When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


10. 10

Mackenzie had moved my mum into a private hospital, she gave me no choice but to let her pay for my mums medical expenses, it had been a week and my mum had already had two rounds of treatment, no matter how hard it is to look at her being so sick I go every day to see her while she stays in the hospital, Mackenzie comes often as well, and my auntie has been staying at my house so she is close to her sister.


When I heard feet tapping down the stairs in Mackenzie’s room I looked over to see her walking towards her on suite bathroom, she runs a brush though her hair before tying it into a high ponytail and brushing her teeth, when she walks out of the bathroom she smiles at me. “Your awake.” she says as she sits beside me on the bed and kisses my lips.


“You’re not in bed with me anymore.” She smiles and runs her finger though my hair, pushing it back off my forehead.


“No, I’m not. I’m taking my mum out to the doctors.” She tells me and reaches for her phone on her bed side table, “You can come with us if you’d like.” She tells me and I pull her body down onto my naked one, gripping the back of her neck and pressing our lips together, she laughs into the kiss and I feel her smile, rolling so I’m on top of her she pushes her hand between our mouths, covering her lips so I move to her neck. “Are you going to come with us?” she asks again, giggling and I nod, “Was that a nod of a shake?” she asks and I kiss just under her ear before pulling away and looking at her.


“It was a nod.” She leans forward and presses her lips to mind.


“Well you need to get dressed.”


“Maybe I should start bringing a change of clothes over.” She smiles and kisses my lips, flipping us so she’s on top, my hands find their way under her shirt and my finger follow up her spine, her legs either side of my hips as our mouths find one another’s.


“Miss Aprils.” We both turn to the door to see one of Mackenzie’s house keepers, looking down at the floor, probably startled at how she found us, I was glad the blanket still covered my necked body. “Your mother is ready.” Mackenzie nods and thanks her, when she leaves she looks down at me.


“You have to go home and get ready.” She says and kisses my lips once more before getting up, “I’ll be down stairs.”



Mackenzie had driven the G-Wagon with her mum strapped in the back seat with a care taker and me in the passenger seat beside her, after Evelin was finished at the doctors we all went out for lunch, Evelin sat at the head of the table in a wheelchair, her care taker in the chair across from Mackenzie and I, our hands intertwined beneath the table as we all speak waiting for our food.


“How is your mother doing, my dear?” Evelin asked from beside Mackenzie, who looks at me and smiles.


“She’s doing okay.” Evelin smile.


“Wish her the best, okay.”


“Thank you, I will.” I wondered whether Mackenzie had told her mum about the money, I’m sure she had, I’m sure she told her mum everything, Mackenzie’s hand affectionately squeezed mine and I looked at her, she leans into me and we smile at one another, I catch Evelin’s eyes on us and she’s smiling but when she sees me looking she looks away and starts a convocation with her care taker.



Wednesday came and Mackenzie hadn’t shown up at school so when I arrived home I followed her instructions and went over, ringing the bell on the gate, someone let me in, Mackenzie met me at the door and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my lips, I hold her waist as she pulled away and looked at me. “Happy Birthday.” She says a big smile on her face.


“How’d you- my mum told you?” She nods and takes my hand.


“Come, I have a surprise for you.” I follow her upstairs and into her room, when she turns to take me up to the closet I’m confused, I had only ever been up there on one other occasion but when we get to the top it’s different, “You said the other day that you should start bringing clothes over.” She says letting go of my hand, “Now you don’t have to.” I look over the small section where male clothes hung, it was too much, I knew that but Mackenzie didn’t, sometimes I have to make myself remember she had never experienced what a normal relationship was like, and our relationship was anything but normal. I turn to her and she’s watching me, trying to gag my reaction, I smile at her and it causes a smile to form on her face as well.


“You didn’t have to do this.” I tell her and hold her waist, she grips my biceps looking up at me.


“I know, but I wanted to.” Her smile was shy and I lean down to kiss her softly.


“Well thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” We start heading down the stairs again, “Have you gone to see your mum today?” I shake my head.


“Not yet but she told me she wanted you to come with me.” Mackenzie nods.


“Okay, so let’s go.” I shake my head.


“She said to get their around five.” I watch her smile disappear and I know why.


“Harry, my dad gets home at five.”  I nod.


“I know, I guess you’re just going to have to spend the night at my place.” She smiles and wraps her arms around my neck.


“Okay, so that’s settled, now.” She says moving closer to me, my arms wrapping around her body “What are we going to do in the mean time, before we go to the hospital.” I lean down and kiss her lips.


“I can think of a few things.” I quickly pick her up and move over to the bed, laying her down, our lips connect.


“Birthday sex, huh?” she says when we break apart and I let out a laugh before nodding.


“Yes, birthday sex.”  And our lips are connected again.

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