, “let’s go to the music rooms and make out.” I laugh and start walking again, “Hey.” He jogs up to me, placing his arm around my shoulders again, “I wasn’t joking.”


“I know you weren’t but we have class in three minutes.”


“That’s three minutes of making out time.”


“You’re really intent on this aren’t you?”


“I think so, yeah.” I raise an eye brow.


“You think so?” I look up at him and he shrugs, “You don’t know what intent means?” he shakes his head, and I laugh, “Look it up.”


“I’ve been looking up words since I meet you.” He tells me and I look at him surprised. “You speak so classy.” I can’t fight the smile and laugh that forces its way to the surface.


“Classy?” he nods, “Should I stop?” when he shakes his head I frown in confusion.


“I like the way you speak.” When he tells me that, its then I realize we were stopped in the middle of the hall facing one another, Harry bends and presses his lips to mine, and I kiss back. It wasn’t until Samson, Harry’s friend came along and ruined it by pushing us apart by our shoulders.


“And, that’s enough of that.” Samson says looking back and forth between Harry and I, Harry pushes Samson away with his palm to Samson’s forehead and wraps his arm around my waist as we head down the hall to class, arriving just outside the door as the bell rings.

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