When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


2. 2

I sat on the veranda of my house, I could hear the piano across the road at Mackenzie’s, she had given me a lift home after school today and politely denied staying over due to her piano lesson. From what I could here she didn’t need lessons, I tore into my ham sandwich as Samson, a friend since birth walked up the drive way.


“Haven’t seen you all day man, we’ve you been?” he asks taking a seat in the other chair on the porch, I pointed towards the house across the street.


“New girl.” I tell him and he looks at me after checking out the house.


“She is way out of your league man.” I shrug.


“Well.” I say swallowing another bite of my sandwich, “we went out for lunch today.” He raises an eyebrow.


“What do you mean went out?”


“I mean we went and had lunch, she doesn’t eat cafeteria food.” He scoffs.


“Of cause she doesn’t.” he looks over at the house as it goes quiet, “she playing?” he asks and I shrug.


“Could be her teacher, she said she had a lesson.” He nods.


“What car does she drive?” I don’t look up from my sandwich as I say.


“Audi R8.” I take a bite, he chokes on his own spit.


“You’re kidding, right?” I shake my head, “Rich bastard, my dad wouldn’t even buy me a three thousand dollar car let alone a three hundred thousand.”


“She said something about her dad using his money to get ahead, I guess he wants her to get ahead too.”


“She good looking?” I nod slowly with wide eyes to emphasize how attractive she actually is. “Then she’s already ahead. What she look like?”


“Tall, blonde, thick Australian ascent.”


“Australian!” he stares at me, I always knew he had a thing for an Australian ascent.


“The straightest back you will ever see in your life.”


“So she’s the definition of hot.” I nod.


“Yeah pretty much.”



“Bro. Bro.” Samson calls from the porch, “Dude, there she is.” I walk out the door and see her standing on the balcony where I saw her standing last week, her arms folded on the railing and her head resting on them, was she upset? When she stands up I see her fingers wipe under her eyes before she fans her red face, after she takes a deep breath she walks back into the house. “What’s up with her?” I don’t reply just stand there watching the balcony, not even a minute later I hear the rumble of a gate, Samson and I both look down to see their automatic garage and gate have opened, Mackenzie’s matte black R8 reverses out of the garage, then out of the drive way were she speeds off down the street. “Dude. Her car.” Samson says.



It had been hours since Mackenzie left her house, I had been alert for when she arrives, I wanted to go over and see if she was okay but at eight o’clock when an ambulance pulled up outside her house followed by Mackenzie’s R8 and a second orange one I stood at the door and watched, as the two R8’s park behind the gate and in the garage, Mackenzie came back out however and walked to the ambulance, where the truck was parked I couldn’t see what was going on, but I had a feeling it was dropping someone at the house.


When the ambulance left the front of her house I walk over, crossing the street I stand in front of the gate, I turn to my left where a bell was and pressed the button, I stood there awkwardly knowing someone was watching me thought the small camera. “May I help you sir.” A small voice said through the intercom.


“I was wondering if I could speak to Mackenzie.” I tell the voice.


“Miss. Aprils is unavailable at the moment, I’m sorry sir.” I bow my head and think for a minute, something bad must have happen, but to who? I turn and cross the street, heading back into the empty house.



Lunch came and went and that’s when I realized Mackenzie wasn’t coming, at the end of the day I went over to her house, and rang the bell again, when the voice came though I said, “Can I talk to Mackenzie.” No one answered but a small while latter I heard my name, I look up and see Mackenzie on the balcony.  “You weren’t at school today.” I state and she doesn’t reply, “Why?” she waits a moment before replying.


“I was busy.”


“That’s not a good enough excuse Mackenzie.” She looks down the street from her balcony before looking back at me. “You can’t be here.” She tells me, neither of us say anything but a moment later she leaves the balcony, I step back from the gate and a minute later the large front door opens, Mackenzie walks down to the gate and stands there for a moment before opening it. It was like a telepathic thought that we would go over to my house, obviously there was a reason she didn’t want me there, sometime she might tell me, but who knows, I’ve only known her a day.


“Mum.” I call though the house as Mackenzie looks around, I couldn’t help but wonder whether she had been in a house so small before. But surely she had friends in Australia that lived normal lives in normal sized houses with parents who made a normal amount of money each year. “Mum, you in here?” Mackenzie followed me into the kitchen where I looked out the window, my mum was out back finishing hanging the washing. “Hey mum, come meet somebody.” I call from the back door, she tells me.


