All I want for christmas is you.๐ŸŽ„


3. Opening presents

First it was Calum's mom to open a present. Calum and I picked her an makeup kit. Now it was my mom and we got her some new Jordan's. I didn't pick them out but Calum did. Now it was My sister and she had gotten some X-Out from Tv. Then it was Calum's sister and we had gotten her a iPhone 6. Then Calum's brother and he got an X-Box 360. Now my brother and we got him some Dr.Drew beats then his friend had gotten a Disney Infinity with all the characters. Then my friend had gotten a iPhone 6 also then Calum's other friend had gotten a collection of Adventure time characters, and then my friend had gotten a 3 pairs of earbuds then Calum's other friend had gotten 4 penguins, now it was our turn. When i saw Calum open his present he was excited, he had gotten a Blink182 autographed cd worth like $1m dollars. Now it was my turn and I had gotten an Apple Laptop filled with love notes inside the box. We all gotten a wonderful gift for Christmas and this Christmas would not be forgotten.

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