When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


3. 3

“Samson, what are you doing here?” I ask as he barges into my house, Mackenzie was in the bathroom and would be out any minute.


“Dude.” He says throwing himself into the lounge chair, “It’s Tuesday night. I’ve ordered a pizza now turn the TV on, the game will start any minute.” When the toilet flushes Samson stops talking and looks at me, “Your mum still home or something?” I shake my head and he looks past me where I guess Mackenzie is standing. “Well, well, well.” He says looking from me to Mackenzie again, “Would this be the new girl.” She looks at me.


“Mackenzie actually.” She says in response and his eyes widen.


“And would you look at that, you are Australia.”


“Really?” she asks faking surprise and I purse my lips holding back a laugh.


“Was I interrupting something?” as I say no Mackenzie says yes, Samson and I look at her and she shrugs.


“We were talking.” I look towards Samson and she just looks at the TV.


“Well I don’t mind if you talk just turn the game on.” When there is a knock at the door Samson sprints to pay for the pizza, Mackenzie looks down at her phone.


“Shit.” She says quietly under her breath and it makes me smile, she was so proper and then that came out of her mouth, “I have to go.” She says and without another word rushes out of the house, I jog after her to the door and I see the garage door is closing, her dad must have gotten home, she runs across the street and through the gate, down the path and up the steps of her porch then into the house.


“Well that was rude, she didn’t even say goodbye.” Samson says and I look at him.


“Shut up and go watch the game.”



I had gotten a lift to school with Samson as usual since my car was at the mechanics, when he was parking I saw Mackenzie’s car but as I walked around the school there was no sign of her, on my way to first period I walked past the music rooms an heard the piano, the same tune I heard coming from Mackenzie’s house the other night, I decide to walk in and see if it was her and when I do I see her sitting on the piano stool, foot on one pedal I presume to keep it quieter, her fingers moved so quickly I could barely keep track, she never realized I was there, and I knew a way to get her attention, I went around the corner where I knew the drum kit was – from my first year at the school – and sat, picking the sticks up from the floor under the kit I started smashing a beat into the kit, one I had learnt last year when I took music. I listen out for the piano and I could tell it had stopped.


“Do you mind.” I hear Mackenzie and stop, I turn and look over at her.


“Not at all.” I say and she laughs quietly, as if at a private joke, walking over she takes the sticks off me and shoves me lightly so I get off the seat, she sits down and starts banging the same turn on the drums I had been, she can play drum too? What the hell! “What else can you play?” she stops and hands me back the stick then shrugs.


“A bit of everything really.” She turns looking at the selection of instruments and picks up a ukulele which was laying on a table, she strums a tune quickly before stopping and looking at me. “How did you know I was here?”


“The song you were playing I heard coming from your house the other day.” She smiles.


“My teacher is making me practice every chance I get, apparently I’m not getting the timing right, but I can’t hear it, she played the part I’m getting wrong and I swear it sounds exactly the same.” She shrugs, observing the small ukulele strings.


“Is that why you got upset?” she frowns.




”The other day, you were crying, after your played piano.”


“Oh.” She laughs, “No, that’s not why I was crying.”


“Oh…Well if it mean anything, I thought you sounded awesome.” She laughed softly once again and the bell rings. “History?” she nods, “Walk together?” she nod again with a small smile this time. I follow her towards the door where she grabs her bag and we walk to class together.



At lunch I couldn’t find Mackenzie anywhere, her car was still here, she wasn’t in the music room or the cafeteria, as I walked around all the classes were empty so I went to the library, sure enough she was there, she sat up straight with a book on the table in front of her, her hair was no longer out and down her back it was up in a ponytail and I couldn’t say that I didn’t like it. I think I may have liked it better.


“Do you ever bend your back?” I ask as I walk up behind her.


“As a matter of fact I do, did you not see me playing piano, most parts you can’t play with a straight back.” She says as I take a seat. “Are you stalking me?” she asks, never looking up from her book.


“You’d like to think so wouldn’t you?” she laughed and finally looked up from the book.


“What does your mum do for work?” she asked and I’m taken aback.


“Why are you asking?” She shrugs.


“I just was wondering.” She never looks away from my face and I realize how beautiful her eyes are, crystal blue. I just thought stereotypically most Australians were blonde haired and blue eyed but she had both.


“She’s a nurse.” I tell her and her eyebrows rise.


“Really?” I nod, “That’s really cool.”


“You think so?” she nods.


“Of cause, when I was young I wanted to go to school to be a doctor but then I realize I really disliked school, I probably couldn’t sit at medical school for another four years.” I laugh and she smile, looking back down at her book.


“I really wouldn’t have guessed that you didn’t like school.”


“Why because I actually do the work?” I nod, “I guess I haven’t really ever liked school because I’ve never really spoken to my class mates.”


“So your dad didn’t even let you have friends when you were little?” she shakes her head.


“No, I was too busy as a kid, I had tutors in every subject, I had several music teachers, dancing, soccer, netball.” I wasn’t surprised about anything but the soccer bit.


“You like soccer?” she nods, “do you still play?” she laughs.


“I wish. If my dad had his own way I would have only ever had my tutors and music teachers, no activity’s where I talk to other people my age.”


“Who talked him into letting you do sport?”


“My mum. But when I was in year eight my dad refused to let me do it any longer, he wanted me to focus solely on my studies, he wanted me to be smart so I could take up his job when he dies, I haven’t told him that it’s not going to happen and I probably never will.”


“You never talk about your mum.” I state and she shrugs, closing her book.


“There isn’t much to tell.” She pauses, “She was in a car accident when I was seven.” I don’t know what to say, I was surprised, she lost her mum when she was seven, I could never imagine what she went though. “It’s not that bad.” She says but I desperately want to change the subject just in case it upsets her.

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