When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


14. 14

Mackenzie’s POV

When Harry, June and I arrived back home I went over to my house, dragging my small suite case behind me, when I stepped in through the door it felt cold, totally different to when I was with Harry and his Family. I closed the door leaving the suite case standing beside it and walked through the foyer into the living room. Boxes? I run back to the foyer and up the stairs, taking a look in my room there are more boxes. I run to my mum’s room.


“Are we moving?” I demand catching her and her care takes attention as she lay back in the bed.


“Baby.” She smiles at me but my excretion doesn’t soften and hers changed from glade to apologetic. “Yes baby.” She says watching me.


“Why.” I’m fighting back tears as I ask, I couldn’t help my hands tightening into fists, I couldn’t describe my anger. I had been angry at my father before but I couldn’t comprehend this. It was such a strong feeling and I had the worst feeling in my stomach, an acidy feeling in my mouth, when I felt my skin threatening to pierce from my nails being held so tightly to my palms I released my hands with a short breath that seemed to let all the air out of my lungs, my whole body slumping forward with it.


“Well, honey.” She says softly, her care taker leaving the room, out of sight, “Your father knows.” A sob leaving my lips without me even knowing it would happen, my eyes water the tears desperate to leave, before I know it I’m backing out of the room then running for the stairs, my mums voice calling after me as I get back to the front door where my bag is no longer.


Harry is dragging bags up the veranda when I get there and he turns his attention to me after my desperate plea of his name. I’m taken in his arms, my tears falling on his shoulder as I sob into our embrace, he stroked my hair and gently asks.


“What’s wrong?” it takes me a moment to compose myself and I pull away, Harry’s hands holding my upper arms, and mine gripping the ham of his t shirt, afraid to let go.


“My dad knows.” His lips part and the air leaves his lungs, his collar bones sticking out as he exhales, looking like they were threatening to break skin. He pulls my body into his and I hold the fabric on his back tightly, “I can’t lose you, Harry.”


“Mackenzie, Harry.” We pull away, looking in June’s direction, she looks pained but smiles. “Go.” She says softly, “Get some things in a bag and go.”


“You can’t be on your own here, mum.” Harry protests and she shakes her head.


“I’ll call Sarah, I’ll explain why she needs to stay here or me with her, she’ll understand.” She pauses, “I know what if feels like to lose someone you love, and I don’t want that for either of you.” I look up at Harry and he is watching me and I shrug, it was such a ripping decision, Harry’s mum was dying, and though I loved the idea of Harry and I running away together in the name of love, this was all on him, his mum could and may be gone by the time we return, he knows that, and she knows that.


“Are you sure.” I knew it was hard for him to just walk away, she was everything to him, the only person that was there his whole life. The person who took on a job she hated to keep a roof over his head.


“Yes, darling, I’m sure.”


“Go get clothes.” He says to me and I run off, I knew that while I was home – getting a bag of clothes together – him and his mum would have a gut wrenchingly sad goodbye.



Mackenzie pulled close the door to my rusty blue Ute after saying bye to my mum, as we pull out of the drive way she rests her hand on my thigh and I look in her direction.


“I’m sorry, Harry.” Her eyes are sympathetic and I shake my head.


“It’s not your fault.” It’s quiet for a while, as we drive down the highway, I didn’t know where we were going and I was sure Mackenzie didn’t either. “What’s in those bags.” I had noticed that she packed lighter when we went to California.


“Money.” She says and I look at her surprised, but she doesn’t look at me, her eyes focused on the darkening road, “It’s the money I had been saving so that when my mum and I left I had enough to buy a place to stay and keep her looked after.”


“Looked after?”


“Since the accident my mum has suffered several seizures.” I didn’t know that, she had opened up to me about a lot but I think her mother’s health meant everything to her and I knew it was hard for her to leave just like it was hard for me. “One of the first weeks I was here I got home from school and no one told me she had had one until I finished my piano lesson, I couldn’t tell you how anger I was at my father, he had kept that from me, when I went to her room and she wasn’t there I was thinking the worse, I don’t think I had ever been so scared in my life.


“You thought that she was-“


“Dead?” she looks at me, “Yeah, I thought she was gone and I hadn’t even seen her that day, she was asleep when I left for school.”


“Was that the day an ambulance came to your house?” I ask, watching the road and the time passed, gradually changing to night.


“Yeah, they dropped her off.” minutes passed before I spoke.


“Are you sure you want to spend that money, it’s something that you’re going to need some day and possibly soon.” She shakes her head.


“No its fine, I can get more when we decide to leave, we need this now.” I could tell she was distant, I didn’t know whether it was the right time to ask her about it, maybe later.


“Are you hungry?”


“I could eat.” She answers and I figure out a place we could go to eat and stay the night.

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