When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


11. 11

Mackenzie’s POV

School was off for the week and Harry and his mum were going to California to spend time with their family and wanted me to tag along. I wasn’t sure if I should, they would really just want to spend time with June since she may not have much time left and it was gut ranching to think about, but just in case I did decide to leave for a few days with them, Harry and I had planned with my mum to tell my dad that I had gone on a school camp for Biology. I sat in my mums room, in the side chair, my feet on her bed as I read to her, she expressed her opinion about the pages as I did so, and occasionally had me scratch her arm or leg when it was itchy, her care taker had gone out to get her medication and I offered to stay with her.


“So are you going to go?” I am interrupted by my mum and I look over the book at her, “To California.” She clarifies and I shrug, placing the book mark in and closing the book.


“I just feel like they’re just going to want to spend time with June, since… you know.” She smiles at me.


“Baby, Harry wants you to go.” I watch her, “He wants you to meet his family, you must mean something to him.” I smile to myself, looking down at the cover of the book before at my mum again and saying.


“He told me he loved me.” Her lips part, “The other week when he told me about his mum.” I pause, “I said it first though.” Up until now I hadn’t mentioned my love for him, though I knew she already had an idea, she was surprised, I don’t know if it was because it took me so long to tell her or because I told him.


“Oh, honey.” She smiles at me like an idiot, “Come here.” She says and I get up placing the book on the bedside table and sitting on her bed, cuddling close to her still body, she leans her head against mine and we are silent for a moment. “Have I ever told you that your father said I love you first?” I look at her surprised and she nods. “At the time I didn’t love him back, I felt deep feelings for him but if it was love I didn’t know.” She smiles fondly, remembering back to the time she loved my father and it makes me smile at how happy she must have been then, “but I fell so deeply in love with him so quickly after that that a part of me broke when he didn’t want to have you.” Both our faces fall back to flat, “I don’t know if it was because he truly didn’t want a child or if it was because he had to face his father.”


“Mum.” I protest, silently telling her she didn’t need to go on, but she shakes her head.


“No, honey, you need to hear the real reason why I lost the love I had for your father.” I frown and lean my head back on her shoulder and hug her body in my arms. “Your dad loved and loves me, I know that, and I know he deeply regrets what he did to me, and maybe if that never happened I would still feel love for him but you are the reason I don’t feel love for him any longer, I mean… Darling, look what he has made you.” She pauses, “You have to sneak around with the boy you love, a boy that has never even seen your father, a man that condemned you to adults your whole life, baby you didn’t have a proper childhood, you didn’t go to party’s as you should have, all you did was sit in your room studding all day. That’s not the life I pictured my child having.”


“Mum, it’s okay.” I sit up and look at her, gripping her hand tightly in my grip, I hold it, “I love you so much mum, and as soon as I can, I’m going to get you out of this place, get us out of this place.”


“You’re such a good girl, baby.” She smiles at me and I bring her hand up to kiss softly and place it flat against my cheek. “Now, you go and get ready to leave tomorrow. Okay.”



Harry sat in my closet while I looked though the clothes I had, deciding what I would take with me for our four days with his family. “You’d look great in anything.” Harry would say when I complained about the clothes I had to where to meet his family, I knew he was amused but I also knew he was board, he had spent the day with his mum trying to settle her back into being home while his aunty got herself and June ready to go back to California.


“What do you want to do?” I asked walking towards Harry.


“Were doing this.” He replied and I shake my head.


“What do you want to do?” he watched me for a moment.


“Sleep.” He informed me.


“You can go down and sleep if you’d like.” He shakes his head.


“I want to sleep with you.” My bottom lip is taken between my teeth before I reply.


“Sleep in what way?” before I know it his pulled me onto his lap.


“In both ways.”



We had just gotten off the plane after a five hour flight and had been though security, now standing at the bag terminal waiting for our luggage to arrive and when it dose we start heading down a wide corridor, arriving at the end there are heaps of people standing around, waiting for different people, for different reasons, we meet up with Sarah’s husband and we head out of the airport and towards the car park we pack into a Jeep Commander and start heading towards Sarah’s house.


When we arrive, the luggage is left in the jeep and we head up the veranda and though the door, my hand in Harry’s as we follow the others down a hall and into the living room where we are all greeted by Sarah’s kids and Harry’s grandfather.


“My.” Harry’s grandfather holds me at arm’s length, “Aren’t you a pretty one.” He says looking at Harry who just shakes his head at his grandfather and speaks to his cousin, his grandfather winks childishly at me before moving on to speak to his daughters, I’m greeted by a small girl who tells me I speak weirdly, I’m sure she had never met an Australian before.

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