When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


5. 5

Mackenzie and I were heading back to our houses after the coffee date, we had spoken a lot and even after we finished sat there for at least two hours, Mackenzie was driving now and as we pulled into our street pressed a button on the middle console and in front of us the gate to her house and her garage door opened, when we get out of the car she hangs the keys up on a hook by the door.


“Did you want to come over to my place?” I ask her and she nods, the garage door was starting to go down so we rushed under it, she got out and turned to make sure I did to, I bent to do the limbo under the closing door as Mackenzie stood by laughing, we walked across the grass and to the small gate then across the street to my house, “My mum must have gotten called into work.” I state aloud, she was supposed to be here until six tonight and I know that she doesn’t refuse going in when she’s called, even when she’s tired, though I wish she did.



We were sitting around for a while, talking about when we were young, the subject came up when Mackenzie looked at the photos hanging on some of the walls.


“Who do you get your good looks from? Your mum or your dad.” Good looks? She thought I was good looking?


“You think I’m good looking?” I asked amused and she looked at me from the other side of the lounge.


“Well I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.” she says honestly, “And Harry, I don’t lie.” She says and I watch her for a moment, I wasn’t sure if I had imagined her looking at my lips but I moved closer to her and leaned in, she sat still, and I was gaging her reaction, I didn’t think she was going to push me away, she wasn’t going to, I was going to kiss her. When our lips touched that’s when she moved into the kiss, I wasn’t expecting her to kiss as well as she did, she had told me she didn’t have asocial life, that would mean never had a boyfriend too right? One of my hands slid to the back of her neck as the kiss continued, one of her hands fisted the front of my shirt as the other lightly touched the side of my face.


“Do you think we should move to your bedroom?” she asked after we pulled away my forehead to hers, I was surprised, more than surprised, I kissed her quickly once more before standing and taking her hand we made our way down the hall to my bedroom, once the door is closed I have my lips on hers again, she gripped the ham of my t-shirt and started to pull it up, when I take hold of it myself and do it quicker she starts to unbutton her blouse, I pull her closer to me, tugging the waist band of her jeans which I get unbutton and unzipped. When she is only in her undone jeans and bra our lips connect again, I push her back on the bed, following to continue the kiss, I trail my lips to her neck then her chest, kissing her cleavage before her stomach, where I grip her waist band at her hips and pull her jeans and panties down her perfectly smooth, tanned legs.



The tip of Mackenzie’s finger traced patterns on my chest as she lay to my side, my arm around her, her head on my shoulder, the room was hot as our bodies lay half under the cover, it was quiet but it was a good quiet, both of us content with what we had just done. I had a feeling she knew it wasn’t my first time just as I knew it wasn’t hers.


“Why did your dad make you leave Australia?” I ask, breaking the silence, I felt her look up at me.


“I told you.” She says and I look down at her.


“But I want to know the full story.” I tell her and she nods.


“Okay.” She nods, “Well.” She leaned up on her elbow resting her head in the palm of her hand, “Last year, I met this guy, and stupidly I fell for him, we had been hanging out for a few months and he convinced me to sleep with him.” I watch her as she tells me the story. “The next morning we did it again only this time his mum caught us.” I laugh when she does, “She didn’t like me, thought I was a bad influence.” Mackenzie shakes her head with a small laugh again, “so she told my dad and my dad had us move but before we moved I found out that he didn’t ever like me, he had a bet with a bunch of his mates that he could nail me before the end of spring. I was kind of glad after that that my dad pulled me out of school, I would have probably been the laughing stock of the whole school.”


“What an arsehole.” She smiled and lay her head back on my chest. “But I’m kind of glad you got caught.” She looks up at me, “Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.” She smiles shyly, I liked to see her when she was shy, she barely ever had any other emotion other than calm and cool, I lean down and kiss her lips softly.


“Me too.” She tells me and I smile at her, she lays her head back down and I pull the blanket over us further. “You know, my mum really wants to meet you.” I frown.


“Your mum?” she nods.


“That’s what I said.” She laughs.


“Mackenzie, I thought your mum was in a car accident.” She looks up at me with an open mouth.


“You though she was dead.” She states watching me. “Oh my god, Harry, she didn’t die, she almost did.”


“Then why don’t you ever talk about her?” she smiles at me but it wasn’t a loving smile, it was a somethings-wrong smile.


“My mums a quadriplegic.” I swallow.


“I’m so sorry, Mackenzie.” She shakes her head.


“I am.” She laughs, “I had you thinking she was dead.”


“Not only that Mackenzie, I told my mum.” She reaches up to cover her mouth, covering her lips so I don’t see how much she wants to laugh.


“Oh my god Harry.” She shakes her head, “Come on. Let’s get dressed and you can meet her.”

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