“I’ll be in in a minute.” so I turn to Mackenzie who is observing everything.


“I really like your house.” She says and for a moment I thought she was joking, but there was no trace of humor, if I was being honest I don’t think she even had a scene on humor, had she told a joke since I’ve talked to her? When my mum walk into the house she looked up and stopped, Mackenzie noticed her arrival and smiled. “Hi.” She said, my mum looked at me before back at her, “I’m Mackenzie. I live across the street.” My mum whipped her hands on her jeans and took Mackenzie’s out starched hand.


“I’m June, Harry’s mum. Nice to finally meet you.” My mum says to Mackenzie and she nods in return.


“You have a lovely home.” She responds politely and I know my mum just thinks she’s being nice.


“Thank you.” My mum looks around and I know she is worrying about the mess, “It’s untidy at the moment.” She informs and Mackenzie smiles. Wow her smile.


“That’s alright, sometimes I wish my house would be untidy on occasion.” When Mackenzie frowns I realize she doesn’t like the way she lives. My mum laughs.


“I would kill for a clean house all the time.” She smacks my stomach, “But with this one.” She says causing Mackenzie to laugh. It was a beautiful sound, soft and lushes. “I have to go get ready for work.” She excuses herself and its back to just Mackenzie and I.


“Your mums really beautiful.” She tells me and I laugh.


“You think so?” she nods, “Would you like anything to eat or drink?” When she denies I lead her into the lounge room, we both take a seat but she doesn’t slouch into the chair like I do.


“Does your back ever bend?” She looks at me, her back and shoulders as straight as ever.


“Excuse me?” she laughs quietly. “Yes my back bends.” She informs me.


“Then use a lounge as a lounge and sit back in it.” She watches me for a moment before doing so. “There you go.” She breaths a laugh and looks down at her lap, her fingers intertwined in it. “Why did you say I couldn’t be at your house?” She looks up at me before shaking her head lightly, it takes her a moment to speck, probably thinking of a way to reply to that.


“My dad.” She say simple, but I don’t say anything knowing she might tell me an explanation, “He doesn’t want people distracting me from my studies.” I watch her and I had a feeling she wasn’t finished. “My father thinks that if I have a social life my grades will drop.” I hold back a laugh but when she looks up at me from her lap she says, “I know you want to laugh.” How could she possibly know that? “It sounds like a joke right?” I shrug and she smiles, “Well my dad wants me to expire to do what he does but quite frankly I have no idea what my father does.” We both laugh, “This might sound crazy but we actually moved here because my dad found out about my ever so secret social life.”


“At first he moved us to the other side of Sydney, and had this place built, then when it was finally finished he moved us here.” She rolled her eyes, “I don’t know why he cares, he knows I have my own dreams, not that he would ever allow me to follow them, if I had it my way I would have a part time job at the diner we ate lunch at.” She tells me.


“What do you want to do? Be a waitress?” she laughs and shakes her head.


“No, not exactly. If I had it my way I would be cooking my own food.” She smiles fondly, “I love to cook.” I didn’t think that would be her answer.


“But aren’t you a vegetarian.” Her jaw drops.


“Here we go again with stereotyping, I may have eaten a salad but that isn’t all I eat, another thing I’d do if I had it my way would be to eat stake breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it isn’t my way, it’s my dad’s, though he lives off nothing but junk he forces me to eat nutritiously, that’s actually why he brought the diner we ate at the other day. So you have an option of healthy or junk.”


“Great, now I’m picturing your dad fat.” She laughs harder than I had ever seen her laugh and it makes me smile, how could anyone be so beautiful when doing absolutely nothing to try and be?


“I’m leaving now Harry.” My mum calls from the kitchen opening, “Nice meeting you Mackenzie.”


“You too, June.” Mackenzie smiled.


“I’ll be back in a minute.” I tell her and get up walking to the front door where my mum is slipping into her shoes.


“She’s really pretty.” She says and I nod, “No having Samson over while she’s here, huh. You know how he is.” I laugh.


“Yeah I know, I wasn’t planning on having him over but what am I supposed to do if he shows up.” She smiles at me and reaches up on her tippy toes to kiss my forehead.


“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I nod, “Oh and I heard what she said about her dad. Just be careful hanging around her, you don’t want her having to move again because of you.” She says quietly and I nod, I knew all too well how careful I wanted to be, I didn’t want her to leave, I wanted to get to know her.


“I’ll see you tomorrow mum.”

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