When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


12. 12

The group had split into guys and girls, the woman including Mackenzie were sitting out the back on the deck, while the guys played a game of pool in the den, every now and then comments were thrown into the air about Mackenzie’s appearance and how they couldn’t believe I had “scored” her.


“Boy’s lunch!” Aunty Sarah called from the door and the younger kids ran out of the room followed by my grandad, uncle and older cousin. The woman are already at the table, I take a seat beside Mackenzie, and she smiles over at me, while everyone is taking their seats.


“You were a very cute little boy.” She says quietly to me and I watch her, “I especially liked the photo where you’re dressed as snow white.”


“They didn’t.” is all I say and she laughs nodding.


“They did. And I’m sure they’re not finished.” I shake my head then shrug.


“What could be worse than me in a princess costume?” she smiles with a small laugh.


“I’m sure there will be something.”



Mackenzie’s body lay to the side of mine, my fingertips lightly running over her smooth skin as her hand rests on my chest, her head on my shoulder. “You know.” She starts “Your little cousin thinks I’m your girlfriend.” I look down at her and she looks up at me, resting her chin on my shoulder, when I don’t reply she continue, “Am I your girlfriend?” she asks, “or am I something else.” The small smile on her face is teasing and I can’t help the toothy grin that spreads on my face.


“You can be if you’d like to be.” She blinks slowly as she takes her bottom lip between her teeth, resting her head back on my shoulder.


“I would like to be, actually.” She says wrapping her arm over my body, “It took you long enough.” I laugh at her comment and lift her chin to see her face, pressing a kiss to her lips she grins at me, kissing me again, this time more passionately, more wanting, needing. I turn us so I am over her, our lips pressed into an embrace but soon my lips are attached to her neck. Her hands in my hair and running over my back, my hands franticly gripping at her hips and waist. But I knew it wasn’t going to go much further, it was late and we had to be up early in the morning, when we cool our actions and I am laying my head on Mackenzie’s chest she says.


“You still haven’t met my dad.” I laugh, looking up at her.


“That’s because he would take you away from me if I had.” I say resting my head back on her chest, she chuckles and hearing it makes me smile, “I haven’t even seen your dad Mackenzie, the way I picture him makes me wonder how her made you.” She laughs.


“Then you must be picturing him wrong because I’m the spitting image of him.” I look up at her shocked and she nods, “Same nose, eye shape, lips, it’s all the same.”


“And I thought you looked like your mum.” She shrugs.


“Its kind off funny how that works, don’t you think. I mean, my mother and I could be sisters but my father and I could also have come from the same parents.” She shakes her head, “I’ve got my mums eye colour thankfully.” I lean up and kiss her nose softly before kissing her lips.


“Well I think we should get some sleep, it’s already one and we have to be up in a few hours.” She playfully pouts and I kiss her lips once again, rolling off her and turning out the lamp on the bedside table, she snuggles into my side and presses a sweet kiss to my cheek, laying her head in the kisses place.


“I love you Harry.” I press my lips to her forehead before whispering back.


“I love you too baby.”



When I wake Mackenzie is lying beside me in one of my t shirts, her hair out and tangled as she reads, I watch her for a moment before rolling on my side and wrapping my arms around her, laying my head on her stomach.


“You’re awake.” She says and runs her fingers though my hair and I look up at her, the book now discarded to the bedside table and a smile on her lips.


“So are you.” I say and lean up to kiss her lips, she snuggles down into the bed more and I lean on my elbows, looking down at her, her hands resting on my shoulders and eyes looking into mine.


“We better get ready to go to your auntie’s house.” Said Mackenzie and I lay my head on her chest not complying.


“What’s the time?” I ask as she runs her fingers though my hair again.


“Quarter past seven.” I groan, lifting myself onto my elbows again.


“Your right, we better get ready.


I watched Mackenzie slip out of my shirt and into her strapless bra and panties, steeping into a tight knee length mint green skirt and matching strapless crop top. Once she had finished she turned to me and crawled up from the bottom of the bed, straddling my still naked hips she leaned down to press a kiss to my lips, my hands on her thighs trying to work the skirt up higher.


“You need to get ready, Harry.” She says pushing my hair off my forehead, before resting her hands flat against me chest, her warm skin heated my chest as I looked up at her, her still messy hair draped around her, I fiddle with the tips of her long blonde hair and she smiled laying her body down on mine and kissing my neck. “Someday we should just leave everything and spend the weekend together, no disruptions, no parents, and no responsibilities. Just you and I.”


“You and I?” I ask and she raises an eyebrow, “You and me.” I tell her and she shakes her head.


“That’s not the right was to say it.” I shrug.


“Half the stuff I say isn’t the right way but I still do and I think you should start too.” She pushes herself up and looks down at me, amused.


“Why would I throw my knowledge on how to speck properly away and speck like a Bogan.” She laughs and I watch her a moment.




“Bogan is an Australian word for.” She thinks for a moment, “For a red neck I think you call them.” I nod understanding, my lips forming the shape of an O.


“I don’t talk like a red neck.” I protest, “I just don’t speck posh like you.”



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