When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


13. 13

“Let’s go out.” Mackenzie says from the hotel bathroom, she stands in the doorway messing with her hair, clipping the long strands out of her face.


“Go out where?” is my reply to her as she walks towards the bed where I sit against the head board, crawling up the mattress, still in her green skirt and matching strapless crop top, she straddling my legs she holds onto my shoulders, pressing her forehead to mine.


“Anywhere.” She whispers pulling away to look at me, “Were only a twenty minute drive from Hollywood Boulevard.” She says and I know she is desperate to go, I smile up at her.


“You want to see the star walk.” She groans leaning in and resting her chin on my shoulder, I wrap my arms around her body and hold her to me as she says.




“Then let’s go.” As soon as the words left my mouth she pulled away and kissed my lips, before I can comprehend to kiss back she is off the bed and slipping back into her shoes from today and when I’m not up yet she tunes and looks at me, “What?” I ask, but of course I know.


“What?” she frowns, “You just said, let’s go.  And you’re not getting up.” She mocks me adopting her best American accent making me chuckle. I get up and walk towards her, holding her by the waist I pull her closer to me, her now being my height from the heels she leans her forehead against mine and wraps her arms around my neck.


“You suck at American accents.” She smiles with a small giggle.


“I know.” She states taking her forehead from mine and looking at me, “So now that we have established that, can we please go?” I push a kiss to her lips and she smiles, giggling into it as I lean her backwards, braking the kiss I stand her up right again.


“Yes let’s go.” I say and we leave the room, Mackenzie collecting her clutch on the way to the door.



I stood back as Mackenzie danced in a small crowd in front of a couple of guys playing instruments and singing to Magic’s Rude, I don’t think I had ever seen her have so much fun. We had had something to eat two hours ago, occasionally snacking as we wondered around, it was gaining on ten thirty as Mackenzie danced, we had stopped to observe several side walk shows but Mackenzie demanded we stay for this one, admitting this was one of her favorite songs, I complied, loving the way her eyes lit up and the smile that graced her face.


When the music abruptly stops I focused back on the crowd and Mackenzie, she is leaning over clutching her right hand in her left, the girls who were dancing around her had stopped and the bands singer was standing beside Mackenzie looking down at the male on his knees holding his hand over his face. I rush over, tending to Mackenzie first, girls also giving her attention.


“What happen?” I ask, holding her shoulders and trying to observe her face.


“That creep was touching her ass.” A girl chimes in and I look at her a moment as she explain further, “We were just dancing when he came up behind her.” She shrugs, “She tried telling him to get off but. You know. He was eager.” I focused my attention back on Mackenzie who is examining the back of her hand.


“You punched him?” I asked her and she looks up at me, as if only now registering my presence before nodding, I can’t help the smirk on my face as I turn to look at the guy, now on his feet, his face bloody.


“All I wanted was a dance, beautiful.” Mackenzie’s hand finds mine and I look over at her, she is watching the man in front of us. When I look back at him his staring directly at my face, “she could do better.” He scoffs and turns his back, walking out of the crowd.


“Are you alright, love?” the singer turns to Mackenzie, with an Irish accent I think and she nods.


“Yeah, thanks.” As we’re walking away, back in the direction we had come I press a kiss to Mackenzie’s temple.


“Thanks for punching him.” I say and she chuckles looking up at me.


“I was hoping you would have too.” she replied turning to me, I do the same, we’re stopped in the middle of the footpath, she wraps her arms around my neck and rests her head in the crock of my neck.


“Sorry I didn’t.” I tell her, hugging her body to mine, after a moment she pulls away and watches me, I press a kiss to her lips before we start walking again. “Let me take you somewhere.” I tell her and she nods.





By the time I stopped the car it was fifteen minutes to eleven. “Where are we?” Mackenzie asked as we got out of the car, I started walking towards the trail.


“Come.” I say and she follow, “It’s just around the bend, we weren’t supposed to bring the car up this far but I didn’t want to walk the whole way.” She grips my hand.


“We’ve been walking all night Harry, I’m in heels and my feet a killing me.” I stop and look over at her.


“I’ll carry you.” She watches me a moment and laughs.


“You are not carrying me Harry.” I take a step closer to her and turn around.


“I’ll piggy back you, I really want you to see this Mackenzie.” She bights her lip in thought for a second before frowning and squinting her eyes at me.


“Fine.” She grips my shoulders and a moment later I catch her legs that wrap around my waist, she wraps her arms loosely around my neck and rests her chin on my shoulder as I begin to walk to the walk way, when we get around the bend I heard Mackenzie gasp. “Is that…” she jumps down off me and squeals. “Oh my god Harry. That’s the Hollywood sign.” The smile on her face makes me smile too, she kisses me passionately, “I didn’t know you could get this close to it.” She says and grabs my hand, we walk the rest of the way to the fence and she hangs her fingers on the chain link. “This place is so beautiful, I can’t believe where leaving tomorrow.”

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