When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


4. 4

Four days had past and I was staring to notice I was gaining feelings for Mackenzie, I knew she was way out of my league, but I didn’t care, I wanted her more than I have ever wanted anything and I suppose my mum had noticed, since she invited Ellen over for lunch. She only told me this morning and had been tiding the house for her arrival. She had set the table and cooked a meal, which hopeful will be good since my mum couldn’t cook to save her life.


“So you cocked everything exactly how the website said to?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen, I didn’t want Mackenzie to come over and have a crappy home cooked meal and I knew my mum was in competition with whatever chief her father had working for them. When there was a knock at the door I walk towards it to answer, there stood Mackenzie in a long orange skirt and black lace floral top, from what I could tell she was wearing flats, she was the same height as usual. “Hi.” I say looking her over, and she smiled.


“Hi” I let her in and we walk towards the kitchen were my mum came out to greet her.


“I, um, wasn’t sure what kind of dessert you liked, but I made a lemon Maringa pie last night.” My mums face lit up as she took the dish in her hands.


“Lemon Maringa pie is one of my favorites.” Mackenzie’s smiled relieved, “and you made this yourself?” My mum questions and Makenzie’s eyes held shyness as she nodded, Mackenzie shy? I didn’t think I would ever see the day.


“Yeah, I don’t get the opportunity to cook in my house very often, but our cook doesn’t work on Saturdays so I finally had an opportunity.”


“It looks amazing and I’m sure it tastes so too.”


“I hope so.” Mackenzie laughs and we go and sit down on the lounge.



Half way through lunch my mum was called and asked to come into work, which she couldn’t afford to pass up, she was upset that she couldn’t finish lunch with us but when Mackenzie said she’d be happy to join us again my mum was pleased. After my mum left and we finished eating we put the dishes in the sink and packed away the food.


An hour past of us just watching TV and Samson showed up, storming in telling us he had ordered a pizza and was ready to watch the game that ended up being called off, I wasn’t sure of Mackenzie’s feelings towards him since he never called her by her real name and I assume he annoyed her but she never bat an eye.


“You wanna peace?” Samson asks with his mouth full of pizza but she refuses. “I think we should go to your house.” He says to her but she just watches him, “Is that a yes?” she shakes her head.


“My house isn’t open to douchebags.” I almost choke on my bight of pizza and laughed loudly, not just because I now know what she thinks of him but because she said it, she was so proper and sophisticated.


“Wish mine wasn’t.” I say and she smiles, Samson just sinks in the arm chair and pouts, eating his pizza, Mackenzie checks the time on her phone.


“I should head home.” She says and I nod, standing when she does walking to the door with her. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” She informs me and starts to head down the porch stairs.


“Wait Mackenzie.” I say and she turns around to face me, “I was wondering… I was ah. Wondering.” Oh god, you look like a dick dude, she smiles when I stop, giving me a look of comfort. “Do you want to go out? Like on a… a ah, date. Or something?” she smiled and nodded.


“I’d love to go on a date with you Harry.” And she’s gone, heading across the road and though her gate.


“You dick head.” Samson says as I walk back into the house, “You know after the date that’s it, she probably won’t talk to you again. Dude look at her, then look at you, people like us don’t date girls like her.”



I had gotten a lift to school with Samson, when we turned into the student car park I noticed Mackenzie sitting in her car, he parked his car on the other side of the carpark where he could find a spot and when we got out, I said I’d see him later and made my way over to Mackenzie’s car, opening the door I dropped in, hearing her gasp.


“You scared me.” She says going back to her book.


“Want to skip school?” I ask her and she looked over at me then back down at her book.


“And do what?” she asked and I shrug.


“We could go on that date. Where do you want to go?” I ask her and she closes her book, pulling her key out of the ignition.


“I don’t know you’re driving.” She says dropping the key in my lap “Hope you can drive stick.” She states getting out of the car, I sit there shocked for a moment.


“Stick.” I repeat before she knocks on the window.


“I believe it’s you who should be opening my door, not the other way around.” She laughs and I do the same, getting out and holding the door open for her. “Thank you sir.”


“Your welcome, Miss Aprils.” Her eyebrows rise and she looked amused, I walk around the front of the car after gently closing the passenger door and sit in the driver’s seat, the leather of the seat cautioned me and some what cradled me as I put the key in the ignition and listened to the car raw to life.


“What are you waiting for?” she asks me and I look at her.


“Mackenzie this is such an expensive car, if I crash-“she stops me from saying anything further.


“You aren’t going to crash it, Harry.” She tells me. “But even if you do ill just tell my dad it was me, he won’t care, he has as much money as god.” she tells me and I laugh, as we drive out of the school car park everyone around has their eyes on the car, the windows were tinted so dark that no one could see in but they probably all knew it was Mackenzie’s car, what other seventeen year old drives this kind of car?


“Where do you want to go?” I ask her.


“I don’t mind, I’d go for a milk shake.” She pauses, “No scratch that, I-“


“Don’t drink milk shakes?” she laughs.


“Yeah.” I started to wonder what she drank, at my house she explained to my mother and I that she didn’t drink soft drink.


“Coffee?” I ask her and she agreed.



We had gotten to the coffee shop, I took her to one that I quite enjoyed, we got a booth and our coffees were delivered to our table.


“What do you think of Samson?” I ask her and she looks up at me after placing her coffee back on the small plate, I couldn’t imagine how  it tasted, she didn’t have sugar in the drink, I wondered if it was nice, maybe I’d try a coffee without sugar some time.


“Samson?” she asked and I knew there was a trace of humor in her voice, “He’s okay.” She replies, “Just needs to learn my name, really.” I laugh.


“Trust me he knows your name, he just loves stirring people up.”


“That’s an obnoxious trait to have.” I shrug.


“I guess so, but some people like the way he acts, I personally haven’t got a choice, we’ve been close since we were really young, his mum and mine were high school friends.” She nods in understanding.

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