When Mackenzie Aprils moves to Orlando and to an unfamiliar new school Harry Stewart and her become instant friends. The two experience love, lose, temptation and thrill throughout their journey of discovering who they are meant to be.


1. 1

When Mr. Richey walked in, the class was silent, understandably since he was the principle, I knew all the guys in to room watched her as she followed, but I know they were only seeing her as an object. We had no chance though, I had seen her earlier in the week, she had just moved here, into the house across from mine which had started being renovated into a house fit for a king months ago and only finished days ago when furnisher started being dropped off.


I had never seen her family, just her, it was early and I was getting ready to head to school when I saw her leaning against the railing of her houses balcony, mug in hand. The houses yard was grand, two years ago three blocks were brought by a millionaire which I now know if her father, they knocked the three houses down and converted it into one block, one big block.


“Everyone, this is Mackenzie, she has just moved here from Sydney, Australia. Please make her feel welcome.” Mr. Richey says before turning and saying something to her, she replies before walking down a row and sitting at a desk two from me. Her long blonde hair fell behind her over the chair, she looked confident, she didn’t look like other kids when they first begin at a new school, but no one should expect that from a millionaire’s daughter.


“Turn to page six of your text book.” Mrs. Jones says turning to scribble on the board in bold letters she writes, Quiet reading. I watch the new girl for a moment as she sets a book down on her table, she sat straighter then anyone I had ever seen before, her back didn’t rest on the back of the chair, she sat her hands in her lap until she needed to turn the page.


“Hey Sydney.” The boy next to her says, she doesn’t look up just politely says.


“Mackenzie is my name.” her voice was quiet and soft, I suppose she grow up with strict parents forcing her to pay attention in class.


“I don’t care what your name is babe, just wanted to let you know you’re hot.” He replies gaining attention from his friends which give him a pat on the back.


“Your assumption doesn’t concern me.” Was her reply and he frowned, not saying another word, she was pretty and smart. She was probably dragged out to Orlando for her father’s work, she’s probably had no say in her life ever.



After class she stayed back to talk to Mrs. Jones, probably getting the work from earlier in the year, I wait just outside the door and when she walks out I walk with her.


“Liking the weather?” she doesn’t look anywhere but straight, her head tall and her body straight.


“It’s okay.” Was her reply, “it isn’t as hot as where I am from if you were wondering if I thought the weather was warm?” I look sideways at her.


“So the weathers no different, okay.” She look up at me for a moment before turning to look straight again.


“No, actually it is different, its cooler.” Was her reply, “What is different however is the schooling here. For starters, we are getting closer to the end of the school year but if I were home I would have just past the half way point.” Was her first argument, “and secondly you have seven classes a day, but If I were home id have four, so that’s a down side to this place.” Was her second argument. She scratches the side of her straight nose with her perfectly manicured nails.


“Both good points.” I tell her, “what do you have now, I could maybe walk you.”


“Maybe, but I don’t need your help. Thank you though.” She says politely and walks into a class room leaving me standing in the hall way, I look at the ground and laugh, I shake my head to compose myself before heading towards my next class.



The bell for lunch had gone and I rushed out of class heading to the last place I had seen the new girl, Mackenzie, when I spot her she is walking towards the exit.


“Mackenzie.” I call but she doesn’t stop, “Wait up.” She still doesn’t stop as I jog up to her, “Where are you going, cafeterias that way.”


“I don’t eat cafeteria food.” What’s wrong with cafeteria food? I thought and she answered my unspoken question, “I don’t know what is in it.” She says with a laugh, “I’m not a snob.”


“I didn’t-“


“Yes you did.” She cuts me off, “I may come across as one but I like to know what I am putting into my body.” She tells me as she leave the building with me following.


“Where are you going?” she fiddles in her bag for a moment.


“To my car. Are you coming?” she asks and I wasn’t going to say no, I wanted to see what she drove, as we walk through the student car park I notice we are gaining on a matte black Audi R8, I stop in my tracks as she unlocked it, going around to the driver’s side. “Another thing I just remembered I also dislike about this place.” She says opening the car, “you drive on the wrong side of the road.” I laugh, “You coming?” she asked and I nod jogging up to the car and dropping into the passenger seat, black leather, she starts the car and reeves the engine before driving out of the spot and out of the car park.


“Where are we going?” I ask her as she shifts though gears.


“To eat.” She says looking over at me, “real food.” She tells me as she looks back out the windshield.



When we arrive at a food place I didn’t even know existed we get out and went in, taking a booth table and looking over the already placed menus.


“What are you getting?” she ask and I slowly looked up at her.


“I can’t afford this.” I say looking over the prices, they were ridicules, Mackenzie gave me a dumbfounded look before softly laughing.


“You don’t need to pay.” When I don’t say anything she continues, “My dad owns this place.” I just watch her as she looks over her menu again, of cause he owns this place. When a waiter arrives she greets Mackenzie.


“Are you just having the same?” the waiter askes and Mackenzie nods, thanking her. “And you, what would you like?” after I ordered the waitress got us drinks.


“So what was the same?” I ask her as she takes a sip of her water.


“Salad.” She says to me and I had to hold back a scoff.


“On a diet?” she laughs and purses her lips.


“You’re still stereotyping me.” I watch her for a moment, “I eat salad at lunch.” She tells me, “My dad insists I eat three meals a day and snack in between but I don’t get that hungry, salad isn’t very filling but it keeps my dad off my case.”


“What’s your dad like?” I ask her and she smiles to herself.


“Well, you’ve been stereotyping me all morning, though I’m not like that my father is.” I’m surprised, “My dad thinks his better then everyone.” She shrugs, “he uses his money to get ahead, but I guess that’s what the world has come too.” Our food is dropped to our table but I don’t say anything, I thought her dad would be a lot like her and didn’t use his money that way. “You didn’t think my dad was like that?” she asks as she take a fork full from her salad, I shake my head, when she finishes chowing she continues, “he has his moments, loving moment.” She says.


“He isn’t loving normally?” she smiles shaking her head.


“No, he buys peoples affection.”


“And yours?” she shrugs.


“There was a time when I thought I was everything to him, there was also a time I thought he was everything to me as well but then I grow up, it’s just he doesn’t know what to do to make someone feel loved. What about you, what are your parents like?” I return her earlier shrug.


“Nothing special, my dad’s not around, he left after I was born, and my mum, well she’s my mum, loving and helpful… and suffocating.” She laughs.


“Suffocating.” She repeats nodding, “So is my dad, probably not in the same way though, I’m sure she smothers you with love.” She smiles fondly at me, and I debate whether to ask about her mum, she hasn’t mentioned her so I’m guessing she’s no around either.


“Yeah.” I nod, “She does, I’m sure she’d love to meet you.” She looks at me surprised, “I mean since you’re our neighbor and all.” She looks up from her food and places her fork down straight on the table, placing her hands in her lap and sitting up tall.



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